Dark Sun: Gulg

log for 9.25.12

We start heading down to Balik on the way we are talking Talis, the Genassi. She talks about how their djinn mother is asleep, similar to how the tarasc is.

we get to Balik and start asking after crom and the blue throne.
kya asks the veild alliance, they say they don’t know crom and the blue throne is a tale
house inika says people look for it and disappear. they know crom, but haven’t seen him since he disappeared us. they know some of the people that went with us and all of them have retired from mercenary work. i ask them to look for them.

We track down a guy named Farmer that went with Crom, it seems like Crom told him to go be a farmer for his own safety and he literally followed that doesn’t remember anything else

they met Gennar who is a powerful wizard that made a sanctuary that Farmer is living in.

we decide to go try to find some Tamwar, dervish fighters that hate city folk.

we find them, they agree to take us to where Crom went, the Blue Throne.

we get to the building and there there are elemental spirits in front of the building and they are demons. the building is in pristine condition and has statues all around holding different magic.

we bolt for the doors and I start picking them the monsters keep coming back

we finally make it through the door after much annoyance.

it is a huge immaculate room with incense burning.

Talis enters the incense and sits on the throne. she says “its a war” and describes a scene of war to us. we as if there is a weapon against the tarasc. she sees weapons of the gods. the gods can drive the tarascs to sleep, but not kill them, they are losing. she is shown other temples.

Kya starts looking into the teleportation circles, and gets sucked in one Talis stomps on it breaks it and pulls Kya back out and then winged creatures and something they call a Fain come out. the fain says it is the weapon.

there are other weapons, we fear to release them.

the Fain leaves, the angels stay to converse. atropoles, still born godlings, undead gods. not weak not controllable. need to find them and unleash them from a prison of a dead god.
Raja, the warbringer was a cleric of the old gods before.

Crom is another being, a paladin, a holy warrior.

we are told the gods cannot be brought back the primordials killed them.

calinande, where it broke through.

rob goes a little crazy going after the treasure. we teleport out back to gulg. Telis says she is going to the temple in the forest, we will go to another



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