Dark Sun: Gulg

log for 3.2.13
log 3.2.13

4 Rock Archons come and attack, we knock one to 0 and start to transfer enchantment to take off the metal he is armored from. He awakens and we ask who summoned him, he says Sierra the Cruel.

We ask how many were summoned, it says 10.

45 min. into the casting of the transfer we hear a woman’s voice, she identifies herself as a broken builder and tells us that she just wants the world to be rebuilt by the primordials after it gets sick enough.

She asks us to let the earth dugada destroy itself instead of us taking it down so that she can prove to one of her primordials that it should help rebuild the world. She follows the primordial called the Builder, and that is the one she is trying to impress.

the Ioka turns her down.and we get raided.

just before getting brutalized Aukan speaks up and asks to talk to her. When he comes back she back down. Aukan agrees to let the earth dugada self destruct.

We go to look for Moganshu and find the Great Red Elk Spirit. he tells us that Nerad is is distracting, killed him various times. the Red Elk tells us he can be killed permanently. Nerad wields a power the Elk hasn’t seen before. We think it might be divine. but he can’t help us find Moganshu or Nerad.

We give Moganshu’s daughter the feather, her eyes fill with tears, she says that when she was a child she hunted a spirit bird, she didn’t even know how her father got this. it was suppose to be a sign of a Judaga dream vision. We get her setup with a bow and all the teachers we can.

Ioka gets ahold of Nerad on a sending stone. Nerad tells him we aren’t ready to fight the spirit, he is attempting to buy us time, we are the only ones that can protect the city.

Aukan goes back to finish talking to the spirit imprint of the Lalaipai. she says they are waiting for the Oba spirit and the spirit might choose a druid, but no druids have been seen for a while. Lalaipai says she isn’t a a druid.

The offering to the Oba is a person, not a spirit. he sees another spirit female dressed like the Oba dresses now. She asks if he is here to witness he says he is here. She says she is here to stop this sacrifice. He asks her name and she says Ananik. he sees her hold out her ring and defiles to stop the sacrifice she kills everyone but Lalaipai, the sacrifice, and Aukan. Ananik frees the sacrifice, turns to Lalaipai and asks how she can stand it, and then tells her to run, her dugada is dying today. He is then taken from the vision.

He looks in the huts and finds energy nodes, an iridium fount, and some implements.

There are sketches on the walls depicting the events that Aukan just saw, including his involvement.

Aukan asks the Red Elk to tell him about the Oba, she use to be a great spirit, she was a hunter. she was similar to the briar girl, red clay, etc. The Red Elk says he told the Oba not to go to the sacrifice, but she had to.

Log for 2.2.13

Kassin is invited to Nibonay. She meets with Nibonay himself and he apologizes for what occurred to Inika and invites them back and orders a bunch of weapons to cleanse his city. He gives us a warehouse and templar guards for a year. We send these along, with some salt too.

months later the Earth Dugada is just getting weirder and weirder, they close their walls for a while, when they come out they have a lot of Iokas, they are preaching about the Earth being better.

Our Ioka starts to set up meetings with them.

Moganshu is found stabbed in the back in the street. Inika is asked as an outside source to investigate. Shallin comes to us and says she will hire us personally. We go to check out the body.

We go to the healing dugada and intimidate our way in.
He is dressed as an Earth worshipper. we as who from earth showed up initiates showed up to dress him, not Ioka, the seems like a slight. Aukan sends for Our Ioka to consult.
Kya sees a powerful gross necrotic magic about him, beyond the stab wound, the stab was post mortem. Might have been a ritual.
The body was found 1/2 mile from the sunlight home on the road out to the queens gate, like he was on his way to the Inikas
Ioka brings a blood maker (part of another healing dugada) with him, they are more specialized in poisons, it causes a huge commotion but the Ioka works it out.

The Blood maker checks out the body along with the Ioka. he says that he was poisoned. it destoyed everything about his mind, was really painful, but he doesn’t know why he isn’t rigid with the pain.

Dread gets upset for the judaga because of how the body was handled, with no Ioka. One of the guys at the healing dugada tells Dread the red slaves found him, and they disappears.

the blood makers reveal that he died in stages, he was poisoned, that set off the ritual, and then they had to do something to fix the terrible state of the body

I send Kya, the new Guzzie, to talk to the drum circle about investigating, maybe look into who would be powerful enough to do this type of ritual, find the red slaves and look at the body for shadow magic

Aukan takes the Blood Makers to talk to Geiga-ke. they tell him the findings, he has the green slaves take out the blood makers and talks privately to Aukan.

An Earth Ioka finally shows up but some Elves make him asleep and come and check out the bodies
the elves say that before the poison there was another ritual, this is a HUGE assassination ritual, very hard, that raises the body to a kasharga that is VERY angry in the end.

they ask WHO could do this, but Aukan stops the conversation, and says that they should talk later. they take them all back to Inika.

the elves tell us that it is like a wraith, but they don’t know how to stop it from raising. we ask about who could do this. poison delivery, many, ritual this powerful, adder that dances, setup, someone in the sunlight home.

