Dark Sun: Gulg

Summary of 6.9.12

So on the recap!

-The Huntmistress of Gulg, Shala was apparently kidnapped by someone pretending to be Nganga Auken. She was being held captive in the Earth Dagada Ancestral Lodge basement. The Earth Dagada is a very powerful Dagada and People. Easily half of Gulg follows the Earth Dagada religion. Taking any steps against them is very risky, although sadly, this religious group is somehow involved with the Fetish Conspiracy. They might even be connected to the Broken Builders, which would suck.

-The Great Council of Inika has met, and some concerns were brought up: The caravan is highly dependent on a bridge being constructed over a part of the Silt Sea, in the Ledo area. A lot of money is tied up in the caravan, which is irregular and risky for Inika and for Andiama. The Agents of the House do honestly care about the Inika Bloodline, and are concerned about too much adoption, and not enough legitimate heirs to run things. Andiama herself has noted that your group seems occupied, although she has indicated that she trusts your judgement. House Wavir usually handles weapon sales around Balic. A bunch of weapons need to be sold, without bugging House Wavir.

-A number of interesting people will be attending the caravan. Feel free to check them out at your leisure, or ignore them. Some are there simply for flavor, others to distract and others, to help. Including in this list is Crom, Judaga Biria, The Dwarf Ardent and his Angry Crodlu, The Dray Caravan Master, Ava of Salt View, Judaga Arik’s Oddly Wise Squires (who I’ve named Blade and Blood), A Brown Elf called Mud, Judaga Haavi-Ke and his Tembo Raze, The 10 Inika Agent Warriors, A few Grey Slave Guards, The actual slaves being sold by the house. The Thrall-Herder (a person who will psionically control the Mekilott) and some others too!

-Unfortunately, High Scribe Teun-Ke believes that Auken is involved in creating the Fetishes. He indicated the Nganga investigator told him that templar magic is need to create the fetishes. He has also found the Fetishes are being produced in House Inika. He reported having other sources as well. Either way, he doesn’t seem to trust the group anymore, beyond Dread.

-Lastly, Lali Inika has indicated that Ranis contacted her and told her of the problem. She intends to stay in Gulg for a little while and help watch. She appears very knowledgeable and insightful, which is both promising and somewhat scary. Your group has held some reservations that their is more to her than meets the eye. She has also indicated that finding proof against Shallin is paramount. She said you could either try and convince Shallin your on her side, or keep working with Ranis to find clues.

Good night, and, good luck




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