Dark Sun: Gulg

log for 9.29.12

Euripis- the island of the genassi

We decide to go to Kalenday
there are some elves from Balik going with us and they don’t know we speak elven. they keep talking about if they should tell us something about Gulg. we get Aukan to talk to them about what they might be hiding. The elf tells a story about how there was a rumor that 1000 people sacrificed themselves willingly for the Oba to keep her in mortal form.

we keep seeing a bunch of people headed in the same direction as us and Aukan goes to meet them, they are a group of Gulgians with the holyman. the Ioka says the Aric started having visions and told them to go to kalenday.

the Ioka tells us that the revnants are starting to get memories back from their previous lives.

wee get to Kanenday and the elves taht live out side of it start to tell us about it. They tell us about not exploring, the undead take shelter in the day inside. they also tell us to avoid the mists. there are two temples, one is a monument, the other a ziggurut, there are statues that lead between. they is like a city of undead.

we go to the city and it is pretty much covered in sand. as soon as we enter the walls we hear
“the living willfully enter our domain. Prepare your selves”

Aukan goes scouting and plugs his ears again the voices he is hearing, when that happens we all hear echoing that says, he can no longer hear us brothers. Aukan finds the opening to the temple when he gets back to us the Fain appears and tells us that we should see. The city suddenly transforms to old Kalenday people are walking around us and see us, we look like a egyptian version of ourselves. we look like a guard group. We head for the temple.

People nod and wave at us and we run into Aric but alive and he recognizes us we ask how he knows that he says this is his vision. he tells us that everyone gets sucked into the grey. Aric tells us that he was just told to gather some nobles together. we go to escort him.

He is gathering high ranking families, Aric remembers that he sent his family away.

Aric is currently a revnant in Kalenday, just hiding it well. and he remembers a previous life too.

Aric says we are playing guards that are his friends.He says that he knows what is happening and has us wait for him. he has an argument with the high priestess she comes blasting after us, some of us fall. Aric says that he got our families out and our sacrifice is for them. suddenly there is a huge explosion and their souls are pulled from them.

I think that the bogtangle people are the remnants of the families that Aric got out.

we go in the current city and find the bodies of the guards we were acting as, it is summoned armor made by ancient Aric for his close friends

the whole ziggurut is locked down except the halls we “died” in. we feel like the whole area is defiled, all the bodies are.

we check out the statues, they all are giants with animal heads and are all looking at one spot that was moved. we realize that they can be rotated after teleporting into them, but after we do it once we can’t do it again.

we get all the statues to look at different eye symbols and stairs open up. we go down them. there is a pile of gold, obsidian orbs, one implement orb in a special place. this area is large enough for a dragon.

Kya focuses on the orb and it talks to her, it tells her it is a remnant of kalidma’s power. the orb wants to punish the high priestess for trying to protect kalidma from the dragon and hamanu. it says she destroyed kalidma’s mind. it wants to kill Kalak, himanu, the dragon and the priestess.

we start a discussion about dragon marks being from sorcerer kings i say mine isn’t… the orb says mine is from kalidma, which could be because of the relation to bog tangle, or the orb could be lying.

we search the room, Aukan finds a bunch of ritual scrolls. and we take off out of the city.

We come back and start searching more and in the monument we find that the trap door was mortared shut. Ioka moves through stone down and finds the Atropole

we start discussing why we are trying to find the Atropoles.

why is there a forest above where the primal creature is sleeping? he is an elemental being so he infused it with elemental magics.

we try to figure out how to get Crom out of the grey.

we decide to use our new shadow walk to try to scout the grey.



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