Aukan excuses everyone but the core group, and says there is 3 people that could have done this:

The Adder that Dances.

He also tells us that the last spell the “ironing out” was divine. The only with ALL of those is the Oba.

Aukan tells us that the Oba has three spirits bound directly in Gulg:

The Red Clay
The Cerulean Storm
The Sunlight Tree

another sorcerer king could have,
we want to ask Aric about who will be the new war chief and why everyone is out of favor with Oba.

Ioka suggest that 3 stages of the death, 3 personalities of the Oba.

Aukan brings back Aric to the house. Aric says that the paper nest like the scribes because of the security. it isn’t that the judaga are out of favor, but that the Scribes are in.

Aric says that they are looking at many people for the new war chief, but they are really leaning towards the scribes.

the drum circle reports back the at the red slaves were taken to the sunlight home and haven’t come back out. We ask Aukan to go check it out.

Aukan hears that the red slaves were taken straight to the office of the scribes, and should be there now, so he goes there. the guys is really straight forward, but not really answering much. Aukan realizes that he is thralled

Ioka and Kya go to the Earth Dugada and ask after them, they apologize for the lapse, and say they sent the closest Ioka as soon as they could, he was outside of Gulg, and that is the closest? This Ioka has all the silver tongued answers, but the other to are very confrontational.

We go to the funeral and Shallin comes up to us. We ask questions like where are the red slaves were taken, she says she’ll look into it. we ask her to look into Moganshu’s burial requests. we let her know about her boss being Thralled, she is alarmed, because this is exactly what happened to her.

Maybe the outsiders are being agitated by the earth dugada to act out then the scribe can be the heros by taking them out, they also might be able to then do declare martial law and take out and over the outsiders.

we ask the elves what part of the wall was Moganshu walking that day?

Kya goes to talk to the Adder
she asked how he changed Moganshu’s story.
robbed of his faith, robbed him of everything else
did you make it possible, or did you do it directly?
he did the killing blow, he made the poison
paid to make the poison but someone in a mask, a Nganaga, he thinks it was Gulg’s request.
kill him and his spirit army, stop him by killing the spirit,
he hints that those inside of Gulg are being targeted by this angry spirit
she brings up Geiga-ke
the adder says he thinks that geiga-ke is involved, he has access to Village of bones.
He casts “his” part he is surprised by the third part and gets VERY agitated to find out someone messed with his work. He practically yells at Kya to find out who did this.

maybe the divine cover up was Geiga-ke trying to hide what happened.
the bone village is a rumor of the Nganga that if they find it they will know all the Oba’s secrets, maybe geiga-ke knows this and that is how he got access to the divine power to cover up.

we get a note from Shallin in the morning burial rights were done but he wasn’t buried where he wanted he was buried in an outside dugada, when he wanted to be buried in the forest.

we go to the dugada and asked why he was buried here, he says the scribes told him that he had a illegitimate child here and WANTED to be buried here.

The elder fights us on telling us who his child is so I push him to bring her. Gana is her name and she looks like him. She says that he visited the day he died, he was asking about the earth Iokas and what they were teaching. He told her not to become and initiate for them like she wanted and that he was going back to the sunlight home to pick things up(when he was found he had been stripped) and then going to talk to a friend outside the city.

we go to talk to the elder psion. ask him if he has a way to track who thralled someone. he says he can but they do have to be in the room with him.

we go to Moganshu’s office in the Sunlight Home but there is two scribes there. Aukan bullies his was in.we open a warded drawer and get writings out.

went into floor safe grabbed pouch

it is dangerous, it will being something that you were not perpared for, it will start a new destiny for a young woman. the sunlight stone, a pearl. the earth worshippers and the scribes were not to be allowed in.

Aukan offers to let the spirits out to help go find the Moganshu’s Spirit. they do and kill a bunch of scribes. we leave in a hurry and on the way run into Moganshu.
he says: I did is from the beginning on orders and pretty much admits to doing the ritual spell.
he tells Aukan that he needs to go check out his office, or a friend of his. Aukan and Dread go to moganshu’s office. Ioka, Kya and Kassin head back to Inika to get the feathers and papers found in Moganshu’s office to saftey.

on his desk is a piece of paper stuck to his desk with a knife
“What I have done i have done for Gulg, The Oba has betrayed us. Aukan is not to be trusted”

they say that Geiga-ke just tried free red clay. Corona comes up and tells him that she is sure that the earth dugada was involved in the attempt to release Red Clay. They now have enough evidence to take out the Earth Dugada.

