Dark Sun: Gulg

Log for 7.21.12

He was a templar for Kaladmae and a sorcerer pact. Aric, when he grabbed the knife was teleported back to the eternal winter the eternal winter wasn’t remembering things that he had told Aric previously, much like what had happened to the Oba.

Aric has a dream…

We realize that Anenek, was the name for the drow scourge, I think it is her name of her angry personality. Kya remembers that the Scourge, after killing the drow, was suppose to go after the Eladrin, but stopped suddenly.

A small group from House Neripidies meets us, his name is Suetonias. he has come to make sure that the caravan arrives safely, he brings boots for the caravan master.

We run into a group of minotaur. They want to buy weapons to fight some gith. They have giant hair rope to trade. We facilitate the trade.

We keep going and run into another group of Minotaur, they are the exact same but without our weapons we sold them asking to trade again. we still have our rope.

they follow the same steps, when we are hesitant about the rope, they offer skins.

Dread talks to a minotaur about deja vu, but he doesn’t really respond.

The sun has moved in the sky, and it is close to high sun, Aukan offers for the minotaur to stay during high sun, Krool comes up and tells us this is a bad idea. We decide not to stay with them, but we have some elven scouts stay back to watch the minotaurs.

Cumo and Aleeka come and tells me a story about mind benders causing something very similar to this and Saltstealers overcame it by running, because it caused a bond that protected them. I decide that the scouts might take care of bond and break the cycle.

We break for High sun, the scouts have not returned yet. At the end of highsun we hear horns saying that minotaurs are coming again.

We send Aukan, Aric and Dread to talk to them instead of the scouts. As Aric nears them he addresses the chieftain by name it puts him on edge. Aukan introduces him as our seer, and they ask Aric if he knows of the upcoming war. He says he sees the war with the Gith. They ask if it is a good time to attack. He tells them no, and that the omens are not right, per a psionic message from Aukan. They as what sign they should look for. He tells them to send out scouts looking for a lone Gith in the desert (the Gith mindbender we think is plaguing them) when his blood is split, they will know this is the sign. They find the mind bender and kill him, and Aric also tells them where to find their weapons that they have been dropping after meeting us every time as further sign of good omens of the war. we made a

later on that day we are attacked by Bullets. We kill 2 of them and drive off the other 4

Aukan notices that Krool, the dwarf, notices what everyone did in battle like he had a widescreen view of the battle

The caravan master noticed that was the largest group of bullet he has ever seen, that would be enough to bring the druid down to take care of the ecosystem problems that would cause. We think that it might be the dwarf drawing in a lot of bad mojo, as is what he is known for.

Dread goes to talk to Krool. He brings up the tons of Bullet, and says that he thinks it might be psionic.

We keep going and push harder because the carvan master seems to have a bad feeling about stopping. We start to see dust trails in the distance and the hooded creatures look like elves, until they pull their hoods back all at the same time and we see drow, but we don’t know what drow are.

Kya looks at them and realizes that these beings are immortal, this connects these to the name Drow.

the Drow take down the caravan master, but don’t kill him

The Dwarf starts to say how awesome war is, and even uses the word Drow when talking about what we were fighting.

We start coming up on Lido.

Aric talks to the dwarf about how battle seems to follow him where ever he goes. he says that he was about to say the same for us.

He says that he saw pictures of Drow in a big white tower. But all the drow were dead, they were possessed by devils. He brings up gods that give people glory.



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