Half giant wanderer


Crom came to Gulg as a mercenary hired to defend a Inika shipment. When the caravan was supposed to scatter and reform later, they didn’t and was instead killed. Crom was the only survivor of what looked to be a house Jesko attack.

He is a wanderer, sword-for-hire and allegedly has the power to absorb supernatural power. If this is true, he is somewhat resistant to any supernatural power; while he can still be harmed, it is said his wild talent allows him to absorb others power, and “make them pay” for trying to harm him. He also talks about the advice his mother gave him frequently.

He has a knack for showing up when least expected, and seems to understand things on an intuitive level, rather than an intellectual one.

He has also shown the ability to heal others by touching them, and might have other powers over life and death.


Dark Sun: Gulg Katsuryn