Next time:
Can we find Moganshu’s spirit?

log for 1.19.12

The elves point us to a oasis with a little genie lamp. Dred opens it and sees a little woman inside, that looks like Kya to him. to Kya she looks a bit like Dred. The Io says it looks like his dead wife, Aukan this it looks like the Oba. I look in and is looks like it i. stuffed full of corpses.

Dred drips some water on the creature and she appears, as what everyone saw, and with me it is a undead.

She tells us that we are the coming storm.

she tells us she will grant one wish.

Io says he wants to give Athas hope again, she says back: you’ll be contacted.

She looks at Dred and says:so be it, you’ll be the weapon.

Kassin, doesn’t want to make a wish because of the “power in the hands of the ignorant” she wishes for “Shelter in the Storm” to which the genie replies: they eye of the storm isn’t always where you want to be.

Kya looks at the Genie and she says: so be it, but you won’t like it.

We go on our way to the fort and decide to start by scouting it.

we are planning on how to ambush/intimidate/threaten them into giving up the fort.
Geanie tells us she can take them out if we wish it.

we decide we’d rather have her do this, then risk our thousand.

I ask why i see her as undead, she says most people see her as a comfort. This is very concerning to me. maybe this was my warning, and I’ve been a fool…

I take the Salt Veiw people to get more salt, and get them away from the fort.

They unleash Geanie on the place, this is a preveiw of what it is to see a weapon unleashed. It is horrible to watch, the one powerful person bravely faces and and sacrifices herself. Those that see this are cursed with guilt as they kill someone that it hurts them to remember this.

When I get into the fort to assess the damage, i see that the bodies are stacked up exactly like I saw in the lamp. this makes me so ill that i take the lamp with me while i go to get the army to wait for her to wake up.

When she does, I ask if the wish has been cast,I ask to rescind my wish because of all the portents I have seen. Geanie is surprised, and says no one has asked, but rescinds the wish. The next day the lamp is gone.

We bring the people in. We bring Teun-ke in to meet with the new leadership. he is much more relaxed. We tell him about his coming child and he asks to meet with Andiama. He talks to me on the side and asks if Kya has been at all overly violent or odd at times.I say no, but that the other sorcerer king had taken her over. Tuen-ke tells me to watch out for her.

As we are traveling there is a storm, everyone but me is fine in the storm, and not rattled by it.

We get back to Gulg. We talk to Andiama and she is seeming weaker. Ranis pulls me aside and says that soon I am going to need to take the place as Matron of the house. There are some Nibonese templars near that want to talk to house Inika, Ranis thinks that is is wise to maybe present myself as the new matron of Inika to Nibony.

We hear that the Oba has a new handmaiden, she is terrifying in the battles, but the Oba is more at peace

I am officially made the Martron of the house. Teun-ke asks to meet with the new matron, Andiama and his grandchild. I make Dred the caravan master, Ranis the Guzzie.

The pyrene comes back and reports on more atropoles, she thinks that the mists of Kalindae might be able to get rid of the Tarasque. They decide to go track down the nightmare beast to kill it

Kya’s elf shows up to “capture” her, she captures him instead.
The Earth Dugada is getting more and more uppity, Ioka decides they need to go take them out. The next morning they wake up and find that Moganchu has been murdered. They ask us to investigate as an outside entity.

log for 12.08.12
log 12.08.12

we do a shadow walk to get away from the storm. In the half shadow realm we can see the storm too, which is bad. Ioka looks into the storm and and see that it is THE storm and it is angry with us. Kya sees ties from us to the storm, arcane from her,Ioka and Aukan, Kassin is a shadow link, and Dread is a weird looking tie she can’t identify.

We get out of the shadow walk and see that the storm is more agitated and moving faster, we have the rest of the group move out ahead of us and turn around to face the storm…

the storm slows down a lot as we turn to face it in front of the storm we see dire elk being ridden by elves, which is strange because it is dishonorable for elves to ride a mount. the leader slows and talks to us. we tells us we are in a bad path. I tell him it is coming for us, he says it is surprising how many say that. he says there is shelter a bit away, but we can’t reach it on foot.

We explain why we think the storm is following us and he says, we might survive, and they will look for us after the storm.

Ioka starts to meditate about the storm, right as the storm hits us Ioka says “oh crap, we’re the coming storm”

Kya isn’t bearing the storm well and the storm starts to pick up like something is coming towards us.

Ioka and Aukan go out in the storm in a mini storm to counteract the and storm and find a person on a chariot with a archer just sitting there bored. They come up to talk to him and he asks what they want. they realize he is speaking supernal, Ioka realizes that this guys is a demon.

Aukan says that something has been stolen from the storm (he noticed its spirit was stolen) that really gets his attention. the demons says he is looking for its spirit because it is what is keeping him here. Aukan asks if he knows us because he is following us. the demon replies that he isn’t looking for us, but that the coming storm is. He tells us that the spirit was stolen by Bodek, its name is “the cerulian storm” that is the name of the storm that the Oba has in her room… oh crap.

they tell the demon Santa that they will try to help, they also ask him for some help and he puts out a protective buble go out to help us. then some other sand demons come to attack us.

