Judaga Arik the Seer


Arik is 5’8” with a slight lithe build with white hair with hits of forgotten reds that spike at odd angles in an almost anime style complemented with a thick intricate braid tucked behind his right ear. His skin is deep pale grey with complementing eyes that are lustrous violet, lacking any white or clear pupil. He wears black loose robes trimmed with silver embroidery and a dark blue inlay that hang open to reveal black Egyptian style leather armor, at his waste he carries a few daggers. All together frightening as a whole yet somehow alluring all the same


Marriages: None, although the usual noble status comes with certain expectations marriages being one of them, Arik has never been pressured to fulfill that role. Seeing as both Moganshu and The old Seer both know he is a revenant the issue has not been pushed. Arik does have 2 slaves to see to his needs. Both oddly wise and somewhat complacent.

Background: Redemption Seeker. You are from a City-State called Kalidnay, an Egyptian-style place obsessed with death. Everyone in Kalidnay disappeared 300 years ago. Although you know that many have survived in the Grey, which is where you are from. Your family spent about a century there before they became Shadar-Kai. How you died, you don’t know, but you know it involved some terrible mistake on your part, that lead to your death and the deaths of others. You haven’t been able to find a way back to the Grey safely, and in the mean time you are driven to protect.

Dagada Affiliations: Seer Dagada. You were adopted by the Seer Dagada years ago at the behest of the Oba. They initially kept you around to simply watch your Wilder abilities. The Old Seer (the Psion who cast the locate ritual to find the Id Fiend) discovered you were an arcanist, but kept your secret, and kept you safe from prying eyes. After a few months the Old Seer (who was old even then) asks you to go on a Red Moon Hunt. You took the head of Craftsman who raped and killed a Grey Slave People. You’ve been a Judaga since that time, 10 years ago.

People Affiliations: True Headhunters (which will gives you Fame.) The Battleminds tend to think of themselves as the true protectors of Gulg, and have a small rivalry with Judagas (although the Judagas could care less).

Arcane Magic: Every Arcanist feels the draw of defiling magic. It is tempting in its power, desirable in its feel, and alluring in its ease. You cannot maintain a good alignment and defile regularly, but a single use of it will not change your alignment from good. Make you sure you understand the defiling at-will power, and its uses. An unaligned character likely has concerns about defiling, or is fairly ignorant to its danger. Either way, something else is more important to them than defiling. Evil characters often defile for a purpose, but in the end, enjoy the rush of power. Chaotic Evil defilers might simply defile for its own sake. Arik has a revulsion to defiling magic that he does not quite understand the thought of it makes him queasy and ill at ease like touching it would make him unclean somehow. Either from his past or just an inherent reaction to loosing everything and everyone he cared about he is unsure.

Fey Pact: When you were still alive, you were a Wilder, but not a Warlock(this is possibly wrong as new information has come to light). As to whether you had Arcane potential before your death (and subsequent rebirth) or after, is unknown. After your death, you were awoken in the Witchgrove, a Feywild in the Crescent Forest. A Fey Spirit there, called The Eternal Winter, gave you your Warlock powers. Each time you kill something on Athas, you send its life force to The Final Winter, who is able to expand its part of the Witchgrove, which is a huge, snow-capped mountain. The Eternal Winter has told you that It will help you be powerful enough to save the people of Kalidnay one day in the future. The Final Winter appears as an ethereal humanoid with thick snow blowing through it.

Pact Weapon: While you hold your implement in one hand, you can use a minor action to manifest your pact weapon in the other hand. The pact weapon you create depends on your pact (in your case, Fey). Your pact weapon persists until you no longer hold either it or the implement, or until you dismiss it as a free action.
You can make weapon attacks with your pact weapon, using its proficiency bonus and the appropriate damage die. Your pact weapon shares your implement’s enhancement bonus, critical hit effect, properties, and powers. The weapon cannot be enchanted. When you use a power associated with your pact weapon and the power has both the weapon and the implement keyword, you are considered to be wielding both your pact weapon and your implement for the purpose of feats and other game elements.
Lastly, your weapon suffers the same breakage rules as everyone else, except you cannot shatter it. If it becomes damaged or destroyed you can simply re-summon it as a minor action, but you should still have the unarmed attack option in the character builder ready, just in case.
It is a long and elegant Khopesh overlarge but graceful in its appearance and far to graceful in its design. It is bluish in hue appearing as the same material as the implement It was summoned with (in this case I have a bone dagger) but frosted sometimes caked in snow or appearing to have snow falling from the blade at times

