Dark Sun: Gulg

log for 9.29.12

Euripis- the island of the genassi

We decide to go to Kalenday
there are some elves from Balik going with us and they don’t know we speak elven. they keep talking about if they should tell us something about Gulg. we get Aukan to talk to them about what they might be hiding. The elf tells a story about how there was a rumor that 1000 people sacrificed themselves willingly for the Oba to keep her in mortal form.

we keep seeing a bunch of people headed in the same direction as us and Aukan goes to meet them, they are a group of Gulgians with the holyman. the Ioka says the Aric started having visions and told them to go to kalenday.

the Ioka tells us that the revnants are starting to get memories back from their previous lives.

wee get to Kanenday and the elves taht live out side of it start to tell us about it. They tell us about not exploring, the undead take shelter in the day inside. they also tell us to avoid the mists. there are two temples, one is a monument, the other a ziggurut, there are statues that lead between. they is like a city of undead.

we go to the city and it is pretty much covered in sand. as soon as we enter the walls we hear
“the living willfully enter our domain. Prepare your selves”

Aukan goes scouting and plugs his ears again the voices he is hearing, when that happens we all hear echoing that says, he can no longer hear us brothers. Aukan finds the opening to the temple when he gets back to us the Fain appears and tells us that we should see. The city suddenly transforms to old Kalenday people are walking around us and see us, we look like a egyptian version of ourselves. we look like a guard group. We head for the temple.

People nod and wave at us and we run into Aric but alive and he recognizes us we ask how he knows that he says this is his vision. he tells us that everyone gets sucked into the grey. Aric tells us that he was just told to gather some nobles together. we go to escort him.

He is gathering high ranking families, Aric remembers that he sent his family away.

Aric is currently a revnant in Kalenday, just hiding it well. and he remembers a previous life too.

Aric says we are playing guards that are his friends.He says that he knows what is happening and has us wait for him. he has an argument with the high priestess she comes blasting after us, some of us fall. Aric says that he got our families out and our sacrifice is for them. suddenly there is a huge explosion and their souls are pulled from them.

I think that the bogtangle people are the remnants of the families that Aric got out.

we go in the current city and find the bodies of the guards we were acting as, it is summoned armor made by ancient Aric for his close friends

the whole ziggurut is locked down except the halls we “died” in. we feel like the whole area is defiled, all the bodies are.

we check out the statues, they all are giants with animal heads and are all looking at one spot that was moved. we realize that they can be rotated after teleporting into them, but after we do it once we can’t do it again.

we get all the statues to look at different eye symbols and stairs open up. we go down them. there is a pile of gold, obsidian orbs, one implement orb in a special place. this area is large enough for a dragon.

Kya focuses on the orb and it talks to her, it tells her it is a remnant of kalidma’s power. the orb wants to punish the high priestess for trying to protect kalidma from the dragon and hamanu. it says she destroyed kalidma’s mind. it wants to kill Kalak, himanu, the dragon and the priestess.

we start a discussion about dragon marks being from sorcerer kings i say mine isn’t… the orb says mine is from kalidma, which could be because of the relation to bog tangle, or the orb could be lying.

we search the room, Aukan finds a bunch of ritual scrolls. and we take off out of the city.

We come back and start searching more and in the monument we find that the trap door was mortared shut. Ioka moves through stone down and finds the Atropole

we start discussing why we are trying to find the Atropoles.

why is there a forest above where the primal creature is sleeping? he is an elemental being so he infused it with elemental magics.

we try to figure out how to get Crom out of the grey.

we decide to use our new shadow walk to try to scout the grey.

log for 9.25.12

We start heading down to Balik on the way we are talking Talis, the Genassi. She talks about how their djinn mother is asleep, similar to how the tarasc is.

we get to Balik and start asking after crom and the blue throne.
kya asks the veild alliance, they say they don’t know crom and the blue throne is a tale
house inika says people look for it and disappear. they know crom, but haven’t seen him since he disappeared us. they know some of the people that went with us and all of them have retired from mercenary work. i ask them to look for them.

We track down a guy named Farmer that went with Crom, it seems like Crom told him to go be a farmer for his own safety and he literally followed that doesn’t remember anything else

they met Gennar who is a powerful wizard that made a sanctuary that Farmer is living in.

we decide to go try to find some Tamwar, dervish fighters that hate city folk.

we find them, they agree to take us to where Crom went, the Blue Throne.

we get to the building and there there are elemental spirits in front of the building and they are demons. the building is in pristine condition and has statues all around holding different magic.

we bolt for the doors and I start picking them the monsters keep coming back

we finally make it through the door after much annoyance.

it is a huge immaculate room with incense burning.