We get beatup a lot by them but finally take them out and the storm ends. the riders come back and we find out that the riders are also trapped by the storm but they tell us where we can go to learn more about the coming storm.

log for 11.10.12
log 11.10.12

The group decided to go into the shadow but I got kicked out.

they come back with 200 people they saved from shadow kalindae, they want to go back again to save more people.

we go back and take another 200 and setup a plan to have a party in An’s honor. use it as a cover to get people out. we start spreading the rumor that we can get people out and the Jailer comes to talk to us. he says that he would help us overthrow An if he can take her place and then let the people go and let us take provisions too. and we take another 200.

we get into the inner sanctum and slowly take the place of her guards and strike up a conversation. She tells us that if we give her the orbs she will seperate it and hide it and keep it safe, she will let the people go and teleport all the people back. we go to give her the orb and Kya freaks out and starts defiling to attack us, we take her down and throw the orb up to An. She defiles her guard and uses that to split the orbs. she then helps us get 1300 people out. She defiles the Jailer too.

We decide to take these 1300 people to the Shom fort to take it over and leave the people there. while we are traveling we are beset by a storm in the wastes….

log for 9.29.12

Euripis- the island of the genassi

We decide to go to Kalenday
there are some elves from Balik going with us and they don’t know we speak elven. they keep talking about if they should tell us something about Gulg. we get Aukan to talk to them about what they might be hiding. The elf tells a story about how there was a rumor that 1000 people sacrificed themselves willingly for the Oba to keep her in mortal form.

we keep seeing a bunch of people headed in the same direction as us and Aukan goes to meet them, they are a group of Gulgians with the holyman. the Ioka says the Aric started having visions and told them to go to kalenday.

the Ioka tells us that the revnants are starting to get memories back from their previous lives.

wee get to Kanenday and the elves taht live out side of it start to tell us about it. They tell us about not exploring, the undead take shelter in the day inside. they also tell us to avoid the mists. there are two temples, one is a monument, the other a ziggurut, there are statues that lead between. they is like a city of undead.

we go to the city and it is pretty much covered in sand. as soon as we enter the walls we hear
“the living willfully enter our domain. Prepare your selves”

Aukan goes scouting and plugs his ears again the voices he is hearing, when that happens we all hear echoing that says, he can no longer hear us brothers. Aukan finds the opening to the temple when he gets back to us the Fain appears and tells us that we should see. The city suddenly transforms to old Kalenday people are walking around us and see us, we look like a egyptian version of ourselves. we look like a guard group. We head for the temple.

People nod and wave at us and we run into Aric but alive and he recognizes us we ask how he knows that he says this is his vision. he tells us that everyone gets sucked into the grey. Aric tells us that he was just told to gather some nobles together. we go to escort him.

He is gathering high ranking families, Aric remembers that he sent his family away.

Aric is currently a revnant in Kalenday, just hiding it well. and he remembers a previous life too.

Aric says we are playing guards that are his friends.He says that he knows what is happening and has us wait for him. he has an argument with the high priestess she comes blasting after us, some of us fall. Aric says that he got our families out and our sacrifice is for them. suddenly there is a huge explosion and their souls are pulled from them.

I think that the bogtangle people are the remnants of the families that Aric got out.

we go in the current city and find the bodies of the guards we were acting as, it is summoned armor made by ancient Aric for his close friends

the whole ziggurut is locked down except the halls we “died” in. we feel like the whole area is defiled, all the bodies are.

we check out the statues, they all are giants with animal heads and are all looking at one spot that was moved. we realize that they can be rotated after teleporting into them, but after we do it once we can’t do it again.

we get all the statues to look at different eye symbols and stairs open up. we go down them. there is a pile of gold, obsidian orbs, one implement orb in a special place. this area is large enough for a dragon.

Kya focuses on the orb and it talks to her, it tells her it is a remnant of kalidma’s power. the orb wants to punish the high priestess for trying to protect kalidma from the dragon and hamanu. it says she destroyed kalidma’s mind. it wants to kill Kalak, himanu, the dragon and the priestess.

we start a discussion about dragon marks being from sorcerer kings i say mine isn’t… the orb says mine is from kalidma, which could be because of the relation to bog tangle, or the orb could be lying.

we search the room, Aukan finds a bunch of ritual scrolls. and we take off out of the city.

