Dark Sun: Gulg

log for 1.19.12

The elves point us to a oasis with a little genie lamp. Dred opens it and sees a little woman inside, that looks like Kya to him. to Kya she looks a bit like Dred. The Io says it looks like his dead wife, Aukan this it looks like the Oba. I look in and is looks like it i. stuffed full of corpses.

Dred drips some water on the creature and she appears, as what everyone saw, and with me it is a undead.

She tells us that we are the coming storm.

she tells us she will grant one wish.

Io says he wants to give Athas hope again, she says back: you’ll be contacted.

She looks at Dred and says:so be it, you’ll be the weapon.

Kassin, doesn’t want to make a wish because of the “power in the hands of the ignorant” she wishes for “Shelter in the Storm” to which the genie replies: they eye of the storm isn’t always where you want to be.

Kya looks at the Genie and she says: so be it, but you won’t like it.

We go on our way to the fort and decide to start by scouting it.

we are planning on how to ambush/intimidate/threaten them into giving up the fort.
Geanie tells us she can take them out if we wish it.

we decide we’d rather have her do this, then risk our thousand.

I ask why i see her as undead, she says most people see her as a comfort. This is very concerning to me. maybe this was my warning, and I’ve been a fool…

I take the Salt Veiw people to get more salt, and get them away from the fort.

They unleash Geanie on the place, this is a preveiw of what it is to see a weapon unleashed. It is horrible to watch, the one powerful person bravely faces and and sacrifices herself. Those that see this are cursed with guilt as they kill someone that it hurts them to remember this.

When I get into the fort to assess the damage, i see that the bodies are stacked up exactly like I saw in the lamp. this makes me so ill that i take the lamp with me while i go to get the army to wait for her to wake up.

When she does, I ask if the wish has been cast,I ask to rescind my wish because of all the portents I have seen. Geanie is surprised, and says no one has asked, but rescinds the wish. The next day the lamp is gone.

We bring the people in. We bring Teun-ke in to meet with the new leadership. he is much more relaxed. We tell him about his coming child and he asks to meet with Andiama. He talks to me on the side and asks if Kya has been at all overly violent or odd at times.I say no, but that the other sorcerer king had taken her over. Tuen-ke tells me to watch out for her.

As we are traveling there is a storm, everyone but me is fine in the storm, and not rattled by it.

We get back to Gulg. We talk to Andiama and she is seeming weaker. Ranis pulls me aside and says that soon I am going to need to take the place as Matron of the house. There are some Nibonese templars near that want to talk to house Inika, Ranis thinks that is is wise to maybe present myself as the new matron of Inika to Nibony.

We hear that the Oba has a new handmaiden, she is terrifying in the battles, but the Oba is more at peace

I am officially made the Martron of the house. Teun-ke asks to meet with the new matron, Andiama and his grandchild. I make Dred the caravan master, Ranis the Guzzie.

The pyrene comes back and reports on more atropoles, she thinks that the mists of Kalindae might be able to get rid of the Tarasque. They decide to go track down the nightmare beast to kill it

Kya’s elf shows up to “capture” her, she captures him instead.
The Earth Dugada is getting more and more uppity, Ioka decides they need to go take them out. The next morning they wake up and find that Moganchu has been murdered. They ask us to investigate as an outside entity.



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