Dark Sun: Gulg

log for 7.28.12

We make it to Lido. Kassin immediately goes to check on the bridge. Dread starts to oversee the caravan, and I have him teach Kya too.

Dread gets a bit overwhelmed by the people coming to the caravan, but steps up and makes it work.

A Dwarf is escorted out from the city with their colors, Brathumbar, leader of the Rock Cutter clan. he is the head of the town. He says that he sent a runner to our warehouse (one of two large warehouses in the town)He tells us that the bridge is passable and 90% done on both sides. That it can handle the caravan, mekilott and all. He invites us to dinner that night.

Aukan asks for a healer, and Brathumbar says he’ll point him to one.

Horeb comes out and identifies himself as the house contact here. he says they have been working on a method to keep the giants at bay with the Rock Cutters

I get to the bridge, it looks very stout and well engineered. It is nicely defended.

We go to dinner at Brathumbar’s. He asks about the other Dwarf.

Horeb speaks up and starts talking about the idea to stop the giants. They have a route in the sea that only comes up to their neck, the scouts found it and use it as a choke point to kill them.

The giants never had a problem with them getting wood or stone there, just the bridge.

We ask if the cities on both sides function as one, he says that the Stone Binder and the Earth Jumpers are on the south side, but they are unified.

We ask about the history of Lido, the story they old dwarves left behind were about THE Dragon being offended enough to come and kill all the inhabitants but leave the structures unscathed.

The biggest story from the island Lido, is that one of the great primal spirits lives there he hates anything leaving a mark. Another story is that THE Dragon lives there in the large pit and defends the area, but most people believe that THE Dragon actually went North, toward the Mekilott mountains. When his grandfather’s people went to try to explore and the giants attacked relentlessly. He doesn’t seem to believe in spirits.

We go back to the Inika warehouse, the Earth cleric tells us that the caravan master has something in him. We think that he might be soul jacked, he is an immortal now.

We go find Krool and ask him to tell us about the Immortals that were in the Drow’s body. He says ah, yes, Possession, that makes sense. he says the sould rider devil might be in him. He says if he is possessed there is very few people with the power to fix this. There are stories about a place called the Blue Throne down south in the dead lands, the throne in this place has miraculous properties. House Inika probably has connections to people that can heal him.

We tell Krool that the dwarves wanted to meet him, he says he doesn’t want to because they have settled, dwarves haven’t settled since Borris the Butcher was hunting them. Borris is the guy from Eeb, the mystical oasis in the middle of the silt sea. Ranis had mentioned Eeb before and it had a population of astronomical numbers and she’s been there.

We ask the Earth Healer about the great spirit on the island, he says he is sure there is one there, he thinks that it is sleeping. He suggests that maybe the Giants worship it, that might be why they attack. He thinks there might be a druid there too.

We hire the healer to move with the caravan master across the bridge and then we are going to hire another healer to get him to Balik so that we might be able to get him un-possessed.

when we get to the island something on the mountain is disturbed up high. Kya, Aric and Aukan check out the island for magics. Aric gets a terrible feeling about this place. Kya sees something on the mountain and tries to describe it.

We ask the healers about what might be the spirit on the mountain to figure out what it is, he says the pictures in the cave show a spiky creature that they call the Tarasque.

We get to the other side of the silt sea. We go to talk to the healer in southern lido and he is talking to an outsider dwarf talking to the healer about healing his feet from running and jumping. He goes to leave and seems to recognize Aric’s race

Aric follows him out to ask about the whole revenants, he says Banshees were the ones around here, but Balik has a lot of them. The dwarf says he isn’t part of a tribe any more, he left it to go study in a Nibony monastery, he is a monk.

Aric goes with Oobu back to the caravan to get him hooked up with some salt. the dwarf monk runs into Krool. they recognize each other and have a moment of psionic conversation. Krool then turns to Aric and tells him that he is leaving the caravan to go loo for the Blue Shrine. he turns to Aric and says “Its a shame Aric, you had a lot of potential.”

Aric ask Oobu about him, Oobu says they are from a related tribe and that Krool never tells a lie. Oobu says that Krool’s tribe died out 400 years ago. Oobu is over 100 years old, he went and found him because of the rumors about him. Oobu says that he doesn’t create the conflict, he just goes there. Oobu wants more peace and doesn’t agree with Krool on that front. he also tells us to be VERY aware of anything Krool warned us about

we recall:

He suggested that the caravan was attacked by Bulette because of Nganga Aukan and his treatment of the spirits.

he also suggested there was a reason the Drow attacked our caravan, it was also happened to be the night after Aric had a vision from the Oba, they might have come because she is their Bane

Aric tracks Krool back down and asks why he moved on, he said that Oobu made it clear that they didn’t want Krool moving with us. He tells us that this group will know if he moves with us They are a very powerful group of Psions. Aric asks what potential he missed, he says it is a Glory, the kind not seen since the cleansing war.

We decide to not take the caravan master with us, we tell the Healer that he has a devil in him and to put him in a pit but comfy to be safe.

3 elves coming up on us one VERY big with a metal sword on his back. as he aproches he pulls a yellow cloak out, a sign that he is a templar of Uric.

Krool told us that the Uric priest was keeping it at bay, but only just barely.

Javid, Tmplar or Uric. he is glad to see we are still well. We ask if he is looking for Payden. he then says then something has gone wrong. He says he is tracking them and aplogizes for the people killed by it. Aukan asks about Hamanu is ok, they say his golden circlet of his that keeps the city safe has been stolen.

They bring him to Kassin. Javid tells us that Payden stole the circlet that controls things and used it to control the obsidian man… power in the hands of the ignorant. Hamanu made a weapon to kill the obsidian man.

Payden was known to be a honorable man, this is very out of the norm, just like Andiama and the Oba’s strange behaviour.

Hamanu told his people that only two Nightmare beasts were killed, again different from the Oba’s story. We tell Javid about the lapses in powerful people, and he even admits that their is some in his king too. He forgets weird things like names and events strangely.

They also admit that there is “something in the wastes” but it was as they got closer to Gulg.

He brings up that Hamanu told him to trust the two that saw the sorcerer king’s night departure. so he defiantly trusts us.

The Astrologers have seen a lot of omens. their is a concern with the prison of the warbringer. They think it might be because it’s warden isn’t guarding it well, the guardian is the THE Dragon. There have been stories of other sorcerer kings making mistakes.

They bring up the ID fiend as a lapse of the Oba.

Ander ghost appears and says “be careful now, the truth is soon revealed.”

They bring up Tektuk tik lei is doing more sacrifice. Kalik, pulled the people out of the mine to work on a ziggaurt. Kelfis has become neglectful.

