Ioka The Windsinger

Storm sorcerer Revenant


Ioka ‘The Windsinger’

Ioka The Windsinger, Windlord, Lightning Fury, Friend of Urik.
Storm Magic Sorcerer, Drow Revenant, residing currently in Gulg 80 years since his return to life.

Description: 5’9” 132 lbs. with uncanny strength despite the slender stature and sharp cut elven features. His hair is black with some lighter highlights of brown, it spikes at odd angles on top and is tied in a loose pony tail that reaches just past the nape of his neck. His skin is deep grey that pools to almost black beneath his eyes which are solid amber with a single reddish point at the center. He is wearing black and grey robes richly dyed in the appearance of rolling thunder clouds accentuated by the fact that his hair and robes always seem to be moving by some unseen breeze and his eyes glow faintly at times as if lightning is flashing within them. He is armed only with a dagger and a pleasant smile. (His mark of Storms tattoo is across his chest)


Background: You spent roughly two years in Urik, working with the Astrologers and Air priests there to discover if a specific wind pattern was a demiurge. Your colleagues grew overzealous in discovering the identity of the demiurge, but you eventually realized it was nothing more than a pervasive wind pattern. Hamanu took interest in your discovery, probed your mind, and opened up your memories of dying in the Cleansing Wars, and of your executioner, Inenek the Drow Scourge. Hamanu marked you with a Storm Rune as a gift. When you returned to Gulg, you found that the Mark somehow enabled you to perceive the Coming Storm, and you know the Oba is somehow drawing it here. When you mentioned the being to a Nganga ally, he attacked you, and you were forced to kill him.

Dagada Affiliations: Air Dugada is my primary affiliation as their Ioka ‘Wind Warrior’ but the health and well being of of each of the other elemental dagadas would be of great concern to me.

People Affiliations: Air People, Veiled Alliance, and Storytelling people. You are the Air Dagada’s Ioka to those Peoples.

Arcane Magic: Every Arcanist feels the draw of defiling magic. It is tempting in its power, desirable in its feel, and alluring in its ease. You cannot maintain a good alignment and defile regularly, but a single use of it will not change your alignment from good. Make you sure you understand the defiling at-will power, and its uses. An unaligned character likely has concerns about defiling, or is fairly ignorant to its danger. Either way, something else is more important to them than defiling. Evil characters often defile for a purpose, but in the end, enjoy the rush of power. Chaotic Evil defilers might simply defile for its own sake.

The Coming Storm: The Coming Storm is an unknowable entity, best described as a shapechanger without any true, stable form. It is difficult to even describe it as a single entity, as it is both many, singular and without true identity. It appears in your mind as a storm, and you know it is coming to Athas.

Affiliates and friends: The Campion of Urik ‘Javed’, The Ancient, You knew Andiama, Waltian and Altia when they were children, as well as their children.

Ioka The Windsinger

Dark Sun: Gulg Syden