Talis enters the incense and sits on the throne. she says “its a war” and describes a scene of war to us. we as if there is a weapon against the tarasc. she sees weapons of the gods. the gods can drive the tarascs to sleep, but not kill them, they are losing. she is shown other temples.

Kya starts looking into the teleportation circles, and gets sucked in one Talis stomps on it breaks it and pulls Kya back out and then winged creatures and something they call a Fain come out. the fain says it is the weapon.

there are other weapons, we fear to release them.

the Fain leaves, the angels stay to converse. atropoles, still born godlings, undead gods. not weak not controllable. need to find them and unleash them from a prison of a dead god.
Raja, the warbringer was a cleric of the old gods before.

Crom is another being, a paladin, a holy warrior.

we are told the gods cannot be brought back the primordials killed them.

calinande, where it broke through.

rob goes a little crazy going after the treasure. we teleport out back to gulg. Telis says she is going to the temple in the forest, we will go to another

Log for 8.14.12

We are teleported to out side of the city wall.

Dustin has the tenth vision while we are teleporting


We wake up dangerously close to the wall, Aukan wakes up and sees the wall reaching out to grab Dread he moves forward to grab Dread and the wall moves back. he steps closer to the wall again and it is still. He asks it to let him in and it motions him to the red moon gate, which can only be opened by templars. He walks over to the gate and just reaches his hand out instead of the ritual and it opens. We all hear a voice say “free me” and Aukan starts doing a ritual, we hear footsteps ru

Giga-ke is there

I see that you are still the warden of gulg but you can’t release the briar girl and she will kill everyone but you and your friends.

He asks the briar girl if that is true. and she doesn’t answer

him and Giga-ke have a moment staring each other down.

While at the gate Kassins remembers the vision of her father protecting her at this gate. she reaches down and touches where her father fell. she sees a flash of the memory this time there is snakes slithering along the ground that avoid my father and I, he looks at me and suddenly my psionic attack also deals poison like my father’s did.

I reach out to the wall and feel malice from it, I can’t open it.

We make a side stop by the seer Dugada and see Leila. We ask if she’ll help with the Adept, and that our house has two. She says that makes sense. I ask if she’ll help bind the one. She says she know that our adopted adept is good and protecting, so it is Bray. Leila says you shouldn’t know that she can bind the child, now I have two choices, wipe your memory or leave the city. We tell her she can do either as long as she binds the adept. She says we are too close to the Oba, she will leave. She says she won’t go into the house, but if we bring the child to her she will bind her

Teuin-ke is there with a bunch of the Greys, they stop us, and tell us to talk to Teuin-ke.

He tells us no one has come in or out for two days. aukan tells him we know where the issue is, and Teuin-ke is helpful and stands aside.

Why is she doing what she is doing? because someone told her to.

she need to sneak up on her.

We ask if Bray is cruel, Leila says that someone else is guiding her.

we try to open the side door and do seeing eyes and see Tomac readied around the corner. I open the door all the way and Tomac come charging, he sees me and slows down, but doesn’t stop, and slams the door shut. we sneak an eye back in and he is reset.

We go to the front door and there is the assasins out at the tables playing a dice game and a staring game like children.

Dread enters and is invited to play dice, so is Aric. Aukan enters and is invited to a staring contest.

Kya and I enter, they say that there isn’t another game to join. We says we want to play hide n go seek, they say that is fine as long as we don’t leave the room. We go check out the alter because we heard it was weird.

Rob is doing great at the staring contest. and the guy he just beat suddenly slumps over.

Kya and I notice that the fetishes on the alter are out of order, but all there. we say we want to play the matching game, and another guy pipes up saying that’s a good idea and start moving the fetishes to the right places. Kya starts checking out the magic on the alter.

Aric wins once and makes a big deal about it and the assasin says “you don’t have to rub it in” and then falls over. They do it to another one.

I get all the fetishes back in order and a guy in the corner falls asleep. Kya finds that the alter has spirits attached and they seem to be Riben and Inika ancestors.

the last guy is responding to mocking from Aric he says he is good at this he is an elite Inika guard, Aukan tells him “then why aren’t you guarding?” he looks up at Kassin and says “lady Inika?” and then passes out. We drag all the guards out of the house.

We open a drape and the traps go off against us, i disable it.

They open another door and see Orsen’s spirit is there and they start talking to him, he is acting silly

we open Ranis holding a fetish
I got it to protect me, but I can’t remember why, we see blood in the back of her head. She says she is fine. Dread heals her and she falls down. I disable the trap and grab the fetish. we take Ranis out.