Javid says the number 10 has been coming up, and there are psionic children have been showing up there too. Aric showed up 10 years ago. the mystics thought that if pregnant women were exposed to the fetishes it might make adept children.

We get to Balik and the new Lord Neripedes and someone from house Wavir come out to meet us. We greet them. He introduces Thessius, his son. He invites us to a meeting and a play at their house in three days.

Our lead agent briefs us, he says that Lord Neripedes is very amiable to a marraige to Thessius. they “interviewed” house Jesko people and hurt them quite a lot. They ended the interviews by giving us some important info, through Neripedes, so they should be there for the discussion.

We also realize that our 10 greys still haven’t caught up, we send Crom after them.

Hephestus from Wavir shows up and tells us that we really need to meet with Neripedes, and seriously listen to anything they say, but he can’t say more.

We finally meet with Neripedes. A memeber of house Wavir and house Jesko are all there. Someone comes in and activates runes in the room. Neripedes says, “Fair enough, we are protected”

Neripedes starts saying that he was in a bad place 6 months ago with all the murders, he needed to know what happened and why, and he found out.

Jesko had the ID fiend in their possesion for 10 years and was using it for the slave market. They went to Andrpanes, and he shot it down, and so they instead went to Gulg and talked to the Oba, she got them the ID fiend, set them up in the healer dugada, the plan went wrong and some how the ID fiend got loose. Aric speaks up saying that he thinks that the Levy might have been her reason for he going along with this, so she can get slaves for the Levy.

After the ID fiend got out is when people started acting strange and forgetting things and that is how the ID fiend got away. He brings up the veiled alliance and Zwuin, the combination of spirits that are preservers and led them to Gulg.

Jesko felt betrayed by the Oba and felt it was her that was manipulating their minds, they started working with the broken builders to get back at the Oba. they got this info from a broken builder they captures from Gulg, who is in the basement.

This might explains why the adept children started showing up 10 years ago.

Maybe the reason the Oba lost control of the ID fiend was because of the beginning of the forgetfulness and lapses in powerful people.

We think that the Oba might be infecting the others with so mind sickness that causes this forgetfulness, that is maybe how the others Sorcerer Kings got infected?

We go to see the prisoner, it is the investigator Nganga, that is why he went missing, these guys took him. he names Shallin is a broken builder, 3 other templars. He says Geiga-ke is not a broken builder but he is the keeper of fetishes, these fetishes siphon out the crazy of the Oba and her 3 personalities. Geiga-ke started handing out more of the fetishes to keep up with it, he enlisted Shallin to help get rid of more of the fetishes. People’s minds aren’t forgetting, they are re-arranging into multiple personalities. He tells us that one of our adept children is trying to poison us, one is protecting us, that is why we haven’t had issues with the split personalities. Power in the hands of the ignorant.

What really happened worlds wide 10 years ago to cause adepts all across Athas? it wasn’t just the ID fiend, that is just Gulg, maybe the ID fiend is a sign of the beginning of the mental damage. Th Zuggarut is a response ten years ago too.

The investigator tells us that if we want to ever return to the family we need to find which adept is which.

Who released the first Nightmare beast? that is the domino that started to spiral out the lastest stuff.

The investigator tells us that there is a legend of and Adept that took over an entire village a brown elf shows up, has a mental dual with the child, takes its power and saves the village. He was part of a powerful Psion organization, like Oobu’s and Lela in Gulg. Lela is probably part of this and one who can figure out which adept is hurting us.

We realize that there is 3 groups, Veiled alliance – Arcane, Broken builders – Primal, this new psionic group, this also matches the 3 aspects of the Oba.

Aukan is wondering why the investigator didn’t try to approach him,he says don’t you remember night of his birth, a storm, his mother dying, it wasn’t his mother that died, it was him, he is a water child, designed to protect.

Within the last year, when the adepts turn 10, is when the Oba’s crazy needed to be more outsourced. Maybe a adept is attacking her too.

We need to get back ASAP, leaving the caravan

we start to set up to get the veiled alliance help for the caravan master so we can get him to come back and bring back our caravan without us, we setup with Wavir to get a caravan master from them, if ours isn’t healed as a backup.

We go to the Zuin. we ask what happened 10 years ago? Madness. all infected with his madness, with their deeds, with theri ambitions. are all sorcerer kings Banes?, all are champions, all are villans. who released the the nightmare beast? winter was forced to by Inika (the oba) because of madness, the warbringer is the source of the madness.

who was Aukan fighting when he died? the dark dwarves.

are their more drow? not any more.

Who is Dread’s mother? a Genie, who is Kya’s the same genie, different fathers.

Which Inika child is infecting? you’d know better than us. will Lela be able to figure it out? hopefully or you’re screwed.

Can the madness be stopped or satiated? stopped only in death, satiated only through death, cured only with death.

what does the levy keep at bay? Rasha (the warbringer)

Why are they getting worse? the prison weakens

is the dragon not doing what he is suppose to? he is too powerful to see

who is weakening it? someone close to it in the shadows.

why did the Oba collect the other sorcerer kings? to protect Gulg. to get her away from Gulg to protect it.

How do we kill the Tarasc? you cannot kill a weapon of the gods

what is the deal the eternal winter made with the oba? that she wouldn’t defile more of his home.

Why was my father killed? he learned the truth. About what? the truth

We are going to try to get a silt skimmer to Northen Ledo, we are taking the veiled alliance healer with us to fix the caravan master and then ride our mounts into the ground to get back to Gulg.

summary for 7.21.12

-Your group figured out that a bunch of Minotaurs, who where ready to attack a rival Gith tribe, where being psionically tricked. These Gith apparently created a strange set of circumstances where the Minotaurs repeated their actions over and over, not realizing they were doing this. Hint: You’ve now experienced a number of circumstances where peoples minds and memories have been seriously altered. Hopefully, this is not indicative of some greater problem, which might manifest in the paragon tier…

-Some Bulette’s attacked you (aka Land Sharks). These creatures don’t usually travel in large groups. Very strange.

-You were also attacked by a group of Drow, who might have possessed by some kind of devil-like beings. Both of these creature-types are unknown to your character, but it is interesting to note that these creatures attacked shortly after Arik’s Visions showed that the Oba is in fact Inenek, the Drow Scourge.

-Krool, the psionic dwarf claimed he has learned to mix Ardent emotional psionics with a Psions intellectual psionic power. The Ironwroughts claimed the dwarf always provided them with valuable missions, but the missions always led to a lot of bloodshed. This seems suspicious of course. Krool also appears to be very powerful, and many of the warriors in your caravan have taken a liking to him. Certainly a scary person.