We come back and start searching more and in the monument we find that the trap door was mortared shut. Ioka moves through stone down and finds the Atropole

we start discussing why we are trying to find the Atropoles.

why is there a forest above where the primal creature is sleeping? he is an elemental being so he infused it with elemental magics.

we try to figure out how to get Crom out of the grey.

we decide to use our new shadow walk to try to scout the grey.

log for 9.25.12

We start heading down to Balik on the way we are talking Talis, the Genassi. She talks about how their djinn mother is asleep, similar to how the tarasc is.

we get to Balik and start asking after crom and the blue throne.
kya asks the veild alliance, they say they don’t know crom and the blue throne is a tale
house inika says people look for it and disappear. they know crom, but haven’t seen him since he disappeared us. they know some of the people that went with us and all of them have retired from mercenary work. i ask them to look for them.

We track down a guy named Farmer that went with Crom, it seems like Crom told him to go be a farmer for his own safety and he literally followed that doesn’t remember anything else

they met Gennar who is a powerful wizard that made a sanctuary that Farmer is living in.

we decide to go try to find some Tamwar, dervish fighters that hate city folk.

we find them, they agree to take us to where Crom went, the Blue Throne.

we get to the building and there there are elemental spirits in front of the building and they are demons. the building is in pristine condition and has statues all around holding different magic.

we bolt for the doors and I start picking them the monsters keep coming back

we finally make it through the door after much annoyance.

it is a huge immaculate room with incense burning.

Talis enters the incense and sits on the throne. she says “its a war” and describes a scene of war to us. we as if there is a weapon against the tarasc. she sees weapons of the gods. the gods can drive the tarascs to sleep, but not kill them, they are losing. she is shown other temples.

Kya starts looking into the teleportation circles, and gets sucked in one Talis stomps on it breaks it and pulls Kya back out and then winged creatures and something they call a Fain come out. the fain says it is the weapon.

there are other weapons, we fear to release them.

the Fain leaves, the angels stay to converse. atropoles, still born godlings, undead gods. not weak not controllable. need to find them and unleash them from a prison of a dead god.
Raja, the warbringer was a cleric of the old gods before.

Crom is another being, a paladin, a holy warrior.

we are told the gods cannot be brought back the primordials killed them.

calinande, where it broke through.

rob goes a little crazy going after the treasure. we teleport out back to gulg. Telis says she is going to the temple in the forest, we will go to another

Log for 8.14.12

We are teleported to out side of the city wall.

Dustin has the tenth vision while we are teleporting


We wake up dangerously close to the wall, Aukan wakes up and sees the wall reaching out to grab Dread he moves forward to grab Dread and the wall moves back. he steps closer to the wall again and it is still. He asks it to let him in and it motions him to the red moon gate, which can only be opened by templars. He walks over to the gate and just reaches his hand out instead of the ritual and it opens. We all hear a voice say “free me” and Aukan starts doing a ritual, we hear footsteps ru

Giga-ke is there

I see that you are still the warden of gulg but you can’t release the briar girl and she will kill everyone but you and your friends.

He asks the briar girl if that is true. and she doesn’t answer

him and Giga-ke have a moment staring each other down.

While at the gate Kassins remembers the vision of her father protecting her at this gate. she reaches down and touches where her father fell. she sees a flash of the memory this time there is snakes slithering along the ground that avoid my father and I, he looks at me and suddenly my psionic attack also deals poison like my father’s did.

I reach out to the wall and feel malice from it, I can’t open it.

We make a side stop by the seer Dugada and see Leila. We ask if she’ll help with the Adept, and that our house has two. She says that makes sense. I ask if she’ll help bind the one. She says she know that our adopted adept is good and protecting, so it is Bray. Leila says you shouldn’t know that she can bind the child, now I have two choices, wipe your memory or leave the city. We tell her she can do either as long as she binds the adept. She says we are too close to the Oba, she will leave. She says she won’t go into the house, but if we bring the child to her she will bind her

Teuin-ke is there with a bunch of the Greys, they stop us, and tell us to talk to Teuin-ke.

He tells us no one has come in or out for two days. aukan tells him we know where the issue is, and Teuin-ke is helpful and stands aside.

Why is she doing what she is doing? because someone told her to.

she need to sneak up on her.

We ask if Bray is cruel, Leila says that someone else is guiding her.

we try to open the side door and do seeing eyes and see Tomac readied around the corner. I open the door all the way and Tomac come charging, he sees me and slows down, but doesn’t stop, and slams the door shut. we sneak an eye back in and he is reset.

We go to the front door and there is the assasins out at the tables playing a dice game and a staring game like children.

Dread enters and is invited to play dice, so is Aric. Aukan enters and is invited to a staring contest.

Kya and I enter, they say that there isn’t another game to join. We says we want to play hide n go seek, they say that is fine as long as we don’t leave the room. We go check out the alter because we heard it was weird.

Rob is doing great at the staring contest. and the guy he just beat suddenly slumps over.

Kya and I notice that the fetishes on the alter are out of order, but all there. we say we want to play the matching game, and another guy pipes up saying that’s a good idea and start moving the fetishes to the right places. Kya starts checking out the magic on the alter.