We go to the other room and find Orson there, he says that he was here to watch the house but all he wants to do is talk. He won’t even go out to help Ranis. He won’t leave the room.

he keeps telling us that we need him, we tell him we don’t need him any more, and thank you. He says, “you’re welcome” and then leaves healing.

There is a statue of Riben holding its hand out. aukan grabs

Aukan opens the door. Shallin is in the room and says “Lets not be coy at this point, were far past that.”

we go into the room
aukan says “I’ve been looking forward to talk to you more frankly” she responds back “so have I”

i ask if she is “pointing” Bray, she said inadvertently. She didn’t mean for Bray to get a fetish, she thought it was a doll. Bray got in her head and took on her desires. it isn’t just Gala-puy that protected us, it is the psionics in our heads that are a sign of a destiny.

Shallin tells us that she can’t leave the house and she needs to die because she is a Nganga and that damages the house if they don’t respond. Shallin tells us that she is weakened now because of Bray’s control.

She says that this is Bray’s game and this has one way to end, so Aukan attacks.

We take out Shallin, she is on the floor and tells us that we have to make an example of her. I step forward and take her out. Andiama is in a room at the back, we open the door and she sees Shallin and runs to her. She then tells us that we have to go to the warehouse. We cannot dissuade her from going to the warehouse with us.

when we get in there Bray says:

He’s looking for all of you. Who? the old grandpa.

i thought you were in Balik. We got back, some people have special talents. that is what what the grandpa said.

she made people lots happier, she doesn’t want to leave you can’t trust people who aren’t blood.

We notice the fetish in her hand, I ask to see it and she freaks out and nails me to the wall.

I tell her psionically that this isn’t what blood does. and she KOs me and starts bleeding me out. Aukan ask to play a swinging game with her and she does the same to him.

they keep chatting with her, Aric does something that angers he and she nails him too.

Kya goes into one of our alters and feels that something is caged there, she releases it, it is a huge wolf howl, that distracts Bray. Dread moves at her and Bray starts to hurt him, this knock some sense into Andiama who moves against Bray. Bray makes Andiama move against Dread and instead she pulls a knife and stabs herself. This startles Bray and Dread takes her out and they knock her out.

Leila comes up and looks at Bray and says it is done, she is plain

the grey slaves start to move towards the house. Aric goes to talk to them and Tuen-ke says to him, no matter what happens next don’t do anything, just go back to the house, trust me.

They keep Andiama going with magical healing healer dugada show up and do a ritual that stabilizes Andiama.

at that moment horns sound saying the the city is under attack. The Grey slaves start to revolt and leave.

Aukan moves as fast as he can to protect the Oba. they break into her court, she is there are everyone is yelling, he stops everyone and tells Aukan to leave her court.

As he is walking out he hears the people ask the Oba what to do about the grey slaves, she says “Nothing, just let them leave, it is done.”

we see the Greys leave the city lead by Tuen-ke

they find one scroll from him that says: The Oba has betrayed us, what I do, i do for Gulg

We are not allowed in court. That makes other people uncomfortable to work with us.

Log for 9.1.12

A year passes and we get together for the Inika house event. There they announce that two of Dread’s wives are pregnant and there are more other expected births in the family too.

in the middle of breakfast Ranis and Andiama are called out, they then call Kya, Dread and Kassin out.
Havi-ke, and Ioka from the air dugada, and the third is a genassi.

Havi-ke and a Revenant are there with a woman that is wrapped up head to toe and lying on the ground.

The revenant comes forward and pays Andiama a compliment about how she’s grown into a woman. He also says that Dread looks like his father.

They ask if either Kya or Dread have been having issues with their “manifestation” they say no. They continue to ask questions. They says that the girl on the ground is shifting through all manifestations and even some they haven’t seen, she can’t control it.

I ask why they brought her here, they say all she says over and over is Riben. We take the girl inside in a protected area. Aukan starts checking her out and we see her flip through a couple souls. as Dread gets near she manifests Sand soul, and then when Kya comes up she manifests storm and then fire causing Kya to manifest fire too.

We have Dread back off to see if Kya can stabilize her in a form.

Aukan doesn’t find anything wrong with her, but having Kya near doens’t stabilize her.

I grab her shoulder and she slows down she opens her eyes and says “Riben”

she responds slightly to Dread talking to her.

Aukan says she might be a Pyrene,
I tell her mentally that she needs to rest, she says Riben again. we ask if they mean the person or the house. she replies “Riben the wolf”.