-That said, the weapons your caravan brought have been mostly sold, your group is arriving at Ledo, Arik is alive and well, and you averted a major fight with the minotaurs. Not too shabby.

Log for 7.21.12

He was a templar for Kaladmae and a sorcerer pact. Aric, when he grabbed the knife was teleported back to the eternal winter the eternal winter wasn’t remembering things that he had told Aric previously, much like what had happened to the Oba.

Aric has a dream…

We realize that Anenek, was the name for the drow scourge, I think it is her name of her angry personality. Kya remembers that the Scourge, after killing the drow, was suppose to go after the Eladrin, but stopped suddenly.

A small group from House Neripidies meets us, his name is Suetonias. he has come to make sure that the caravan arrives safely, he brings boots for the caravan master.

We run into a group of minotaur. They want to buy weapons to fight some gith. They have giant hair rope to trade. We facilitate the trade.

We keep going and run into another group of Minotaur, they are the exact same but without our weapons we sold them asking to trade again. we still have our rope.

they follow the same steps, when we are hesitant about the rope, they offer skins.

Dread talks to a minotaur about deja vu, but he doesn’t really respond.

The sun has moved in the sky, and it is close to high sun, Aukan offers for the minotaur to stay during high sun, Krool comes up and tells us this is a bad idea. We decide not to stay with them, but we have some elven scouts stay back to watch the minotaurs.

Cumo and Aleeka come and tells me a story about mind benders causing something very similar to this and Saltstealers overcame it by running, because it caused a bond that protected them. I decide that the scouts might take care of bond and break the cycle.

We break for High sun, the scouts have not returned yet. At the end of highsun we hear horns saying that minotaurs are coming again.

We send Aukan, Aric and Dread to talk to them instead of the scouts. As Aric nears them he addresses the chieftain by name it puts him on edge. Aukan introduces him as our seer, and they ask Aric if he knows of the upcoming war. He says he sees the war with the Gith. They ask if it is a good time to attack. He tells them no, and that the omens are not right, per a psionic message from Aukan. They as what sign they should look for. He tells them to send out scouts looking for a lone Gith in the desert (the Gith mindbender we think is plaguing them) when his blood is split, they will know this is the sign. They find the mind bender and kill him, and Aric also tells them where to find their weapons that they have been dropping after meeting us every time as further sign of good omens of the war. we made a

later on that day we are attacked by Bullets. We kill 2 of them and drive off the other 4

Aukan notices that Krool, the dwarf, notices what everyone did in battle like he had a widescreen view of the battle

The caravan master noticed that was the largest group of bullet he has ever seen, that would be enough to bring the druid down to take care of the ecosystem problems that would cause. We think that it might be the dwarf drawing in a lot of bad mojo, as is what he is known for.

Dread goes to talk to Krool. He brings up the tons of Bullet, and says that he thinks it might be psionic.

We keep going and push harder because the carvan master seems to have a bad feeling about stopping. We start to see dust trails in the distance and the hooded creatures look like elves, until they pull their hoods back all at the same time and we see drow, but we don’t know what drow are.

Kya looks at them and realizes that these beings are immortal, this connects these to the name Drow.

the Drow take down the caravan master, but don’t kill him

The Dwarf starts to say how awesome war is, and even uses the word Drow when talking about what we were fighting.

We start coming up on Lido.

Aric talks to the dwarf about how battle seems to follow him where ever he goes. he says that he was about to say the same for us.

He says that he saw pictures of Drow in a big white tower. But all the drow were dead, they were possessed by devils. He brings up gods that give people glory.

Review for 7.7.12

So to review:
> -Our Heroes have been able to direct the Balic Mekillott Caravan out of the Ivory Triangle, and down south towards the Ledo Region. There have been little to no attempted raids, although this good luck cannot last.
> -The obsidian statue turned out to be some type of creature. It apparently has the ability to “bounce off the Hollow” allowing it to teleport short distances. It killed a few people, and then disappeared into the wastes with the Urik Templar.
> -Judaga Arik was apparently slain by the Oba in Court, after he revealed he maintained his link to the Bond, and witnessed the visions. The Oba’s psychic power was powerful and subtle enough to scour Ariks life-force from him, without anyone becoming aware of it.He was made into a undead creature, very subservient to the Oba. Thankfully, the Ironwrought Mercenaries seem to have some connection to the Elemental Planes. A rogue among them carried a dagger which was able to transform the undead Arik into an elemental creature, giving him a second chance at life (okay maybe its a third chance, but whose counting.)
> -There have been a series of odd events associated with the Oba: the slaying of Arik, a member of the Paper Nest. Her appearance at the Inika Mansion, and need to be escorted to the Sunlight Home. Her lie about the slaying of the 3rd Nightmare Beast. And (here’s a freebie) the metal weapons she forged were already on her bed, even though she appeared at House Inika. All. Very. Strange.
> As usual, good luck.
> Jeff

Summary of 6.9.12

So on the recap!

-The Huntmistress of Gulg, Shala was apparently kidnapped by someone pretending to be Nganga Auken. She was being held captive in the Earth Dagada Ancestral Lodge basement. The Earth Dagada is a very powerful Dagada and People. Easily half of Gulg follows the Earth Dagada religion. Taking any steps against them is very risky, although sadly, this religious group is somehow involved with the Fetish Conspiracy. They might even be connected to the Broken Builders, which would suck.

-The Great Council of Inika has met, and some concerns were brought up: The caravan is highly dependent on a bridge being constructed over a part of the Silt Sea, in the Ledo area. A lot of money is tied up in the caravan, which is irregular and risky for Inika and for Andiama. The Agents of the House do honestly care about the Inika Bloodline, and are concerned about too much adoption, and not enough legitimate heirs to run things. Andiama herself has noted that your group seems occupied, although she has indicated that she trusts your judgement. House Wavir usually handles weapon sales around Balic. A bunch of weapons need to be sold, without bugging House Wavir.

-A number of interesting people will be attending the caravan. Feel free to check them out at your leisure, or ignore them. Some are there simply for flavor, others to distract and others, to help. Including in this list is Crom, Judaga Biria, The Dwarf Ardent and his Angry Crodlu, The Dray Caravan Master, Ava of Salt View, Judaga Arik’s Oddly Wise Squires (who I’ve named Blade and Blood), A Brown Elf called Mud, Judaga Haavi-Ke and his Tembo Raze, The 10 Inika Agent Warriors, A few Grey Slave Guards, The actual slaves being sold by the house. The Thrall-Herder (a person who will psionically control the Mekilott) and some others too!

-Unfortunately, High Scribe Teun-Ke believes that Auken is involved in creating the Fetishes. He indicated the Nganga investigator told him that templar magic is need to create the fetishes. He has also found the Fetishes are being produced in House Inika. He reported having other sources as well. Either way, he doesn’t seem to trust the group anymore, beyond Dread.

