Shallin Loysa

House Inika Psion Master


Shallin has been an agent of the House for almost 40 years, and has been the head psioncist for the last 18 years. She is a known mind-bender, with the ability to alter peoples thoughts. She is a powerful Psion, and trains most of Inika’s psioncists. Shallin has never shown interest in being adopted, but has made it to the House Council.

Shallin normally stays at Andiama’s side, and has saved her life a number of times. Shallin has become more reclusive in the last year, distancing herself from normal House operations.

Ranis Inika never trusted her, and had Orsen trained by the Seer Dagada, rather then by Shallin. Recently, Ranis has found evidence that Shallin is a changeling, and might be involved in distributing the fetishes which have been causing problems in Gulg and surrounding areas.

Shallin Loysa

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