I bring the ancient and my mother in. When the ancient sees the girl, she says: “huh, another one” we ask more about Riben the wolf there was a druid the was a werewolf and sparked a lot of rumors. We ask if it is one of the ancient’s line, she says yes, a distant one.

Aukan picks her up and realizes the she is in a similar responsive state to what the Oba was before.

they found her out in a field in a dugada that was for sale.

they think that this new genassi has the same mother as Kya and Dread.

We bring in a seer from the healer dugada to talk to her telepathically, she came by way of Balik but it from the Genassi Island in the silt sea. She got attacked on Lido by the Tarasc. The seer says that he can block off the memories to help protect her, and maybe we can start to help her deal with the trauma.

she doesn’t know her name, but she is a Riben, she wants to talk to Riben the being. she wasn’t attacked by the REAL Tarasc. She was on her way here to look for Riben. She is psionic and looking for a djinn,she doesn’t know if it is her mother or another, but others are looking too.

We have Arik bring his dagger with the djinn, and she grabs it tells the dagger that it isn’t the Djinn she is looking for.

Aukan goes and talks to the Howler and Howler recognizes the name Riben.

We try to sap some magics off her, when they do something with the power she stops cycling that form we get her worn down to only using cinder soul. We then take her to the Howler.

her eyes open and she puts her hand out and we push her towards the alter, she puts her hand on the alter and releases the alter and a dire wolf appears.

Kassin asks "Riben? it is friendly in response. I tell the wolf this girl was looking for him. he sniffs her and all the the other Inika and then starts pushing on the Genassi girl like he wants a response from her and she falls over. I tell Riben that she was hurt by a Tarasc. He sniffs her and Chuffs, then puts his head over her and takes a big breath pulling an illusionary Tarasc out of her and she falls asleep. The seer checks her again and say she seems better, not as damaged.

We take her up to a room and have her sleep.

a couple days later a minotaur shows up and tells us that they ran into some giants over and over again and they took one of the minotaurs captive, he escaped and said that the Gaints kept saying over and over again “Inika” they thought that the Inika are a race. The Minotaur came to warn us and ally with us. The Minotaur says they are here to ally with us and help.

We go to the elves to get them to try and locate the Giants, they do.

We approach the giant encampment with things trade. They ask Inika over and over. We get from them that they think Inika is a race that looks like Kya. the “ghost” of Lido woke up and they asked a shaman about it and the Shaman told them “Inika’s must be killed up here, to put the ghost at rest.”

We step back to talk, and the Giants tell us that they are going to eat us if we don’t tell them where Inika is. We tell Ioka to attack them.

the leader one erupts into fire, he is a corrupted spirit.

we kill them all and Ioka, Kya and Aukan and say they heard a voice on the wind that says “I am coming”

Ioka says that there is a storm coming to Gulg. He hesitates and then says that the Oba is calling it her and either uncaring or unseeing. Aukan asks if it has to do with the storm that is already here? the cerulian storm. Ioka says that he doesn’t know that, but it makes sense it might be that storm calling to the other one.

the Minotaur that is with us says that a good way to scare off other giants is to throw a head of one giant into the camp of the other

We also know that two power sources acted on this giant, one switches his head to be a bull and the other power infused him with demon powers

Aukan looks at their trail, it was leading straight to Gulg.

We meet up with some elves who say we are being tracked. there is a whole tribe of Giants. we go to check it out.

revenant of an old weapon, it has passed on but left a impression.

the oracle found them while they were being attacked by the angry spirit and the oracle was a caster. The oracle is who but the demon in the other Giant, it also gave them the way to find us.

the real creature is close to the Inika, they must be killed in the forest, if their blood is spilled there the creature will go back to sleep. it was very important not to kill them out side of the forest.

We tell them we will take care of getting the spirit back to rest, but they need to go back south and we will find them and let them know

we go back to the house, Andiama tells us that the Genassi woke up and wants to talk.

She tells us that she was coming from the Genassi islands and ran into a revnant of the Tarasc, The real Tarasc moved 1000 years ago to the cresent forest so it had plenty to feed on when it woke up. it did wake up.

She tells us that on Eeb, the dragon of tyr is there and he is planning on killing the Tarasc. So either the Tarasc will kill the forest or the dragon will use the life energy of the forest to kill the Tarasc.

the sorcerer kings were infected by the warbringer and have infected their followers, everytime a templar is used in a levy offering it weakens the prison.

she says that she is looking for info on the weapons of the ancient gods, the tarasc is the weaoping of the primordials, blue throne is part of that, she wants to go there and asks for our help.

