Judaga Karo of Gulg

Teoin-ke's daughter


cousin on the Riben side. Attempting to become a Judaga. Daughter of Teoin-ke


Karo of Gulg, lives in a larger and wealthy craftsman dagada with her father. The Dagada produces leather products, and Karo wears a nice set of leather armor. She has been given superior training since a young age, and demonstrated her hunting skills on what is being called the Inika Hunting Challenge.

While her skill warranted it, she was not given the “Puy” name-addition because fighting with two blades does not meet the feminine standard. Instead, most referred to her as “Karo of Gulg” as a sign of respect, while avoided offending Gulg traditions.

During the Hunting Challenge, she was sponsored by Judaga Arik the Seer, a fairly unorthodox Judaga. Although she is a traditionalist, she appeared to have petitioned him for sponsorship, perhaps indicating some desire to avoid complete conformity.

As a new Judaga, Karo still wants to demonstrate her skill. She will likely have every opportunity.

Judaga Karo of Gulg

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