Dark Sun: Gulg

log for 11.10.12

log 11.10.12

The group decided to go into the shadow but I got kicked out.

they come back with 200 people they saved from shadow kalindae, they want to go back again to save more people.

we go back and take another 200 and setup a plan to have a party in An’s honor. use it as a cover to get people out. we start spreading the rumor that we can get people out and the Jailer comes to talk to us. he says that he would help us overthrow An if he can take her place and then let the people go and let us take provisions too. and we take another 200.

we get into the inner sanctum and slowly take the place of her guards and strike up a conversation. She tells us that if we give her the orbs she will seperate it and hide it and keep it safe, she will let the people go and teleport all the people back. we go to give her the orb and Kya freaks out and starts defiling to attack us, we take her down and throw the orb up to An. She defiles her guard and uses that to split the orbs. she then helps us get 1300 people out. She defiles the Jailer too.

We decide to take these 1300 people to the Shom fort to take it over and leave the people there. while we are traveling we are beset by a storm in the wastes….



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