Tuen-Ke of Gulg, Scribe

Tuen-Ke is 38 years old, and a powerful warrior. He is tall, strong and proud.


Teun-Ke is dedicated to protecting Gulg, and tends to care more about its laws and generally safety.

Teun-Ke lost his wife about 12 years ago. He has 1 daughter, Bray. He bears the Riben name, but rarely uses it, even when writing.

He tends to dislike House Inika, but has found it difficult to act against the House, as he knows they are his family.

He is currently the Overseer of the Grey, which grants him complete authority over the Grey People, a slave People in Gulg. He answers only to the Head Scribe, and to the Oba.

He holds a seething disdain for Nganga.

He bears a steel Bastard Sword called “Heartdrought” and is a +3 steel desiccating weapon.

Tuen-Ke of Gulg, Scribe

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