Dark Sun: Gulg

still at the Zuin…

why was lord neripedies killed here? because people don’t like him. which people? the broken builders

can we fix the Oba? ?

was the broken builder telling the truth? sometimes

Who is Kya and Dread’s mom? Ask Aric giggle

Why do we keep seeing our friends spirits? because they can’t let go

what is the omen of 10? a funny joke.

we leave the Zuin.

we get introduced to the veiled alliance and buy some rituals. they are totally ok with Kya and Aric as long as they aren’t defilers.

Aric tells the Alliance that he wants to meet a revenant like him, they say that he won’t get a lot of info from them.

A group from the high praetor Solis come to the caravan and meet us in the streets to invite us to dinner with a high praetor and then later to meet the dictator.

we go get cleaned up and meet at the High Praetor’s. He doesn’t talk much unless directly engaged.

He is engaged when discussing defense. he tells us about killing a titan and that is how he became a high Praetor.

We ask about customs when meeting the sorcerer king, he says there aren’t any. he isn’t as “afflicted” as the other sorcerer kings

We are eventually brought into the “dictator”

he thanks us for coming and bringing so much money, he offers a boone of defense to Lido. we ask instead for a quick way home. he offers a schooner, we ask about magical methods.

He starts some banter about how to get home.

We discuss, but we don’t pick completely up on his humor and aren’t able to get him to finally offer an more than a schooner, which we already had

they keep pushing the day of our departure back, stupid politics. Aric sends a note to Solis about casting the steed spell. Solis shows up and talks about casting without permission from the senate is a an offense, so he is sure that he misunderstood. We bring up that the dictator told us to talk to him.

We go to leave on our own but get a message about There is a bounty on Aukan and Kya’s heads that is stopping us from leaving

we request time in court to talk about the bounty. Andropinous says that he needs this rectified immediately. we continue on to bring up

mid discussion, Aukan is blasted back 20 ft. a moment later lightning crackles from the sky. he tells us mentally it wasn’t Andropinus. Andropinous speaks up in the mind too, it wasn’t him. Andropinous says that Aukan tried to use powers against the sorcerer king and demands that they arrest him.

Aric stands up and says he’ll vouch for Aukan, and Andropinous says, really? and has Aric arrested.

Andropinus the offers his original boone, which we accept. and we leave angrily

Dread has the idea to pull out the entire house from the city, we talk to Neripedies and he agrees that that might have the clout we need.

Crom says there was a guy who is dead who told him that the obsidian idol is angry with us too as well as the sorcerer king

We start pulling all of our resources out of the city. Neripedies comes and makes a big fuss about us leaving and I publicly break off the wedding. A city planner comes and i tell him to sell our warehouse, he asks to talk to me on the side. I talk to him and he says:

if you leave now you’re in a lot of danger.

Something is coming to the city, something terrible from the wastes
what is coming and the levy is going to be collected, but they don’t have the levy because the Obsidian idol has been shattering their levy

We have crom check out one of the shattered people and he says that the obsidian idol is going to go for the most populated area, we think that might be court, we head for court.

court is completely shut down we start hearing screaming from the market

something comes up over the wall and starts destroying the market place. it is a huge winged dragon that bellows:

“Albiorn, you failed to meet the levy”

In the prison a obsidian creature breaks into the prison and rips open Aukan’s cage, he goes to attack Aric’s cage and the obsidian idol punches the wall, suddenly Aukan is on the floor he is disoriented and he sees. Anders and Orsen pick them up pit them on their feet “you expect to live forever?”

Aukan and Aric run into us in front of the palace and Kya opens a portal back to our camp outside the city. We watch the city get thoroughly thrashed, but that means that we can come back in after and help rebuild and make bank, since we were the only house that had pulled out and didn’t get our stuff destroyed in the levy attack.

Crom comes up and says there is too much death, too much dead here today, you need to go home, and we wake up in Gulg.

We all wake up in my room, when we leave my room guard is there and alive but completely unresponsive.



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