Dark Sun: Gulg

A year passes and we get together for the Inika house event. There they announce that two of Dread’s wives are pregnant and there are more other expected births in the family too.

in the middle of breakfast Ranis and Andiama are called out, they then call Kya, Dread and Kassin out.
Havi-ke, and Ioka from the air dugada, and the third is a genassi.

Havi-ke and a Revenant are there with a woman that is wrapped up head to toe and lying on the ground.

The revenant comes forward and pays Andiama a compliment about how she’s grown into a woman. He also says that Dread looks like his father.

They ask if either Kya or Dread have been having issues with their “manifestation” they say no. They continue to ask questions. They says that the girl on the ground is shifting through all manifestations and even some they haven’t seen, she can’t control it.

I ask why they brought her here, they say all she says over and over is Riben. We take the girl inside in a protected area. Aukan starts checking her out and we see her flip through a couple souls. as Dread gets near she manifests Sand soul, and then when Kya comes up she manifests storm and then fire causing Kya to manifest fire too.

We have Dread back off to see if Kya can stabilize her in a form.

Aukan doesn’t find anything wrong with her, but having Kya near doens’t stabilize her.

I grab her shoulder and she slows down she opens her eyes and says “Riben”

she responds slightly to Dread talking to her.

Aukan says she might be a Pyrene,
I tell her mentally that she needs to rest, she says Riben again. we ask if they mean the person or the house. she replies “Riben the wolf”.

I bring the ancient and my mother in. When the ancient sees the girl, she says: “huh, another one” we ask more about Riben the wolf there was a druid the was a werewolf and sparked a lot of rumors. We ask if it is one of the ancient’s line, she says yes, a distant one.

Aukan picks her up and realizes the she is in a similar responsive state to what the Oba was before.

they found her out in a field in a dugada that was for sale.

they think that this new genassi has the same mother as Kya and Dread.

We bring in a seer from the healer dugada to talk to her telepathically, she came by way of Balik but it from the Genassi Island in the silt sea. She got attacked on Lido by the Tarasc. The seer says that he can block off the memories to help protect her, and maybe we can start to help her deal with the trauma.

she doesn’t know her name, but she is a Riben, she wants to talk to Riben the being. she wasn’t attacked by the REAL Tarasc. She was on her way here to look for Riben. She is psionic and looking for a djinn,she doesn’t know if it is her mother or another, but others are looking too.

We have Arik bring his dagger with the djinn, and she grabs it tells the dagger that it isn’t the Djinn she is looking for.

Aukan goes and talks to the Howler and Howler recognizes the name Riben.

We try to sap some magics off her, when they do something with the power she stops cycling that form we get her worn down to only using cinder soul. We then take her to the Howler.

her eyes open and she puts her hand out and we push her towards the alter, she puts her hand on the alter and releases the alter and a dire wolf appears.

Kassin asks "Riben? it is friendly in response. I tell the wolf this girl was looking for him. he sniffs her and all the the other Inika and then starts pushing on the Genassi girl like he wants a response from her and she falls over. I tell Riben that she was hurt by a Tarasc. He sniffs her and Chuffs, then puts his head over her and takes a big breath pulling an illusionary Tarasc out of her and she falls asleep. The seer checks her again and say she seems better, not as damaged.

We take her up to a room and have her sleep.

a couple days later a minotaur shows up and tells us that they ran into some giants over and over again and they took one of the minotaurs captive, he escaped and said that the Gaints kept saying over and over again “Inika” they thought that the Inika are a race. The Minotaur came to warn us and ally with us. The Minotaur says they are here to ally with us and help.

We go to the elves to get them to try and locate the Giants, they do.

We approach the giant encampment with things trade. They ask Inika over and over. We get from them that they think Inika is a race that looks like Kya. the “ghost” of Lido woke up and they asked a shaman about it and the Shaman told them “Inika’s must be killed up here, to put the ghost at rest.”

We step back to talk, and the Giants tell us that they are going to eat us if we don’t tell them where Inika is. We tell Ioka to attack them.

the leader one erupts into fire, he is a corrupted spirit.

we kill them all and Ioka, Kya and Aukan and say they heard a voice on the wind that says “I am coming”

Ioka says that there is a storm coming to Gulg. He hesitates and then says that the Oba is calling it her and either uncaring or unseeing. Aukan asks if it has to do with the storm that is already here? the cerulian storm. Ioka says that he doesn’t know that, but it makes sense it might be that storm calling to the other one.

the Minotaur that is with us says that a good way to scare off other giants is to throw a head of one giant into the camp of the other

We also know that two power sources acted on this giant, one switches his head to be a bull and the other power infused him with demon powers

Aukan looks at their trail, it was leading straight to Gulg.

We meet up with some elves who say we are being tracked. there is a whole tribe of Giants. we go to check it out.

revenant of an old weapon, it has passed on but left a impression.

the oracle found them while they were being attacked by the angry spirit and the oracle was a caster. The oracle is who but the demon in the other Giant, it also gave them the way to find us.

the real creature is close to the Inika, they must be killed in the forest, if their blood is spilled there the creature will go back to sleep. it was very important not to kill them out side of the forest.

We tell them we will take care of getting the spirit back to rest, but they need to go back south and we will find them and let them know

we go back to the house, Andiama tells us that the Genassi woke up and wants to talk.

She tells us that she was coming from the Genassi islands and ran into a revnant of the Tarasc, The real Tarasc moved 1000 years ago to the cresent forest so it had plenty to feed on when it woke up. it did wake up.

She tells us that on Eeb, the dragon of tyr is there and he is planning on killing the Tarasc. So either the Tarasc will kill the forest or the dragon will use the life energy of the forest to kill the Tarasc.

the sorcerer kings were infected by the warbringer and have infected their followers, everytime a templar is used in a levy offering it weakens the prison.

she says that she is looking for info on the weapons of the ancient gods, the tarasc is the weaoping of the primordials, blue throne is part of that, she wants to go there and asks for our help.

She knows about her mother, the primordial genie that had a lot of children and sent them out.

She tells us that her name is Tallis

Aukan ask his mentor about where the Tarasc is, he says The temple of the Eye in the heart of the jungle, Nibonese guard it. He thinks that is where the Tarasc is sleeping

If the fetishes are related to the Tarasc’s power the were probably messing around in the forest or on the island.

Aukan takes Kya to talk to old man Ganga. Kya ask about if he was who had Kya trained, he says yea, and the reason was that she was looking like she might be a good receptacle for the Oba’s crazy like lalai-pai once was. She wasn’t used because she hasn’t lost her humanity yet.

Kassin asks Arik about his belt that she has seen on Bogtangle warriors too, he says that it was a Kalienay fashion.



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