Dark Sun: Gulg

log for 6.9.12

Part 6

The Oba’s Spirit Companion left her side to spy on the Death of the 2nd Nightmare Beast. It is one of the few creatures capable of hiding from both the Beast and its hunter.

The Oba wasn’t sure how the 2 Nightmare beasts were separated, especially since they knew to stick together since the Beast from the Mountains was slain. The Oba suspected the Dead Lords of being involved, and some of them were as powerful as the weaker Sorcerer-Kings. They did the Creatures dirty work often enough as well.

Either way, the battle occurred somewhere East of the Salt Meres of Bodach. The Nightmare Beast was the located near the Pristine Tower, the Beast with the greatest link to the Warbringer. The battle went as expected, and the Beast was torn to pieces. It mocked the creature, calling him Borys the Usurper, and saying to him “One, Your Master will claim what is his.” The Beast was torn to pieces, and the land around was cursed.

A sending of thought, manifested in her mind, and likely the minds of the others. “It is done. The Beast linked to the Warbringer is dead. I go to strengthen the wards. You are safe, for a season. Prepare another group of Levies. I am forced to strengthen to Prison after this event.”

Moganchu keeps meeting with Dread because he wants to learn more about Warlords and organizing people.

We find a enchantment that reveals the true nature of changelings, we get all the components for it and send Aukan to talk to Athan in Salt view to get him to make us this enchantment on a bracelet.

I take Kya to bogtangle with me. they keep referring to Kya as “the spirit” i meet with my mom and introduce Kya. We go to introduce Kya to the Ancient

When Karo sees Kya and says “the spirit has come home”
Karo says there will be others, I tell her about Dread

Karo then asks “have you found her?” “who?” “the one who wears the masks”
“she will be our death and our salvation. She must wear masks because of what she is and what she does.She won’t do anything worse than was done to it, that comes later.”

I ask her about the spirits here being restless she says they are fine here.
I bring up my father’s death by spirits. to wish she replies “Your father wasn’t killed by spirits, your father walked carefully around the spirits, he was betrayed, almost undoubtedly.”

I leave Karo and go to talk to my mother.
I ask her about 10, she says that it is an old assasins belief, a true killer takes 10 lives. it is old stories that she is ashamed of now. she says don’t trust the Adder that dances, he is not one of us any more.

While Aukan is riding across the wastes he sees another kradlu that is bigger, it is a dwarf that is on his way to Gulg. He is trying to get in as a guard on the Inika caravan to Balik. Aukan tells him that he is in good with Inika and talks to him about that. The dwarf gives him a
enchantment to help him travel.

Aukan meets with Athan. He has Athan teach him some rituals. He tells him that the Green moons were say they were hired to attack a caravan. They have had some memory problems after their recovery, it seems like an issue when people come out of the netherworld, he has seen it with some other people from Gulg. The green moon were hired to attack a caravan with a green lizard and kill everyone but an “important” human Naganga.

He goes to talk to Zenan, he lets him know that there is a fort of house Shom’s that is understaffed. They decide to have Eva come back to the Inika house meeting.

Dread helps the city structure themselves better, he finds that Tuen-ke is really good at structuring people and made some changes to the grey slaves that make them happier and more easy to teach

Arik is looking over the walls trying to find so people for the tribute, and Havi-ke comes up to Arik and asks to him to be his second in a duel. Arik follow him to the field of spears The earth dugada judaga, he has a spearman second. He says that the earth dugada lied to us, it was their ritual in the dugada, that is why there was 4 fetishes and their people were not hurt, it was a setup and he told his elders and that is why he was challenged. They have a scary huge fight that Havi-ke eventually wins. He tells us to be careful with the blessing of Iron they gave us.

Aukan comes back from SaltView and goes and finds the Dwarf and brings him to the house.

Arik has Aukan look into the blessing of Iron and says it seems fine, but it might be a way of linking us to them so they can track us.

The house meeting starts and we get to see Lali. I try and figure out what politics are most important here. The biggest issue here is the marriages.

A topic comes up that this trip to Balic is a HUGE risk and betting everything on the fact that this bridge is complete.

The agents are really worried about the house because there is so few blooded members.

Lali invites us all to breakfast and says that Ranis sent her a letter we start discussing Shallin. Shallin hired mystic to investigate Kage-ke’s death and that is who said it was spirits, that is why the people thought that.

We think that maybe Shallin is thinking she is helping the family with the fetishes, and the people who have threatened her true identity also are targeted like Kage-ke, the drum circle and the elves.

While I am in a meeting with Shallan they go looking for Shalla

Kya goes to talk to the red slaves and they say that they haven’t seen Shalla in weeks she is sending spirits to request slaves. The spirits look like her. The non elders don’t realize that it is not a spirit, only the elders think something is weird. we need to see if the elves we hired are following “spirits”

Aukan and Dread go to the sunlight home to talk to Tuen-ke. He agrees that Shalla has been off her game. He says it is only recently that her relationships have been causing an issue. He becomes extremly agitated and then burst out that he know the changeling is in house Inika, and that Aukan is involved. He has talked to the investigator about it too. He thinks that we keep leading him away from house Inika. He tells Dread that he should get as far away from Inika as possible. Aukan leaves his office and Dread stays behind to talk to him about all his suspicions.

Arik goes and talks to the people at her office, they say that recently she has been staying at the sunlight home , which is strange, that has been the past month. Her rumors lately are all about her dating Judaga, which is weird for her because she is usually going for “good hearted people” which usually isn’t Judaga.

Arik checks Shalla’s office records too. she has been making a lot of deliveries to the earth dugada. maybe that is where they are keeping her?

Is she setting us up as the fall team?

We go to the fire dugada. Havi-ke meets us and introduces us to the elders.
he says that the earth dugada is very good at locking things down, don’t touch the ground.

They give us another boon that overwrites the earth dugada boon, we immediately take off an go to the Earth dugada, we sneak in, take out a guard and sneak into the basement we knew about. Shalla is there tied up and drugged. I wake her up and get her out.

They hook Kalira and Manton up. They talk about if Dread joins that house he can take care of the widows. they talk about hooking me up with a nightrunner and at that Shallin sneers and almost speaks up. they also talk about maybe hooking up Kya with someone from Balik.

Andiama asks Aukan if he thinks it would be ok to transport an item that is risk, he agrees.

Aukan also tells Andiama about the fort of Shom that is lowly guarded.

Andiama pulls us aside and asks what is going on, she’s seen stuff is happening. Arik replies that she needs to trust us and at the right time we will let her know. She says that she is happy that they have younger people on the council.

I pull Lali aside and let her know that we saved Shalla, she suggests we take Shalla with us to Balic to get her out of the city. She says that she is staying behind in Gulg while we go to Balic and chase down more of this story



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