Dark Sun: Gulg

log for 12.08.12

log 12.08.12

we do a shadow walk to get away from the storm. In the half shadow realm we can see the storm too, which is bad. Ioka looks into the storm and and see that it is THE storm and it is angry with us. Kya sees ties from us to the storm, arcane from her,Ioka and Aukan, Kassin is a shadow link, and Dread is a weird looking tie she can’t identify.

We get out of the shadow walk and see that the storm is more agitated and moving faster, we have the rest of the group move out ahead of us and turn around to face the storm…

the storm slows down a lot as we turn to face it in front of the storm we see dire elk being ridden by elves, which is strange because it is dishonorable for elves to ride a mount. the leader slows and talks to us. we tells us we are in a bad path. I tell him it is coming for us, he says it is surprising how many say that. he says there is shelter a bit away, but we can’t reach it on foot.

We explain why we think the storm is following us and he says, we might survive, and they will look for us after the storm.

Ioka starts to meditate about the storm, right as the storm hits us Ioka says “oh crap, we’re the coming storm”

Kya isn’t bearing the storm well and the storm starts to pick up like something is coming towards us.

Ioka and Aukan go out in the storm in a mini storm to counteract the and storm and find a person on a chariot with a archer just sitting there bored. They come up to talk to him and he asks what they want. they realize he is speaking supernal, Ioka realizes that this guys is a demon.

Aukan says that something has been stolen from the storm (he noticed its spirit was stolen) that really gets his attention. the demons says he is looking for its spirit because it is what is keeping him here. Aukan asks if he knows us because he is following us. the demon replies that he isn’t looking for us, but that the coming storm is. He tells us that the spirit was stolen by Bodek, its name is “the cerulian storm” that is the name of the storm that the Oba has in her room… oh crap.

they tell the demon Santa that they will try to help, they also ask him for some help and he puts out a protective buble go out to help us. then some other sand demons come to attack us.

We get beatup a lot by them but finally take them out and the storm ends. the riders come back and we find out that the riders are also trapped by the storm but they tell us where we can go to learn more about the coming storm.



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