She knows about her mother, the primordial genie that had a lot of children and sent them out.

She tells us that her name is Tallis

Aukan ask his mentor about where the Tarasc is, he says The temple of the Eye in the heart of the jungle, Nibonese guard it. He thinks that is where the Tarasc is sleeping

If the fetishes are related to the Tarasc’s power the were probably messing around in the forest or on the island.

Aukan takes Kya to talk to old man Ganga. Kya ask about if he was who had Kya trained, he says yea, and the reason was that she was looking like she might be a good receptacle for the Oba’s crazy like lalai-pai once was. She wasn’t used because she hasn’t lost her humanity yet.

Kassin asks Arik about his belt that she has seen on Bogtangle warriors too, he says that it was a Kalienay fashion.

Log for 8.7.12

still at the Zuin…

why was lord neripedies killed here? because people don’t like him. which people? the broken builders

can we fix the Oba? ?

was the broken builder telling the truth? sometimes

Who is Kya and Dread’s mom? Ask Aric giggle

Why do we keep seeing our friends spirits? because they can’t let go

what is the omen of 10? a funny joke.

we leave the Zuin.

we get introduced to the veiled alliance and buy some rituals. they are totally ok with Kya and Aric as long as they aren’t defilers.

Aric tells the Alliance that he wants to meet a revenant like him, they say that he won’t get a lot of info from them.

A group from the high praetor Solis come to the caravan and meet us in the streets to invite us to dinner with a high praetor and then later to meet the dictator.

we go get cleaned up and meet at the High Praetor’s. He doesn’t talk much unless directly engaged.

He is engaged when discussing defense. he tells us about killing a titan and that is how he became a high Praetor.

We ask about customs when meeting the sorcerer king, he says there aren’t any. he isn’t as “afflicted” as the other sorcerer kings

We are eventually brought into the “dictator”

he thanks us for coming and bringing so much money, he offers a boone of defense to Lido. we ask instead for a quick way home. he offers a schooner, we ask about magical methods.

He starts some banter about how to get home.

We discuss, but we don’t pick completely up on his humor and aren’t able to get him to finally offer an more than a schooner, which we already had

they keep pushing the day of our departure back, stupid politics. Aric sends a note to Solis about casting the steed spell. Solis shows up and talks about casting without permission from the senate is a an offense, so he is sure that he misunderstood. We bring up that the dictator told us to talk to him.

We go to leave on our own but get a message about There is a bounty on Aukan and Kya’s heads that is stopping us from leaving

we request time in court to talk about the bounty. Andropinous says that he needs this rectified immediately. we continue on to bring up

mid discussion, Aukan is blasted back 20 ft. a moment later lightning crackles from the sky. he tells us mentally it wasn’t Andropinus. Andropinous speaks up in the mind too, it wasn’t him. Andropinous says that Aukan tried to use powers against the sorcerer king and demands that they arrest him.

Aric stands up and says he’ll vouch for Aukan, and Andropinous says, really? and has Aric arrested.

Andropinus the offers his original boone, which we accept. and we leave angrily

Dread has the idea to pull out the entire house from the city, we talk to Neripedies and he agrees that that might have the clout we need.

Crom says there was a guy who is dead who told him that the obsidian idol is angry with us too as well as the sorcerer king

We start pulling all of our resources out of the city. Neripedies comes and makes a big fuss about us leaving and I publicly break off the wedding. A city planner comes and i tell him to sell our warehouse, he asks to talk to me on the side. I talk to him and he says:

if you leave now you’re in a lot of danger.

Something is coming to the city, something terrible from the wastes
what is coming and the levy is going to be collected, but they don’t have the levy because the Obsidian idol has been shattering their levy

We have crom check out one of the shattered people and he says that the obsidian idol is going to go for the most populated area, we think that might be court, we head for court.

court is completely shut down we start hearing screaming from the market

something comes up over the wall and starts destroying the market place. it is a huge winged dragon that bellows:

“Albiorn, you failed to meet the levy”

In the prison a obsidian creature breaks into the prison and rips open Aukan’s cage, he goes to attack Aric’s cage and the obsidian idol punches the wall, suddenly Aukan is on the floor he is disoriented and he sees. Anders and Orsen pick them up pit them on their feet “you expect to live forever?”

Aukan and Aric run into us in front of the palace and Kya opens a portal back to our camp outside the city. We watch the city get thoroughly thrashed, but that means that we can come back in after and help rebuild and make bank, since we were the only house that had pulled out and didn’t get our stuff destroyed in the levy attack.