Aric wins once and makes a big deal about it and the assasin says “you don’t have to rub it in” and then falls over. They do it to another one.

I get all the fetishes back in order and a guy in the corner falls asleep. Kya finds that the alter has spirits attached and they seem to be Riben and Inika ancestors.

the last guy is responding to mocking from Aric he says he is good at this he is an elite Inika guard, Aukan tells him “then why aren’t you guarding?” he looks up at Kassin and says “lady Inika?” and then passes out. We drag all the guards out of the house.

We open a drape and the traps go off against us, i disable it.

They open another door and see Orsen’s spirit is there and they start talking to him, he is acting silly

we open Ranis holding a fetish
I got it to protect me, but I can’t remember why, we see blood in the back of her head. She says she is fine. Dread heals her and she falls down. I disable the trap and grab the fetish. we take Ranis out.

We go to the other room and find Orson there, he says that he was here to watch the house but all he wants to do is talk. He won’t even go out to help Ranis. He won’t leave the room.

he keeps telling us that we need him, we tell him we don’t need him any more, and thank you. He says, “you’re welcome” and then leaves healing.

There is a statue of Riben holding its hand out. aukan grabs

Aukan opens the door. Shallin is in the room and says “Lets not be coy at this point, were far past that.”

we go into the room
aukan says “I’ve been looking forward to talk to you more frankly” she responds back “so have I”

i ask if she is “pointing” Bray, she said inadvertently. She didn’t mean for Bray to get a fetish, she thought it was a doll. Bray got in her head and took on her desires. it isn’t just Gala-puy that protected us, it is the psionics in our heads that are a sign of a destiny.

Shallin tells us that she can’t leave the house and she needs to die because she is a Nganga and that damages the house if they don’t respond. Shallin tells us that she is weakened now because of Bray’s control.

She says that this is Bray’s game and this has one way to end, so Aukan attacks.

We take out Shallin, she is on the floor and tells us that we have to make an example of her. I step forward and take her out. Andiama is in a room at the back, we open the door and she sees Shallin and runs to her. She then tells us that we have to go to the warehouse. We cannot dissuade her from going to the warehouse with us.

when we get in there Bray says:

He’s looking for all of you. Who? the old grandpa.

i thought you were in Balik. We got back, some people have special talents. that is what what the grandpa said.

she made people lots happier, she doesn’t want to leave you can’t trust people who aren’t blood.

We notice the fetish in her hand, I ask to see it and she freaks out and nails me to the wall.

I tell her psionically that this isn’t what blood does. and she KOs me and starts bleeding me out. Aukan ask to play a swinging game with her and she does the same to him.

they keep chatting with her, Aric does something that angers he and she nails him too.

Kya goes into one of our alters and feels that something is caged there, she releases it, it is a huge wolf howl, that distracts Bray. Dread moves at her and Bray starts to hurt him, this knock some sense into Andiama who moves against Bray. Bray makes Andiama move against Dread and instead she pulls a knife and stabs herself. This startles Bray and Dread takes her out and they knock her out.

Leila comes up and looks at Bray and says it is done, she is plain

the grey slaves start to move towards the house. Aric goes to talk to them and Tuen-ke says to him, no matter what happens next don’t do anything, just go back to the house, trust me.

They keep Andiama going with magical healing healer dugada show up and do a ritual that stabilizes Andiama.

at that moment horns sound saying the the city is under attack. The Grey slaves start to revolt and leave.

Aukan moves as fast as he can to protect the Oba. they break into her court, she is there are everyone is yelling, he stops everyone and tells Aukan to leave her court.

As he is walking out he hears the people ask the Oba what to do about the grey slaves, she says “Nothing, just let them leave, it is done.”

we see the Greys leave the city lead by Tuen-ke

they find one scroll from him that says: The Oba has betrayed us, what I do, i do for Gulg

We are not allowed in court. That makes other people uncomfortable to work with us.

Log for 9.1.12

A year passes and we get together for the Inika house event. There they announce that two of Dread’s wives are pregnant and there are more other expected births in the family too.

in the middle of breakfast Ranis and Andiama are called out, they then call Kya, Dread and Kassin out.
Havi-ke, and Ioka from the air dugada, and the third is a genassi.

Havi-ke and a Revenant are there with a woman that is wrapped up head to toe and lying on the ground.

The revenant comes forward and pays Andiama a compliment about how she’s grown into a woman. He also says that Dread looks like his father.

They ask if either Kya or Dread have been having issues with their “manifestation” they say no. They continue to ask questions. They says that the girl on the ground is shifting through all manifestations and even some they haven’t seen, she can’t control it.

I ask why they brought her here, they say all she says over and over is Riben. We take the girl inside in a protected area. Aukan starts checking her out and we see her flip through a couple souls. as Dread gets near she manifests Sand soul, and then when Kya comes up she manifests storm and then fire causing Kya to manifest fire too.