-Lastly, Lali Inika has indicated that Ranis contacted her and told her of the problem. She intends to stay in Gulg for a little while and help watch. She appears very knowledgeable and insightful, which is both promising and somewhat scary. Your group has held some reservations that their is more to her than meets the eye. She has also indicated that finding proof against Shallin is paramount. She said you could either try and convince Shallin your on her side, or keep working with Ranis to find clues.

Good night, and, good luck


log for 7.7.12


We are getting ready for the caravan to leave and I recruit some very reliable people.


we are all awoken early one morning and brought into the council room. Kya comes in and tells us that she found the Oba in our garden in the night and we need to take her to the sunlight home, but in complete secret.

we plan to get her to the sunlight home in a caravan, and then dress her as a drunk judaga to go into court and get to a back entrance to the Oba’s rooms. We get a note from Shala to get us into court.

We can’t find Shala or Shallin, Shallin left three days ago to go investigate Orson’s farm three days ago. so Aukan goes in and pinches her foot to test if the Oba is a doppleganger, and Andiama jumps on him and has her spear in his throat, there is some tense words and Andiama lets him up.

We get them in a crate on a caravan and to the sunlight home. We get her in a mask disguised as a “drunk” Judaga and start walking up to court. As we are walking up Corona calls out to Aukan and he holds back and starts talking to her. He gets a rumor about the investigator going out of the walls three days ago, the same time Shallin left… not a good sign.

We get in the court and there is a couple people in there. Aukan tries to distract them with Corona, and it doesn’t get all their attention, so Arik picks a fight with Aukan, that allows us to get the Oba up the stairs.

We get her into her her room. On her bed there is metal weapons I move them out of the way and the Oba tells Kya to take them. Kya gets her all cleaned up and puts her in the bed. she tells Kya is discharged and to tell no one. Kya stays with her and Dread and I leave with the weapons.

The weapons are all cold, like they were made from the shackles in the mountains.

Hand cross bow – FrostNight
Scimitar – Icingdeath
Dagger – NightsTouch
Kopesh – IceHeart

Oba wakes up and Kya tells her about the changeling she calls the all of us to her court.

We get there and tell her the whole story. Geiga-ke used a ritual to try and protect Gulg and it back fired. She also says that evidently she has a Changeling templar, I look quizzically, she says she can feel she has a changeling in her ranks, even though she didn’t endow them, we ask if that is possible and Arik falls to a knee and take a big breath. She says it is possible by a higher up Templar. Arik speaks up and says that he has seen it. She also brings up that having an Inika Templar would ruin the house’s standing in the other city states.

The Oba says she can’t do anything directly against Shallin, becasue she can’t do anything against Inika, but Shallin Loysa must die.

I thank her for the gifts and she tells us that she forged them along side Hamanu, king of Urik. She tells us she slayed all the nightmare beasts and there is 3 blights in the wastes. She now knows that the Warbringer was directly involved. I ask who the warbringer is. The Warbringer was a very powerful wizard and psion, he could create champions to protect humanity. They ended up cleansing races from the world. Gallard was one.

Arik says thank you for sending the the visions to Orson. she says your welcome, and she was sorry for his death. Arik brings up that he has continued the bond. Arik grabs his head and falls. She says, a wise decision.

She tells us that she is not back up to her full strength but she is strong enough to keep up her wards. She re-establishes Aukan to his position with the Inika.

I bow and tell her it is good to have her home.

We are dismissed, I put my new weapons on and walk through the crowd that has gathered
Tuen-ke makes eye contact with Aukan and they nod to one another. Tuen-ke speaks up and calls to Dread

We talk to Andiama. We tell her everything about Shallin. Aukan asks if there is something we don’t know. She admits she has been acting oddly, she doesn’t remember everything she is missing thoughts, it would take someone extremely powerful to do such, Shallin wasn’t that powerful, but perhaps with the fetish, she was.

We bring Shala back,and Ranis comes back.

We meet the Ancient as we are leaving she looks everyone in the eye looks at Arik, looks at me, back and forth, and then looks and me and nods her head to Arik. I’m confused. Andiama comes up to Arik and apologizes for the Ancient’s behaviour.

We take off. in the caravan, we are suppose to sell off all the weapons on the caravan before we get to Balik. We have 20 house slaves to sell to the Neripedies. 15 skysinger elves as scouts. 10 mounted agents. 20 grey slaves from Tuen-ke. 18 hirelings(including Crom and the dwarf). Arik’s 2 slaves. 1 Ininx. Urik Templar. 15 normal Inka slaves. 10 Salt View Contingent.

The dwarf tells us he knows a group of mercenaries that might want to come with us. We get to fort Harbeth, and meet with the Mercenaries. the mercenaries, they are the ones we met before here at the fort, they tell us that they think someone was trying to clear out the mountains and kinda succeeded, the larger Gith tribes were rumored to be killed by a nightmare beast only a week ago. which is weird. the green moons are moving out of the mountains. so who ever was trying that succeeded.

We leave and really get along with the mercenaries called the Iron Rots. Two days out one of our Inika slaves is a destroyed paste in his bag. this is more then squished by a mekkilot.

One of the slaves, talking to Kya, says he heard the other slave “pop”

8 days later it happens to one of the elves. he was out by himself.we check the air, and there seems like something hovering, and something might have smushed reality. this might be like the dreamscape/netherworld. The Dwarf interrupts and says it is called the hallow. We know that the warbringer is related to the hallow.

Two nights later, while Aukan is out talking to one of the Iron Rots, the guy looks out over the sand focuses and has a weird look, suddenly we hear a Konk scream and squish, we run there and see. we ask the Iron Rot what he saw he says he saw a humanoid appear. We go out to where he saw the humanoid, we find foot prints larger then Aukan’s and find more of the Hallow magic. The Konk meat is warm.

The Dwarf and us get talking in the morning about the Dreamscape, I ask if “bouncing” is an exact thing, he says no. he asks if I want to learn about how to bounce I say no, but Arik says he wants to, the dwarf asks to use the Houda(the house on the mekkilot) I tell them it isn’t wise to do alternates stuff on a platform like that. One of the Iron Rot wanders over and kinda chases the dwarf off. Aukan checks out the The dwarf and realizes he is not a creature of Athas, Kya looks further and realizes that he is an Abberent, the scout tells us that war follows wherever he goes. Arik follows the dwarf and ask him to show this bouncing at night.

We confront Arik with the revelation that the dwarf is a abberent and learning bouncing magic from him might not be wise, Arik HATES defiling magic, but he is all for doing this learning from the dwarf abberant.

