Dark Sun: Gulg

Kassin is invited to Nibonay. She meets with Nibonay himself and he apologizes for what occurred to Inika and invites them back and orders a bunch of weapons to cleanse his city. He gives us a warehouse and templar guards for a year. We send these along, with some salt too.

months later the Earth Dugada is just getting weirder and weirder, they close their walls for a while, when they come out they have a lot of Iokas, they are preaching about the Earth being better.

Our Ioka starts to set up meetings with them.

Moganshu is found stabbed in the back in the street. Inika is asked as an outside source to investigate. Shallin comes to us and says she will hire us personally. We go to check out the body.

We go to the healing dugada and intimidate our way in.
He is dressed as an Earth worshipper. we as who from earth showed up initiates showed up to dress him, not Ioka, the seems like a slight. Aukan sends for Our Ioka to consult.
Kya sees a powerful gross necrotic magic about him, beyond the stab wound, the stab was post mortem. Might have been a ritual.
The body was found 1/2 mile from the sunlight home on the road out to the queens gate, like he was on his way to the Inikas
Ioka brings a blood maker (part of another healing dugada) with him, they are more specialized in poisons, it causes a huge commotion but the Ioka works it out.

The Blood maker checks out the body along with the Ioka. he says that he was poisoned. it destoyed everything about his mind, was really painful, but he doesn’t know why he isn’t rigid with the pain.

Dread gets upset for the judaga because of how the body was handled, with no Ioka. One of the guys at the healing dugada tells Dread the red slaves found him, and they disappears.

the blood makers reveal that he died in stages, he was poisoned, that set off the ritual, and then they had to do something to fix the terrible state of the body

I send Kya, the new Guzzie, to talk to the drum circle about investigating, maybe look into who would be powerful enough to do this type of ritual, find the red slaves and look at the body for shadow magic

Aukan takes the Blood Makers to talk to Geiga-ke. they tell him the findings, he has the green slaves take out the blood makers and talks privately to Aukan.

An Earth Ioka finally shows up but some Elves make him asleep and come and check out the bodies
the elves say that before the poison there was another ritual, this is a HUGE assassination ritual, very hard, that raises the body to a kasharga that is VERY angry in the end.

they ask WHO could do this, but Aukan stops the conversation, and says that they should talk later. they take them all back to Inika.

the elves tell us that it is like a wraith, but they don’t know how to stop it from raising. we ask about who could do this. poison delivery, many, ritual this powerful, adder that dances, setup, someone in the sunlight home.

Aukan excuses everyone but the core group, and says there is 3 people that could have done this:

The Adder that Dances.

He also tells us that the last spell the “ironing out” was divine. The only with ALL of those is the Oba.

Aukan tells us that the Oba has three spirits bound directly in Gulg:

The Red Clay
The Cerulean Storm
The Sunlight Tree

another sorcerer king could have,
we want to ask Aric about who will be the new war chief and why everyone is out of favor with Oba.

Ioka suggest that 3 stages of the death, 3 personalities of the Oba.

Aukan brings back Aric to the house. Aric says that the paper nest like the scribes because of the security. it isn’t that the judaga are out of favor, but that the Scribes are in.

Aric says that they are looking at many people for the new war chief, but they are really leaning towards the scribes.

the drum circle reports back the at the red slaves were taken to the sunlight home and haven’t come back out. We ask Aukan to go check it out.

Aukan hears that the red slaves were taken straight to the office of the scribes, and should be there now, so he goes there. the guys is really straight forward, but not really answering much. Aukan realizes that he is thralled

Ioka and Kya go to the Earth Dugada and ask after them, they apologize for the lapse, and say they sent the closest Ioka as soon as they could, he was outside of Gulg, and that is the closest? This Ioka has all the silver tongued answers, but the other to are very confrontational.

We go to the funeral and Shallin comes up to us. We ask questions like where are the red slaves were taken, she says she’ll look into it. we ask her to look into Moganshu’s burial requests. we let her know about her boss being Thralled, she is alarmed, because this is exactly what happened to her.

Maybe the outsiders are being agitated by the earth dugada to act out then the scribe can be the heros by taking them out, they also might be able to then do declare martial law and take out and over the outsiders.

we ask the elves what part of the wall was Moganshu walking that day?

Kya goes to talk to the Adder
she asked how he changed Moganshu’s story.
robbed of his faith, robbed him of everything else
did you make it possible, or did you do it directly?
he did the killing blow, he made the poison
paid to make the poison but someone in a mask, a Nganaga, he thinks it was Gulg’s request.
kill him and his spirit army, stop him by killing the spirit,
he hints that those inside of Gulg are being targeted by this angry spirit
she brings up Geiga-ke
the adder says he thinks that geiga-ke is involved, he has access to Village of bones.
He casts “his” part he is surprised by the third part and gets VERY agitated to find out someone messed with his work. He practically yells at Kya to find out who did this.

maybe the divine cover up was Geiga-ke trying to hide what happened.
the bone village is a rumor of the Nganga that if they find it they will know all the Oba’s secrets, maybe geiga-ke knows this and that is how he got access to the divine power to cover up.

we get a note from Shallin in the morning burial rights were done but he wasn’t buried where he wanted he was buried in an outside dugada, when he wanted to be buried in the forest.

we go to the dugada and asked why he was buried here, he says the scribes told him that he had a illegitimate child here and WANTED to be buried here.

The elder fights us on telling us who his child is so I push him to bring her. Gana is her name and she looks like him. She says that he visited the day he died, he was asking about the earth Iokas and what they were teaching. He told her not to become and initiate for them like she wanted and that he was going back to the sunlight home to pick things up(when he was found he had been stripped) and then going to talk to a friend outside the city.

we go to talk to the elder psion. ask him if he has a way to track who thralled someone. he says he can but they do have to be in the room with him.

we go to Moganshu’s office in the Sunlight Home but there is two scribes there. Aukan bullies his was in.we open a warded drawer and get writings out.

went into floor safe grabbed pouch

it is dangerous, it will being something that you were not perpared for, it will start a new destiny for a young woman. the sunlight stone, a pearl. the earth worshippers and the scribes were not to be allowed in.

Aukan offers to let the spirits out to help go find the Moganshu’s Spirit. they do and kill a bunch of scribes. we leave in a hurry and on the way run into Moganshu.
he says: I did is from the beginning on orders and pretty much admits to doing the ritual spell.
he tells Aukan that he needs to go check out his office, or a friend of his. Aukan and Dread go to moganshu’s office. Ioka, Kya and Kassin head back to Inika to get the feathers and papers found in Moganshu’s office to saftey.

on his desk is a piece of paper stuck to his desk with a knife
“What I have done i have done for Gulg, The Oba has betrayed us. Aukan is not to be trusted”

they say that Geiga-ke just tried free red clay. Corona comes up and tells him that she is sure that the earth dugada was involved in the attempt to release Red Clay. They now have enough evidence to take out the Earth Dugada.

Next time:
Can we find Moganshu’s spirit?



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