We have Dread back off to see if Kya can stabilize her in a form.

Aukan doesn’t find anything wrong with her, but having Kya near doens’t stabilize her.

I grab her shoulder and she slows down she opens her eyes and says “Riben”

she responds slightly to Dread talking to her.

Aukan says she might be a Pyrene,
I tell her mentally that she needs to rest, she says Riben again. we ask if they mean the person or the house. she replies “Riben the wolf”.

I bring the ancient and my mother in. When the ancient sees the girl, she says: “huh, another one” we ask more about Riben the wolf there was a druid the was a werewolf and sparked a lot of rumors. We ask if it is one of the ancient’s line, she says yes, a distant one.

Aukan picks her up and realizes the she is in a similar responsive state to what the Oba was before.

they found her out in a field in a dugada that was for sale.

they think that this new genassi has the same mother as Kya and Dread.

We bring in a seer from the healer dugada to talk to her telepathically, she came by way of Balik but it from the Genassi Island in the silt sea. She got attacked on Lido by the Tarasc. The seer says that he can block off the memories to help protect her, and maybe we can start to help her deal with the trauma.

she doesn’t know her name, but she is a Riben, she wants to talk to Riben the being. she wasn’t attacked by the REAL Tarasc. She was on her way here to look for Riben. She is psionic and looking for a djinn,she doesn’t know if it is her mother or another, but others are looking too.

We have Arik bring his dagger with the djinn, and she grabs it tells the dagger that it isn’t the Djinn she is looking for.

Aukan goes and talks to the Howler and Howler recognizes the name Riben.

We try to sap some magics off her, when they do something with the power she stops cycling that form we get her worn down to only using cinder soul. We then take her to the Howler.

her eyes open and she puts her hand out and we push her towards the alter, she puts her hand on the alter and releases the alter and a dire wolf appears.

Kassin asks "Riben? it is friendly in response. I tell the wolf this girl was looking for him. he sniffs her and all the the other Inika and then starts pushing on the Genassi girl like he wants a response from her and she falls over. I tell Riben that she was hurt by a Tarasc. He sniffs her and Chuffs, then puts his head over her and takes a big breath pulling an illusionary Tarasc out of her and she falls asleep. The seer checks her again and say she seems better, not as damaged.

We take her up to a room and have her sleep.

a couple days later a minotaur shows up and tells us that they ran into some giants over and over again and they took one of the minotaurs captive, he escaped and said that the Gaints kept saying over and over again “Inika” they thought that the Inika are a race. The Minotaur came to warn us and ally with us. The Minotaur says they are here to ally with us and help.

We go to the elves to get them to try and locate the Giants, they do.

We approach the giant encampment with things trade. They ask Inika over and over. We get from them that they think Inika is a race that looks like Kya. the “ghost” of Lido woke up and they asked a shaman about it and the Shaman told them “Inika’s must be killed up here, to put the ghost at rest.”

We step back to talk, and the Giants tell us that they are going to eat us if we don’t tell them where Inika is. We tell Ioka to attack them.

the leader one erupts into fire, he is a corrupted spirit.

we kill them all and Ioka, Kya and Aukan and say they heard a voice on the wind that says “I am coming”

Ioka says that there is a storm coming to Gulg. He hesitates and then says that the Oba is calling it her and either uncaring or unseeing. Aukan asks if it has to do with the storm that is already here? the cerulian storm. Ioka says that he doesn’t know that, but it makes sense it might be that storm calling to the other one.

the Minotaur that is with us says that a good way to scare off other giants is to throw a head of one giant into the camp of the other

We also know that two power sources acted on this giant, one switches his head to be a bull and the other power infused him with demon powers

Aukan looks at their trail, it was leading straight to Gulg.

We meet up with some elves who say we are being tracked. there is a whole tribe of Giants. we go to check it out.

revenant of an old weapon, it has passed on but left a impression.

the oracle found them while they were being attacked by the angry spirit and the oracle was a caster. The oracle is who but the demon in the other Giant, it also gave them the way to find us.

the real creature is close to the Inika, they must be killed in the forest, if their blood is spilled there the creature will go back to sleep. it was very important not to kill them out side of the forest.

We tell them we will take care of getting the spirit back to rest, but they need to go back south and we will find them and let them know

we go back to the house, Andiama tells us that the Genassi woke up and wants to talk.

She tells us that she was coming from the Genassi islands and ran into a revnant of the Tarasc, The real Tarasc moved 1000 years ago to the cresent forest so it had plenty to feed on when it woke up. it did wake up.

She tells us that on Eeb, the dragon of tyr is there and he is planning on killing the Tarasc. So either the Tarasc will kill the forest or the dragon will use the life energy of the forest to kill the Tarasc.

the sorcerer kings were infected by the warbringer and have infected their followers, everytime a templar is used in a levy offering it weakens the prison.

she says that she is looking for info on the weapons of the ancient gods, the tarasc is the weaoping of the primordials, blue throne is part of that, she wants to go there and asks for our help.