I think if this is a dreamscape, I know this is reality but I’m not far off. This is NOT Aukan. I look over at the rouge from the Rot Iron he is looking around and flipping the really nice knife that is very magical. I’m looking at him and he looking at Arik and Aukan he feels my gaze and turns to look at me still flipping his knife and smiles.

Arik was hovering without a cause, now he is now undead. It seems like he lost his drive or cause, perhaps when he finally met again with the Oba. These groups, the Iron Rot and the Dwarf are battling for Arik.

We stop Arik from doing the ritual.

In the morning the rouge is squished. another Iron Rot says, I’d like to think that he got a strike in. we search and find a chunk of obsidian, like what the statue is made of. we go to check out the statue, it isn’t missing pieces.

I’ve been trying to fight you off, at least we can fight out in the open sun. the dwarf blasts the statue off the mekkilot. The statue teleports back and grabs the templar and teleports away.

We get in a big discussion about Arik, but Arik doesn’t seem to be a part of it, he has NO Soul, he can’t make a decision we realize that that si why he can’t choose between the dwarf and the Iron rot. we have to make the decision for him. We look between the two and make the choice to go with the Iron Rot. We go to them and tell them we are making the choice. they give us the rouge’s dagger, Dread throws it at Arik’s feet Arik says he wants to but doesn’t make the motion, i pick up the dagger to give it to Arik and the dagger tells me to stab him with it. I ask why, it says that it is the second chance. I make the choice to stab him. I grab him and stab him in the heart. we are all blasted back and Arik wakes up and is back to being a Revenant

We realize that the nightmare beasts weren’t all killed and the Oba was lying. That is what was killing the people.

log for 6.9.12

Part 6

The Oba’s Spirit Companion left her side to spy on the Death of the 2nd Nightmare Beast. It is one of the few creatures capable of hiding from both the Beast and its hunter.

The Oba wasn’t sure how the 2 Nightmare beasts were separated, especially since they knew to stick together since the Beast from the Mountains was slain. The Oba suspected the Dead Lords of being involved, and some of them were as powerful as the weaker Sorcerer-Kings. They did the Creatures dirty work often enough as well.

Either way, the battle occurred somewhere East of the Salt Meres of Bodach. The Nightmare Beast was the located near the Pristine Tower, the Beast with the greatest link to the Warbringer. The battle went as expected, and the Beast was torn to pieces. It mocked the creature, calling him Borys the Usurper, and saying to him “One, Your Master will claim what is his.” The Beast was torn to pieces, and the land around was cursed.

A sending of thought, manifested in her mind, and likely the minds of the others. “It is done. The Beast linked to the Warbringer is dead. I go to strengthen the wards. You are safe, for a season. Prepare another group of Levies. I am forced to strengthen to Prison after this event.”

Moganchu keeps meeting with Dread because he wants to learn more about Warlords and organizing people.

We find a enchantment that reveals the true nature of changelings, we get all the components for it and send Aukan to talk to Athan in Salt view to get him to make us this enchantment on a bracelet.

I take Kya to bogtangle with me. they keep referring to Kya as “the spirit” i meet with my mom and introduce Kya. We go to introduce Kya to the Ancient

When Karo sees Kya and says “the spirit has come home”
Karo says there will be others, I tell her about Dread

Karo then asks “have you found her?” “who?” “the one who wears the masks”
“she will be our death and our salvation. She must wear masks because of what she is and what she does.She won’t do anything worse than was done to it, that comes later.”

I ask her about the spirits here being restless she says they are fine here.
I bring up my father’s death by spirits. to wish she replies “Your father wasn’t killed by spirits, your father walked carefully around the spirits, he was betrayed, almost undoubtedly.”

I leave Karo and go to talk to my mother.
I ask her about 10, she says that it is an old assasins belief, a true killer takes 10 lives. it is old stories that she is ashamed of now. she says don’t trust the Adder that dances, he is not one of us any more.

While Aukan is riding across the wastes he sees another kradlu that is bigger, it is a dwarf that is on his way to Gulg. He is trying to get in as a guard on the Inika caravan to Balik. Aukan tells him that he is in good with Inika and talks to him about that. The dwarf gives him a
enchantment to help him travel.

Aukan meets with Athan. He has Athan teach him some rituals. He tells him that the Green moons were say they were hired to attack a caravan. They have had some memory problems after their recovery, it seems like an issue when people come out of the netherworld, he has seen it with some other people from Gulg. The green moon were hired to attack a caravan with a green lizard and kill everyone but an “important” human Naganga.

He goes to talk to Zenan, he lets him know that there is a fort of house Shom’s that is understaffed. They decide to have Eva come back to the Inika house meeting.

Dread helps the city structure themselves better, he finds that Tuen-ke is really good at structuring people and made some changes to the grey slaves that make them happier and more easy to teach

Arik is looking over the walls trying to find so people for the tribute, and Havi-ke comes up to Arik and asks to him to be his second in a duel. Arik follow him to the field of spears The earth dugada judaga, he has a spearman second. He says that the earth dugada lied to us, it was their ritual in the dugada, that is why there was 4 fetishes and their people were not hurt, it was a setup and he told his elders and that is why he was challenged. They have a scary huge fight that Havi-ke eventually wins. He tells us to be careful with the blessing of Iron they gave us.

Aukan comes back from SaltView and goes and finds the Dwarf and brings him to the house.

Arik has Aukan look into the blessing of Iron and says it seems fine, but it might be a way of linking us to them so they can track us.

The house meeting starts and we get to see Lali. I try and figure out what politics are most important here. The biggest issue here is the marriages.

A topic comes up that this trip to Balic is a HUGE risk and betting everything on the fact that this bridge is complete.

The agents are really worried about the house because there is so few blooded members.

Lali invites us all to breakfast and says that Ranis sent her a letter we start discussing Shallin. Shallin hired mystic to investigate Kage-ke’s death and that is who said it was spirits, that is why the people thought that.

We think that maybe Shallin is thinking she is helping the family with the fetishes, and the people who have threatened her true identity also are targeted like Kage-ke, the drum circle and the elves.

While I am in a meeting with Shallan they go looking for Shalla

Kya goes to talk to the red slaves and they say that they haven’t seen Shalla in weeks she is sending spirits to request slaves. The spirits look like her. The non elders don’t realize that it is not a spirit, only the elders think something is weird. we need to see if the elves we hired are following “spirits”

Aukan and Dread go to the sunlight home to talk to Tuen-ke. He agrees that Shalla has been off her game. He says it is only recently that her relationships have been causing an issue. He becomes extremly agitated and then burst out that he know the changeling is in house Inika, and that Aukan is involved. He has talked to the investigator about it too. He thinks that we keep leading him away from house Inika. He tells Dread that he should get as far away from Inika as possible. Aukan leaves his office and Dread stays behind to talk to him about all his suspicions.