Crom comes up and says there is too much death, too much dead here today, you need to go home, and we wake up in Gulg.

We all wake up in my room, when we leave my room guard is there and alive but completely unresponsive.

log for 7.28.12

We make it to Lido. Kassin immediately goes to check on the bridge. Dread starts to oversee the caravan, and I have him teach Kya too.

Dread gets a bit overwhelmed by the people coming to the caravan, but steps up and makes it work.

A Dwarf is escorted out from the city with their colors, Brathumbar, leader of the Rock Cutter clan. he is the head of the town. He says that he sent a runner to our warehouse (one of two large warehouses in the town)He tells us that the bridge is passable and 90% done on both sides. That it can handle the caravan, mekilott and all. He invites us to dinner that night.

Aukan asks for a healer, and Brathumbar says he’ll point him to one.

Horeb comes out and identifies himself as the house contact here. he says they have been working on a method to keep the giants at bay with the Rock Cutters

I get to the bridge, it looks very stout and well engineered. It is nicely defended.

We go to dinner at Brathumbar’s. He asks about the other Dwarf.

Horeb speaks up and starts talking about the idea to stop the giants. They have a route in the sea that only comes up to their neck, the scouts found it and use it as a choke point to kill them.

The giants never had a problem with them getting wood or stone there, just the bridge.

We ask if the cities on both sides function as one, he says that the Stone Binder and the Earth Jumpers are on the south side, but they are unified.

We ask about the history of Lido, the story they old dwarves left behind were about THE Dragon being offended enough to come and kill all the inhabitants but leave the structures unscathed.

The biggest story from the island Lido, is that one of the great primal spirits lives there he hates anything leaving a mark. Another story is that THE Dragon lives there in the large pit and defends the area, but most people believe that THE Dragon actually went North, toward the Mekilott mountains. When his grandfather’s people went to try to explore and the giants attacked relentlessly. He doesn’t seem to believe in spirits.

We go back to the Inika warehouse, the Earth cleric tells us that the caravan master has something in him. We think that he might be soul jacked, he is an immortal now.

We go find Krool and ask him to tell us about the Immortals that were in the Drow’s body. He says ah, yes, Possession, that makes sense. he says the sould rider devil might be in him. He says if he is possessed there is very few people with the power to fix this. There are stories about a place called the Blue Throne down south in the dead lands, the throne in this place has miraculous properties. House Inika probably has connections to people that can heal him.

We tell Krool that the dwarves wanted to meet him, he says he doesn’t want to because they have settled, dwarves haven’t settled since Borris the Butcher was hunting them. Borris is the guy from Eeb, the mystical oasis in the middle of the silt sea. Ranis had mentioned Eeb before and it had a population of astronomical numbers and she’s been there.

We ask the Earth Healer about the great spirit on the island, he says he is sure there is one there, he thinks that it is sleeping. He suggests that maybe the Giants worship it, that might be why they attack. He thinks there might be a druid there too.

We hire the healer to move with the caravan master across the bridge and then we are going to hire another healer to get him to Balik so that we might be able to get him un-possessed.

when we get to the island something on the mountain is disturbed up high. Kya, Aric and Aukan check out the island for magics. Aric gets a terrible feeling about this place. Kya sees something on the mountain and tries to describe it.

We ask the healers about what might be the spirit on the mountain to figure out what it is, he says the pictures in the cave show a spiky creature that they call the Tarasque.

We get to the other side of the silt sea. We go to talk to the healer in southern lido and he is talking to an outsider dwarf talking to the healer about healing his feet from running and jumping. He goes to leave and seems to recognize Aric’s race

Aric follows him out to ask about the whole revenants, he says Banshees were the ones around here, but Balik has a lot of them. The dwarf says he isn’t part of a tribe any more, he left it to go study in a Nibony monastery, he is a monk.

Aric goes with Oobu back to the caravan to get him hooked up with some salt. the dwarf monk runs into Krool. they recognize each other and have a moment of psionic conversation. Krool then turns to Aric and tells him that he is leaving the caravan to go loo for the Blue Shrine. he turns to Aric and says “Its a shame Aric, you had a lot of potential.”

