Dark Sun: Gulg

Summary for 4.28.12

-Orsen the Seer died in a gladiator match against a group of True Judaga. Your group accidentally killed two of their members, and they then decided to get revenge. Your group won the match by killing all five Judaga, but in many ways that victory is empty. The True Judaga might look for revenge… again…

-The match kicked-off the Hunting competition, which Inika and other groups are sponsoring. The day after the match, Hunters will be out looking for mighty beasts to fell and bring back. The winner of the hunt has a chance to become a Judaga. Arik has agreed to sponsor Karo of Gulg, a member of the Riben line, although not a scribe. Moreover, she is actually Teun-Ke’s 16 year old daughter.

-With Orsen dead, the visions of the Oba come to an end. Orsen’s Bond is what enabled the visions; there might be a way to re-establish a connection, but that is left up to you to pursue…

-Lastly, your group has now experienced a second death. Athasian’s understand that death is part of life better than others, but in the end, such a thing offers little comfort. House Inika is down a family member, leaving a widow and adopted child behind. Orsen was also supposed to marry Kelira Legar, who is the acting Fort Master. Orsen was able to establish a powerful mental bond with the party, allowing direct communication between minds. Such a bond is not easily forsaken; Orsen’s death might leave scars in those deep places in the mortal psyche. It certainly has left wounds in one close to him. And some wounds do not heal they way they should…

Welcome to Athas.



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