Arik goes and talks to the people at her office, they say that recently she has been staying at the sunlight home , which is strange, that has been the past month. Her rumors lately are all about her dating Judaga, which is weird for her because she is usually going for “good hearted people” which usually isn’t Judaga.

Arik checks Shalla’s office records too. she has been making a lot of deliveries to the earth dugada. maybe that is where they are keeping her?

Is she setting us up as the fall team?

We go to the fire dugada. Havi-ke meets us and introduces us to the elders.
he says that the earth dugada is very good at locking things down, don’t touch the ground.

They give us another boon that overwrites the earth dugada boon, we immediately take off an go to the Earth dugada, we sneak in, take out a guard and sneak into the basement we knew about. Shalla is there tied up and drugged. I wake her up and get her out.

They hook Kalira and Manton up. They talk about if Dread joins that house he can take care of the widows. they talk about hooking me up with a nightrunner and at that Shallin sneers and almost speaks up. they also talk about maybe hooking up Kya with someone from Balik.

Andiama asks Aukan if he thinks it would be ok to transport an item that is risk, he agrees.

Aukan also tells Andiama about the fort of Shom that is lowly guarded.

Andiama pulls us aside and asks what is going on, she’s seen stuff is happening. Arik replies that she needs to trust us and at the right time we will let her know. She says that she is happy that they have younger people on the council.

I pull Lali aside and let her know that we saved Shalla, she suggests we take Shalla with us to Balic to get her out of the city. She says that she is staying behind in Gulg while we go to Balic and chase down more of this story

Summary of 5.26.12

-Your group investigated a Dagada in the north, and found that Ranis hadn’t attacked it, although she thought about it. It appeared to be assaulted by creatures and magic, and indication that the spirits were unhappy with it. The Dagada might have executed their own Elder, and they were using Agafari wood on everything. Agafari wood is generally considered sacred.

-Ranis believes that Shallin Loysa, the House’s Psion, is the changeling. She also believes that Shallin is pretending to be Shala, the Huntmistress Scribe. She does not know if Shallin has always been a changeling or if Shallin was replaced by one. Either way, she said that if Shala is still alive it would be good to find her. She said that Andiama and Shallin have been friends for 45 years, and Shallin’s power as a Mindbender might make it hard to convince Andiama that Shallin is behind the fetishes. Also, Shallin tried to convince your group that the fetishes might not be that bad… the psycho.

-Judaga Arik experienced a Dream, where he saw the Sorcerer-Kings speak with some kind of creature. They treated him with great respect and fear in some cases. This being apparently has agreed to hunt down a Nightmare Beast, and slay it. Add in the fact that the Oba apparently offers up the Levy (100 people) once a year to keep Gulg safe from someone or something, and this creature appears to be someone powerful… well if there are beings more powerful than the Oba, hopefully there are only 1 or 2 at most :)

-Andiama has told your group to take a break for a couple of weeks. By then, the Great Council of Inika will gather. A few weeks later, the Mekilott Caravan will head to Balic, and your group is supposed to leave with it. The good news is Lali Inika, a well respected member of the House, known for her reason and wisdom is part of the council. Kassin is also her favorite niece. She might be able to help. Also, Dread Riben, a well trained soldier and apprentice caravan master has arrived. His genasi heritage seems similar to Kya.

-Coincidences are combining, mysteries begin to take on certainties, and Fears and Nightmares slowly become real. And ever so slowly, your Destiny unfolds…

Log for 5.26.12

We decide to get ready to go out to the Dugada that Ranis attacked to see if we can find any clues about. The house sends 10 agents with us.

While getting ready there is someone at the door,
I open the door and see a sand genasi

I am introduced as Lady Kassin, the Genasi asks that is a family name? I answer, yes
he says our contact in Rhom sent a sealed message
go to Andiama and give her the scroll
that is weird, a genassi from the family that disappeared
he is 23 also, like Kya
his name is Dread.
Andiama has to handle the Contact in Rhom’s request, she tells me to go talk to Dread about his Riben claims.
I go get Kya and Aukan to check him out with me
Dread tells us that he is from Kern, which we have heard about from Ranis.
he worked for house Azeth as a caravan master. Ranis had told us that they were the major trading house in Kern.
Dread’s father on his death bed told him his lineage and told him that he needed to let the family know what happened to the line that went north. Only Kassin and Bray lived and Bray was severly injured they went to Kern to help Bray.
Kassin had two children, one died as a child, the other is Dread’s father. Kassin and Bray are no longer alive
Tomac comes in and interrogates Dread, concluding tht he likes him but points out that it is weird that they are the same age, we ask their birthday, they are the same day.

Doom, Dread’s father, disappeared into the sands for a year and came back with Dread.

Aukan mentions that there has been so much with fetishes, maybe there was more driving Ranis
We go to check Ranis’ room for a fetish
we see that the pictures and stuff are cleared out but her maps are still there and half her clothes are still there.

Kya finds a fetish in her bed, but it is already broken and pegged. Maybe Ranis knew it was therebut didn’t want to destroy it for some reason?

As we are leaving the room we run into the house psion and give her the fetish to look into it we also tell her to try and see if we can get it to identify if Dread is family.

We leave the city to go to the Dugada

That night Arik has a dream.

In this night, they needed no hiding rituals from the Oba. The Oba looked up at the great creature. All of the Sorcerer-kings did; his sheer size was incredible.

“My Lord” Nibenay said formally, annunciating his words cleary. Respecfully. “We are indeed sorrowful that your prescence is needed on this occasion.”

“Sorrowful?” the creatures head cocked. “You do not wish to see me, Gnome-Bane? Am I so abhorrent to your eyes.”

“No my lord,” came the quick and fearful reply. “Of course, No. But your time is more prescious than ours. “

The creature replied with a a retched snort.

“But considering this might be a threat to the Prison, we could deny contacting you no further.”

“You are wise to do so. I will slay the second beast, the one once chained in the mountains. But the third must be left to you.”

“Of course, Great Lord of Ur Draxa” Andropinus of Balic chimed in. “the beast will wail in terror before you slay it. But might I ask, when were such chains forged. So much metal and so close to us.”

The creature waited a moment to answer. Each of the Sorcerer-Kings were silent. Finally, the creature responded. “Ask Gallard, if you must know, or Uyness perhaps. They were alive in the Green Age.”

“I go to hunt” and with that, the beast spread its great wings and lept into the air.