Aric ask Oobu about him, Oobu says they are from a related tribe and that Krool never tells a lie. Oobu says that Krool’s tribe died out 400 years ago. Oobu is over 100 years old, he went and found him because of the rumors about him. Oobu says that he doesn’t create the conflict, he just goes there. Oobu wants more peace and doesn’t agree with Krool on that front. he also tells us to be VERY aware of anything Krool warned us about

we recall:

He suggested that the caravan was attacked by Bulette because of Nganga Aukan and his treatment of the spirits.

he also suggested there was a reason the Drow attacked our caravan, it was also happened to be the night after Aric had a vision from the Oba, they might have come because she is their Bane

Aric tracks Krool back down and asks why he moved on, he said that Oobu made it clear that they didn’t want Krool moving with us. He tells us that this group will know if he moves with us They are a very powerful group of Psions. Aric asks what potential he missed, he says it is a Glory, the kind not seen since the cleansing war.

We decide to not take the caravan master with us, we tell the Healer that he has a devil in him and to put him in a pit but comfy to be safe.

3 elves coming up on us one VERY big with a metal sword on his back. as he aproches he pulls a yellow cloak out, a sign that he is a templar of Uric.

Krool told us that the Uric priest was keeping it at bay, but only just barely.

Javid, Tmplar or Uric. he is glad to see we are still well. We ask if he is looking for Payden. he then says then something has gone wrong. He says he is tracking them and aplogizes for the people killed by it. Aukan asks about Hamanu is ok, they say his golden circlet of his that keeps the city safe has been stolen.

They bring him to Kassin. Javid tells us that Payden stole the circlet that controls things and used it to control the obsidian man… power in the hands of the ignorant. Hamanu made a weapon to kill the obsidian man.

Payden was known to be a honorable man, this is very out of the norm, just like Andiama and the Oba’s strange behaviour.

Hamanu told his people that only two Nightmare beasts were killed, again different from the Oba’s story. We tell Javid about the lapses in powerful people, and he even admits that their is some in his king too. He forgets weird things like names and events strangely.

They also admit that there is “something in the wastes” but it was as they got closer to Gulg.

He brings up that Hamanu told him to trust the two that saw the sorcerer king’s night departure. so he defiantly trusts us.

The Astrologers have seen a lot of omens. their is a concern with the prison of the warbringer. They think it might be because it’s warden isn’t guarding it well, the guardian is the THE Dragon. There have been stories of other sorcerer kings making mistakes.

They bring up the ID fiend as a lapse of the Oba.

Ander ghost appears and says “be careful now, the truth is soon revealed.”

They bring up Tektuk tik lei is doing more sacrifice. Kalik, pulled the people out of the mine to work on a ziggaurt. Kelfis has become neglectful.

Javid says the number 10 has been coming up, and there are psionic children have been showing up there too. Aric showed up 10 years ago. the mystics thought that if pregnant women were exposed to the fetishes it might make adept children.

We get to Balik and the new Lord Neripedes and someone from house Wavir come out to meet us. We greet them. He introduces Thessius, his son. He invites us to a meeting and a play at their house in three days.

Our lead agent briefs us, he says that Lord Neripedes is very amiable to a marraige to Thessius. they “interviewed” house Jesko people and hurt them quite a lot. They ended the interviews by giving us some important info, through Neripedes, so they should be there for the discussion.

We also realize that our 10 greys still haven’t caught up, we send Crom after them.

Hephestus from Wavir shows up and tells us that we really need to meet with Neripedes, and seriously listen to anything they say, but he can’t say more.

We finally meet with Neripedes. A memeber of house Wavir and house Jesko are all there. Someone comes in and activates runes in the room. Neripedes says, “Fair enough, we are protected”

Neripedes starts saying that he was in a bad place 6 months ago with all the murders, he needed to know what happened and why, and he found out.

Jesko had the ID fiend in their possesion for 10 years and was using it for the slave market. They went to Andrpanes, and he shot it down, and so they instead went to Gulg and talked to the Oba, she got them the ID fiend, set them up in the healer dugada, the plan went wrong and some how the ID fiend got loose. Aric speaks up saying that he thinks that the Levy might have been her reason for he going along with this, so she can get slaves for the Levy.

After the ID fiend got out is when people started acting strange and forgetting things and that is how the ID fiend got away. He brings up the veiled alliance and Zwuin, the combination of spirits that are preservers and led them to Gulg.

Jesko felt betrayed by the Oba and felt it was her that was manipulating their minds, they started working with the broken builders to get back at the Oba. they got this info from a broken builder they captures from Gulg, who is in the basement.

This might explains why the adept children started showing up 10 years ago.

Maybe the reason the Oba lost control of the ID fiend was because of the beginning of the forgetfulness and lapses in powerful people.

We think that the Oba might be infecting the others with so mind sickness that causes this forgetfulness, that is maybe how the others Sorcerer Kings got infected?