After my first meeting with the paper nest I realized that though I thought I had a handle on the way things were I never had any clue. The levy was all that occupied my thoughts for weeks I looked but everywhere I turned there was no souls deserving of such a high price until the fight that is. Lumi was set to fight a few of the servants that hurt Kaylee I thought it would be a good distraction to go. She killed them and with each kill put a head on a spike till the other headhunters could take the insult no more and went into the ring. The first fell as though he had never really stood and the other two tried to run as cowards. One made it out before the Nganga stopped the second he begged he cowered he tried to bribe his way out that was when Carrona appeared. Her favorite prey before her his death certain. Something inside me stirred and at that moment I knew what I must do. I stopped the death or imprisonment and marked the first for the levy. Carrona demanded an answer with her stair and I told her he was the first the other Judaga would be the second, and she knew. After they were taken and the Oba none to pleased something inside me changed and the nightmares have not stopped since. But I had my first two levies and that was all that mattered.

Level 6:
A lot has happened to me over the past months with the Oba gone her power vacuum makes dangerous allies my abilities grow and I seem to have a knack for teleportation that I will continue to harness.

Level 7:
The loss of Orsen has hit Arik harder than he would have imagined. He sought out the Psion Lila to give him part of the bond so that he could hold on to Orsen’s memory a bit longer and maintain the connection to the Oba. This has unlocked some part of him he had long forgot and some Psionic powers are now at his command. His continual need to distance himself from those that get to close continues.

Level 9:
The Oba has returned from her long journey but she was weak and unable to get herself back to the safety of her palace. This was concerning to say the least working together with the Inika elite we were able to get her home and rested and let her know that once she was up to it we needed to fill her in on the details of things conspiring in her absence. During our meeting it became apparent that the Oba did not know that Orson had been receiving visions of her quest. This was troubling because I had set the bond to pass to me I wanted to trust the Oba she had been kind and had trusted me a great deal. My loyalty had never been called into question I was a trusted adviser in the paper nest and the horrible task of the levy was on my shoulders. My judgement lapsed and I told her that the bond had past to me. In that instance she unleashed her fury none could see it or feel it but me she washed away my mind in a torrent and raised me on the spot as a completely loyal and uncompromising undead all free will had vanished. Only later with the help of my friends was I able to regain myself and my new destiny. This realization was shocking the Oba had lied about her powers the 3rd nightmare beast was not dead. The Oba had killed me and raised me to continue to serve in a manner that begs one to wonder if she has done it before possibly many times. What will I do once I return to the city? It may be possible to hide that my humanity is back now that it is tinged with this new elemental bond but even that will be risky should she learn that my intimate bond to her personal life is still there. I dare not end it as it has given us many clues and insights into things we dared not understand before but the new possibilities are terrifying. I also learned of my old life the Eternal Winter told me that I had a sorcerer pact bond with Kalidnay and that I was once a Templar of that city and gave it up and considerable power for this new pact. I have no idea what that could mean but it gives me some insights into my past that were previously gone. Who or what purpose brought me back and why is my desire to protect and defend Gulg so strong? All I know is that this caravan must succeed for Gulg to continue to survive and for Inika to stay in a position to be able to effect change so I will see it through as for the rest I no longer know how to think or feel but one thing’s for sure. The Oba is not who I thought she was.

Arik has realized that his destiny is help protect Gulg, from whatever threat is in play. He begins taking a more active role with the Paper Nest, even though he isn’t allowed in the formal meetings.

Judaga Arik the Seer

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