The Oba no longer listened to the conversation that followed. She was thinking about those chains, and how she might lay claim to them before the others did. An idea struck her then, and she knew what she needed to do to reward the heroes of her city. Assuming she made it back to Gulg alive.

We get to the Dugada and see that it is walled with Agafari wood, and the watchtowers are too, if this wasn’t okayed, this could be a huge affront. the feilds are not being fully utilized, Aukan goes to check them out. it looks like the city wasn’t sending the proper tribute to Gulg

Dread looks at one of the towers and the Agafari wood is eaten away, which is only possible by magic.

They don’t have any signs of having a elder
Kya and Kassin go and and check the little huts, all show signs of elemental damage, but no arcane and no bodies
Arik goes into the main mansion and smells death, all the windows are blocked out from light. Arik opens all the windows and doors. there is 30 bodies with elemental and animal spirit damage but they are laid out in rows and covered respectively.

The last little hut Kya and Kassin get to was a shrine and is untouched and it hasn’t been kept up.

They realize the all the man made things are obliterated AND are all made of Agafari, they have definitely been misusing this.

We do find a body of an elder, and find a dagger stab mark in his body. This mark looks like a and assassin technique, in fact the same technique used by the Judaga that we killed from this Dugada.

Aukan finds signs of a great cat that was clawing around in this mansion.

We find a cellar which looks to be a training room.

Ranis says that home isn’t safe
she says she didn’t do this, she was on her way here to talk to them, and they were

she thinks that because they killed their elder the spirits attacked

Shalla put a fetish in her bed.
i ask why she thinks that, she says Shalla is a changeling. She was trailing her and Shalin met only Shalin left, Shalin went into a building and another person came back. She thinks Shalin is dead.

there is a reason that the hunt mistress went missing and imitated, was our Shalla always the changeling?

We tell Ranis that the changeling can control dreams, she tells us not to trust our dreams… like the dreams from the Oba.

i take Ranis aside and ask how she is doing, she says not well, but we don’t need to be worried about her.

Ranis leaves and we go to burn the mansion, as soon as we light the fire the gate seals up with vines and lizards burrow up out of the ground.

We kill the Lizards and the Agents break through the vines.

We hear something crashing through the trees and there comes Crom. He says that he was sent by Teoin-Ke to investigate. We show him around the Dugada and all the evidence about them killing the elder and so the spirits got angry.

We rush back to the city and get there two days later. Dread and Arik go see Moganchu about the defenses. Aukan and Crom go see Teoin-ke, and Kya and Kassin go to the Drum Circle.

When Kassin and I talk to Kya they mention Havin-ke, fire dugada Judaga, came and saw them and wanted to talk about the fetishes asking about how they were placed and how they work etc. they said that they wouldn’t need multiple fetishes, he thought that maybe more would be put in the earth dugada as a misdirect.

I set it up so that the elves best people start tailing Shallin, NOT Shalla, looking for oddities and if she is a changeling.

We go home and rest and in the morning to a council meeting. we tell Andiama about the attack and leave Ranis out. we tell her about all the spirit attacks, and she brings up that the FIRST was actually Kage-ke, my father.

Shalla meets us in the hall, i make sure to ask her about the fetish and follow up

Shalla tells us she has a theory on the fetishes, she thinks that all of them are the same or not, she thinks that they are all the same but some people who were weakened couldn’t help. She says that the people might have different intentions, she is leading us to think this might be more benign, trying to manipulate us. She also tells us that Ranis is good, and she doesn’t think she is a Changeling.

Log for 5.12.12

We Take Orson’s body home and the family gathers for a brief mourning period.

We go to bed expecting to wake to the mourning wails, but are instead awoken in the night by a messenger. We are on edge at first but hear the it is good news.

We come to the conference room to find a Genasi, the Handmaiden of the Oba and previous gladiator for the Oba. Marked as a slave. They tell us that Teoin-ke is in the hall, and he brought her.

We ask the Genasi why she is here and she says:
“Teoin-ke said he was going to bring me to my family” I look to Andiama. She says it is evidently true and that she has a scroll from the Oba.

The girl hands over the scroll and and we read:

“My Dearest Handmaiden,
I find myself in a dire, and yet profound, position. Something terrible is in the wastes, and its evil cannot be contained, nor ignored. It can be fought, and I must do so. Fear Child, for if I fail, our fair city will fall. The Warbringer will bring his terrible Nightmare Beasts to our city wall. Therein, it all ends.
I have kept you sheltered in the Sunlight Home this past year, but this too ends now. You are a child of the House Inika; they have sacrificed much to protect our city, and I will keep you from them, and them from you, no longer. Your father is a mortal human named Waltian Inika. Seduced by a Spirit of the Elements, he had no knowledge of your birth.
Seek out your Family. I have charged them with protecting the Gate of our city in my absence.
You are hereby released from service,
Lalali-Puy, The Oba of Gulg”
it is notarized by Shala

We ask her name, it is Kya. We call in Teoin-ke and he confirms the scroll.

Teoin-ke says he also has some other news. He has come across some of the fetishes on some lawbreakers using them to travel through the shadows, and of course wee couldn’t keep them alive. All the scared Dagadas all had fetishes, this is a HUGE spell. He is going to check the sunlight home for fetishes also with Aukan’s permission.

I ask to take over Kya’s training because she has hardly even been out of the Sunlight home. We go to bed.

In the morning the hunt begins.

Kya, Andiama, and I meet and we talk to her about getting her tattoo off, she decides to keep it for a little bit.

We go out to the hunt, we don’t get many dirty looks, in fact we get people telling us that it was a good battle. The elder of the Screaming skulls Judaga says the feud is over.

The hunt begins, and Kya starts learning.

We decide to go to the Seer Dagada to learn about the bond and maybe how to get it back. When we get there we run into Leila. She tells Aric that she was the one that found him out in the fey wild, he doesn’t remember. She says that there are a lot of Revenants in these woods, they are drawn here because there is even more death here. She says that she protected him because his pact was pretty evident. She mentions “The Final Winter” as part of his pact. She hints that the seer sent her to go find Aukan.

He asks her about teaching him about the bond, she says you’re not interested in funneling ice magic to The Final Winter? he replies, perhaps. She says if you are interested, let me know.

The Old Seer finally comes along and we go with him to talk. We go to the shrine with him. We tell the Old Seer about Orson’s bond and seeing the Oba’s visions. Kya speaks up that the Oba has always been worried about the WarBringer. We says that when she was mentally injured in the first fight it might have opened this bond.

The Old Seer says that the bond can be imprinted on to Aric, but it is pretty dangerous and might break his standing with the Judaga. He also says that they have a orb that can allow them access to the bond. Lastly, Leila found a way to break into the bond, and if the Oba finds out, it would be bad.