She knows about her mother, the primordial genie that had a lot of children and sent them out.

She tells us that her name is Tallis

Aukan ask his mentor about where the Tarasc is, he says The temple of the Eye in the heart of the jungle, Nibonese guard it. He thinks that is where the Tarasc is sleeping

If the fetishes are related to the Tarasc’s power the were probably messing around in the forest or on the island.

Aukan takes Kya to talk to old man Ganga. Kya ask about if he was who had Kya trained, he says yea, and the reason was that she was looking like she might be a good receptacle for the Oba’s crazy like lalai-pai once was. She wasn’t used because she hasn’t lost her humanity yet.

Kassin asks Arik about his belt that she has seen on Bogtangle warriors too, he says that it was a Kalienay fashion.

Log for 8.7.12

still at the Zuin…

why was lord neripedies killed here? because people don’t like him. which people? the broken builders

can we fix the Oba? ?

was the broken builder telling the truth? sometimes

Who is Kya and Dread’s mom? Ask Aric giggle

Why do we keep seeing our friends spirits? because they can’t let go

what is the omen of 10? a funny joke.

we leave the Zuin.

we get introduced to the veiled alliance and buy some rituals. they are totally ok with Kya and Aric as long as they aren’t defilers.

Aric tells the Alliance that he wants to meet a revenant like him, they say that he won’t get a lot of info from them.

A group from the high praetor Solis come to the caravan and meet us in the streets to invite us to dinner with a high praetor and then later to meet the dictator.

we go get cleaned up and meet at the High Praetor’s. He doesn’t talk much unless directly engaged.

He is engaged when discussing defense. he tells us about killing a titan and that is how he became a high Praetor.

We ask about customs when meeting the sorcerer king, he says there aren’t any. he isn’t as “afflicted” as the other sorcerer kings

We are eventually brought into the “dictator”

he thanks us for coming and bringing so much money, he offers a boone of defense to Lido. we ask instead for a quick way home. he offers a schooner, we ask about magical methods.

He starts some banter about how to get home.

We discuss, but we don’t pick completely up on his humor and aren’t able to get him to finally offer an more than a schooner, which we already had

they keep pushing the day of our departure back, stupid politics. Aric sends a note to Solis about casting the steed spell. Solis shows up and talks about casting without permission from the senate is a an offense, so he is sure that he misunderstood. We bring up that the dictator told us to talk to him.

We go to leave on our own but get a message about There is a bounty on Aukan and Kya’s heads that is stopping us from leaving

we request time in court to talk about the bounty. Andropinous says that he needs this rectified immediately. we continue on to bring up

mid discussion, Aukan is blasted back 20 ft. a moment later lightning crackles from the sky. he tells us mentally it wasn’t Andropinus. Andropinous speaks up in the mind too, it wasn’t him. Andropinous says that Aukan tried to use powers against the sorcerer king and demands that they arrest him.

Aric stands up and says he’ll vouch for Aukan, and Andropinous says, really? and has Aric arrested.

Andropinus the offers his original boone, which we accept. and we leave angrily

Dread has the idea to pull out the entire house from the city, we talk to Neripedies and he agrees that that might have the clout we need.

Crom says there was a guy who is dead who told him that the obsidian idol is angry with us too as well as the sorcerer king

We start pulling all of our resources out of the city. Neripedies comes and makes a big fuss about us leaving and I publicly break off the wedding. A city planner comes and i tell him to sell our warehouse, he asks to talk to me on the side. I talk to him and he says:

if you leave now you’re in a lot of danger.

Something is coming to the city, something terrible from the wastes
what is coming and the levy is going to be collected, but they don’t have the levy because the Obsidian idol has been shattering their levy

We have crom check out one of the shattered people and he says that the obsidian idol is going to go for the most populated area, we think that might be court, we head for court.

court is completely shut down we start hearing screaming from the market

something comes up over the wall and starts destroying the market place. it is a huge winged dragon that bellows:

“Albiorn, you failed to meet the levy”

In the prison a obsidian creature breaks into the prison and rips open Aukan’s cage, he goes to attack Aric’s cage and the obsidian idol punches the wall, suddenly Aukan is on the floor he is disoriented and he sees. Anders and Orsen pick them up pit them on their feet “you expect to live forever?”

Aukan and Aric run into us in front of the palace and Kya opens a portal back to our camp outside the city. We watch the city get thoroughly thrashed, but that means that we can come back in after and help rebuild and make bank, since we were the only house that had pulled out and didn’t get our stuff destroyed in the levy attack.

Crom comes up and says there is too much death, too much dead here today, you need to go home, and we wake up in Gulg.

We all wake up in my room, when we leave my room guard is there and alive but completely unresponsive.


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