Handmaiden of the Oba


24 AC
52 Hit Points
Weapon of Choice: Vicious Scimitar



Age: 23
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 140 lbs.
Hair: Silver – in a short pixie cut
Eyes: Electric blue with yellow pupils
Skin: So black it’s bluish – her lips are silver like her hair
Handedness: Left
Scars/Tattoos: As a storm soul, her powerlines are like lightning – they seem to flow from a center point on her chest.

*General Physical Description
She has a leather earring that starts in her right eyebrow closest to her nose and weaves its way back and forth through the whole eyebrow and continues through her right ear and dangles almost to her shoulder. Her nose has a series of piercings on the right side (starting just above the nostril and continuing in a line almost to her brow).

General Strength, Health, Agility
She is lean and lithe. She looks agile and strong – not large muscles, but she has a firmness to her that gives you the impression she’s not one to mess with.

She speaks quietly, but you can’t miss it. Her words have a way of cutting through all the background noise or anything less important and reaching only their intended recipient.

She wears a leather corset and leather pants with bones & various fetishes from fights she’s won. Her belt is a combination of ribs and broken blades from those she’s slain; strings of teeth dangle from it. (They kind of jingle when she walks.) She also has a cloak that is grey & blue on the outside (a cloudy pattern) but has streaks of lightning on the inside. She has leather cuffs on each wrist – one has clouds burned on it, the other lightening.

She wields a bone scimitar with a leather handle. She has leather cuffs on each wrist – one has clouds burned on it, the other lightening.


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