Aric decides that he wants to do Leila’s way. We get the needed spell components and he goes to do the ritual. he comes out and looks no different.

Aric decides to go talk to the Judaga to try to smooth things over, so Kay and I decide to go back to see if we can wake up Waltian.

Kya wakes him up by sprinkling water on him. I start talking to him and introduce him to Kya, and she blurts out “Father”

This stuns Waltian and he starts mumbling “the ruins” “the ruins?”
He remembers, the ruins out in the wastes, the old temple
Kya asks for more info.

In Waltians more adventurous days they decided to go check out some ruins from a map in a valley east of here.(probably the prison out in the wastes)he thinks it is left over from the Green age, thousands of years ago. He got separated from a couple agents due to the magics there. He heard a pleasant voice, and stumbled out of the ruins a week later.

We don’t know how the Oba got her. But the spirits are strange beings. He says that he knows that spirit drew him there, he can’t think but for a reason.

We decide to get Waltian out walking more and talking to Kya every morning to get him strong.

I talk Andiama and suggest that maybe marrying Waltian to Kaleira, she doesn’t think it is a good idea because Waltian isn’t in a position of strength to pass along to her. Andiama says that she is going to call the family meeting early this year and we might have one of the other males coming in marry her.

Aric goes and offers restitution

Aric has a tendril of a connection to THE bond he has to spend a healing surge to keep it connected. We’ll see tonight if the dream bond happens, but we probably missed a dream last night. He tells us that his Pact is to The Final Winter, his is that when he kills someone their essence goes to them not The Grey. He doesn’t remember making the pact. The Water drake is near The Final Winter and there is a lot of death there. He lost some memories from the pact. Someone put a block in Aric’s mind that stopped his psionic attack, Leila psionically attacked it to remove in and now he has Orson’s attack.

We are at the opening ceremony dinner for the hunt and Kya thinks she sees Orson and points it out and then we see him in another place, we run after him and when we flip him around it is Agat the Ardent. We start to talk to Agat if he had something left from Orson. he says besides Aba-Tuey came from the farm Dagada, he keeps talking about eyes in his dreams, I ask Agat to talk to him more about seeing if it is drake or dragon eyes.

Aric has a vision that night: salt flats with a black ichor out for a mile, only someone attuned to magic can see it and so someone could unwittingly walk into it and drop dead. He tells us about this dream and Aukan says that this is the sign of a dead Nightmare beast.

Aukan teams up with Karo to help her in the hunt. They find the trail of a spirit. After 3 days they catch up with a spirit stag and she takes it out by herself.

Aric has another dream that is just a lion roar in triumph.

Aukan comes back and comes to talk to Aric and me. Aukan asks if we know what the Levy is. Aric blanches and asks what he knows. Both of them have an awkward standoff about it. Aukan says there is a lot of defiling magic there and Aric says the Oba pays it. Aric comes forward that he sentenced the two Judaga to the Levy, Carrona knew about it. We move to some place a little more quiet.

Aric tells us that he joined the paper nest. The Oba tasked Aric with collecting people for the Levy. Gulg pays tribute to keep something terrible at bay. It needs 1,000 souls totaled from many places, 100 from Gulg. Aukan starts to think that it might be the dragon. It isn’t always the number of souls, but the power of them based on. Aric asks where Aukan heard about it but just then Karo comes up distracting Aric.

Aukan leans over to me and says, the little talented girl, something is wrong, she has powers way beyond her. He says that at Orson’s funeral she mentally talked to him without looking at him.

Aric comes back and Aukan picks back up the conversation. He says he found the Levy and ran into The Red Stag who told “this isn’t your place”.

Aukan thought that the path to the Levy was the the Bone Village. Kya says that the Bone Village is a place where the Oba visits. She does magical experiments there. It is an ancient druids grove that the Oba goes to and there are some spirits that protect it. The Nganaga seek it because they believe it is a place that they will be rewarded.

I bring it up that i think the “something in the wastes” is The Warbringer. The Warbringer is the person who is believed bring about the end of the green age. He trained a bunch of defilers. He also trained some people to hunt down a some races. Nibony was the one who was trained to take out the gnomes and hunted them to extinction.

Aric asks Kya about the the different aspects of the Oba and if that is how she was in person, Kya confirms that she was all those different aspects: wrathful, human, powerful.

We go back out to the party and Aukan and Aric talk up how awesome the spirit stag that Karo killed was. We go to sleep.

A couple days later Aric asks Kya to talk to his slaves about what they saw when they went with Karo. They say that they saw the little spirit stag she killed and that she was really talented. She asks about them seeing the Levy. They say that got nowhere near the pit, the spirits warned them not too, but at the same time the spirits did lead them there.

They decide that the paper nest might be able to OK moving someone to a Judaga even if the Oba is gone, that would be a good end to the hunt. Aric takes the matter to the paper nest and they OK it. Moganchu brings up with the paper nest that he has a problem with someone in the drum circle. The others in the meeting say that this isn’t the place for personal vendettas, and the adjourn.

Aric takes Moganchu aside and asks about the problem with the drum circle, Moganchu says that he doesn’t want to involve Aric because of his friendship with me because it is more likely to cause a rift. Aric asks him who he has an issue with, and he says The Adder Who Dances. He says that he has changed his story a number of times.

Two days later Moganchu announces that Karo is going to be a Judaga, there is a huge party. Teoin-ke is very excited. He comes to us and is happy he says that it is good blood. He also bring up that in this hunt there were a lot of Aberrents. Too much arcane magic in the area drawing the Abberents in.

Elves from the SE he couldn’t identify, maybe it is the Mystics of the Nightrunners coming back from dealing with their crazed tribes. I go back to talk to the elves about it to make sure everything is good.

I meet with Hooka and she seems very confused, she says didn’t Ranis come and tell you? There is a moment of confusion and we find out Ranis came out,1. to confirm the elves are in town, 2. to hire some raiders to kill some Judaga 3. to get some charms fetishes that are the detrimental types.

When she wants something done it happens.

We take off fast. I bring up Ranis and the vendetta to Aric, and Aukan. Aukan says “Oh i forgot to tell you I saw Orson in the wilderness”, he saw him on the same night as we did.

We get back to the house and the servants say they were just looking for us because people are gathered. I ask if Ranis is there, they say no. I walk in and Andiama says that Ranis hasn’t been seen for days says and that The family of the two Assassin Judaga are all dead. I tell Andiama about the contract and fetishes with the Elves.

Andiama tells us it is impossible to stop Ranis, she is epic, and amazing at deception. She has tricked Sorcerer Kings, but we need to find and stop her.


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