Dark Sun: Gulg

Log for 8.14.12

We are teleported to out side of the city wall.

Dustin has the tenth vision while we are teleporting


We wake up dangerously close to the wall, Aukan wakes up and sees the wall reaching out to grab Dread he moves forward to grab Dread and the wall moves back. he steps closer to the wall again and it is still. He asks it to let him in and it motions him to the red moon gate, which can only be opened by templars. He walks over to the gate and just reaches his hand out instead of the ritual and it opens. We all hear a voice say “free me” and Aukan starts doing a ritual, we hear footsteps ru

Giga-ke is there

I see that you are still the warden of gulg but you can’t release the briar girl and she will kill everyone but you and your friends.

He asks the briar girl if that is true. and she doesn’t answer

him and Giga-ke have a moment staring each other down.

While at the gate Kassins remembers the vision of her father protecting her at this gate. she reaches down and touches where her father fell. she sees a flash of the memory this time there is snakes slithering along the ground that avoid my father and I, he looks at me and suddenly my psionic attack also deals poison like my father’s did.

I reach out to the wall and feel malice from it, I can’t open it.

We make a side stop by the seer Dugada and see Leila. We ask if she’ll help with the Adept, and that our house has two. She says that makes sense. I ask if she’ll help bind the one. She says she know that our adopted adept is good and protecting, so it is Bray. Leila says you shouldn’t know that she can bind the child, now I have two choices, wipe your memory or leave the city. We tell her she can do either as long as she binds the adept. She says we are too close to the Oba, she will leave. She says she won’t go into the house, but if we bring the child to her she will bind her

Teuin-ke is there with a bunch of the Greys, they stop us, and tell us to talk to Teuin-ke.

He tells us no one has come in or out for two days. aukan tells him we know where the issue is, and Teuin-ke is helpful and stands aside.

Why is she doing what she is doing? because someone told her to.

she need to sneak up on her.

We ask if Bray is cruel, Leila says that someone else is guiding her.

we try to open the side door and do seeing eyes and see Tomac readied around the corner. I open the door all the way and Tomac come charging, he sees me and slows down, but doesn’t stop, and slams the door shut. we sneak an eye back in and he is reset.

We go to the front door and there is the assasins out at the tables playing a dice game and a staring game like children.

Dread enters and is invited to play dice, so is Aric. Aukan enters and is invited to a staring contest.

Kya and I enter, they say that there isn’t another game to join. We says we want to play hide n go seek, they say that is fine as long as we don’t leave the room. We go check out the alter because we heard it was weird.

Rob is doing great at the staring contest. and the guy he just beat suddenly slumps over.

Kya and I notice that the fetishes on the alter are out of order, but all there. we say we want to play the matching game, and another guy pipes up saying that’s a good idea and start moving the fetishes to the right places. Kya starts checking out the magic on the alter.

Aric wins once and makes a big deal about it and the assasin says “you don’t have to rub it in” and then falls over. They do it to another one.

I get all the fetishes back in order and a guy in the corner falls asleep. Kya finds that the alter has spirits attached and they seem to be Riben and Inika ancestors.

the last guy is responding to mocking from Aric he says he is good at this he is an elite Inika guard, Aukan tells him “then why aren’t you guarding?” he looks up at Kassin and says “lady Inika?” and then passes out. We drag all the guards out of the house.

We open a drape and the traps go off against us, i disable it.

They open another door and see Orsen’s spirit is there and they start talking to him, he is acting silly

we open Ranis holding a fetish
I got it to protect me, but I can’t remember why, we see blood in the back of her head. She says she is fine. Dread heals her and she falls down. I disable the trap and grab the fetish. we take Ranis out.

We go to the other room and find Orson there, he says that he was here to watch the house but all he wants to do is talk. He won’t even go out to help Ranis. He won’t leave the room.

he keeps telling us that we need him, we tell him we don’t need him any more, and thank you. He says, “you’re welcome” and then leaves healing.

There is a statue of Riben holding its hand out. aukan grabs

Aukan opens the door. Shallin is in the room and says “Lets not be coy at this point, were far past that.”

we go into the room
aukan says “I’ve been looking forward to talk to you more frankly” she responds back “so have I”

i ask if she is “pointing” Bray, she said inadvertently. She didn’t mean for Bray to get a fetish, she thought it was a doll. Bray got in her head and took on her desires. it isn’t just Gala-puy that protected us, it is the psionics in our heads that are a sign of a destiny.

Shallin tells us that she can’t leave the house and she needs to die because she is a Nganga and that damages the house if they don’t respond. Shallin tells us that she is weakened now because of Bray’s control.

She says that this is Bray’s game and this has one way to end, so Aukan attacks.

We take out Shallin, she is on the floor and tells us that we have to make an example of her. I step forward and take her out. Andiama is in a room at the back, we open the door and she sees Shallin and runs to her. She then tells us that we have to go to the warehouse. We cannot dissuade her from going to the warehouse with us.

when we get in there Bray says:

He’s looking for all of you. Who? the old grandpa.

i thought you were in Balik. We got back, some people have special talents. that is what what the grandpa said.

she made people lots happier, she doesn’t want to leave you can’t trust people who aren’t blood.

We notice the fetish in her hand, I ask to see it and she freaks out and nails me to the wall.

I tell her psionically that this isn’t what blood does. and she KOs me and starts bleeding me out. Aukan ask to play a swinging game with her and she does the same to him.

they keep chatting with her, Aric does something that angers he and she nails him too.

Kya goes into one of our alters and feels that something is caged there, she releases it, it is a huge wolf howl, that distracts Bray. Dread moves at her and Bray starts to hurt him, this knock some sense into Andiama who moves against Bray. Bray makes Andiama move against Dread and instead she pulls a knife and stabs herself. This startles Bray and Dread takes her out and they knock her out.

Leila comes up and looks at Bray and says it is done, she is plain

the grey slaves start to move towards the house. Aric goes to talk to them and Tuen-ke says to him, no matter what happens next don’t do anything, just go back to the house, trust me.

They keep Andiama going with magical healing healer dugada show up and do a ritual that stabilizes Andiama.

at that moment horns sound saying the the city is under attack. The Grey slaves start to revolt and leave.

Aukan moves as fast as he can to protect the Oba. they break into her court, she is there are everyone is yelling, he stops everyone and tells Aukan to leave her court.

As he is walking out he hears the people ask the Oba what to do about the grey slaves, she says “Nothing, just let them leave, it is done.”

we see the Greys leave the city lead by Tuen-ke

they find one scroll from him that says: The Oba has betrayed us, what I do, i do for Gulg

We are not allowed in court. That makes other people uncomfortable to work with us.



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