We go to see the prisoner, it is the investigator Nganga, that is why he went missing, these guys took him. he names Shallin is a broken builder, 3 other templars. He says Geiga-ke is not a broken builder but he is the keeper of fetishes, these fetishes siphon out the crazy of the Oba and her 3 personalities. Geiga-ke started handing out more of the fetishes to keep up with it, he enlisted Shallin to help get rid of more of the fetishes. People’s minds aren’t forgetting, they are re-arranging into multiple personalities. He tells us that one of our adept children is trying to poison us, one is protecting us, that is why we haven’t had issues with the split personalities. Power in the hands of the ignorant.

What really happened worlds wide 10 years ago to cause adepts all across Athas? it wasn’t just the ID fiend, that is just Gulg, maybe the ID fiend is a sign of the beginning of the mental damage. Th Zuggarut is a response ten years ago too.

The investigator tells us that if we want to ever return to the family we need to find which adept is which.

Who released the first Nightmare beast? that is the domino that started to spiral out the lastest stuff.

The investigator tells us that there is a legend of and Adept that took over an entire village a brown elf shows up, has a mental dual with the child, takes its power and saves the village. He was part of a powerful Psion organization, like Oobu’s and Lela in Gulg. Lela is probably part of this and one who can figure out which adept is hurting us.

We realize that there is 3 groups, Veiled alliance – Arcane, Broken builders – Primal, this new psionic group, this also matches the 3 aspects of the Oba.

Aukan is wondering why the investigator didn’t try to approach him,he says don’t you remember night of his birth, a storm, his mother dying, it wasn’t his mother that died, it was him, he is a water child, designed to protect.

Within the last year, when the adepts turn 10, is when the Oba’s crazy needed to be more outsourced. Maybe a adept is attacking her too.

We need to get back ASAP, leaving the caravan

we start to set up to get the veiled alliance help for the caravan master so we can get him to come back and bring back our caravan without us, we setup with Wavir to get a caravan master from them, if ours isn’t healed as a backup.

We go to the Zuin. we ask what happened 10 years ago? Madness. all infected with his madness, with their deeds, with theri ambitions. are all sorcerer kings Banes?, all are champions, all are villans. who released the the nightmare beast? winter was forced to by Inika (the oba) because of madness, the warbringer is the source of the madness.

who was Aukan fighting when he died? the dark dwarves.

are their more drow? not any more.

Who is Dread’s mother? a Genie, who is Kya’s the same genie, different fathers.

Which Inika child is infecting? you’d know better than us. will Lela be able to figure it out? hopefully or you’re screwed.

Can the madness be stopped or satiated? stopped only in death, satiated only through death, cured only with death.

what does the levy keep at bay? Rasha (the warbringer)

Why are they getting worse? the prison weakens

is the dragon not doing what he is suppose to? he is too powerful to see

who is weakening it? someone close to it in the shadows.

why did the Oba collect the other sorcerer kings? to protect Gulg. to get her away from Gulg to protect it.

How do we kill the Tarasc? you cannot kill a weapon of the gods

what is the deal the eternal winter made with the oba? that she wouldn’t defile more of his home.

Why was my father killed? he learned the truth. About what? the truth

We are going to try to get a silt skimmer to Northen Ledo, we are taking the veiled alliance healer with us to fix the caravan master and then ride our mounts into the ground to get back to Gulg.

summary for 7.21.12

-Your group figured out that a bunch of Minotaurs, who where ready to attack a rival Gith tribe, where being psionically tricked. These Gith apparently created a strange set of circumstances where the Minotaurs repeated their actions over and over, not realizing they were doing this. Hint: You’ve now experienced a number of circumstances where peoples minds and memories have been seriously altered. Hopefully, this is not indicative of some greater problem, which might manifest in the paragon tier…

-Some Bulette’s attacked you (aka Land Sharks). These creatures don’t usually travel in large groups. Very strange.

-You were also attacked by a group of Drow, who might have possessed by some kind of devil-like beings. Both of these creature-types are unknown to your character, but it is interesting to note that these creatures attacked shortly after Arik’s Visions showed that the Oba is in fact Inenek, the Drow Scourge.

-Krool, the psionic dwarf claimed he has learned to mix Ardent emotional psionics with a Psions intellectual psionic power. The Ironwroughts claimed the dwarf always provided them with valuable missions, but the missions always led to a lot of bloodshed. This seems suspicious of course. Krool also appears to be very powerful, and many of the warriors in your caravan have taken a liking to him. Certainly a scary person.

-That said, the weapons your caravan brought have been mostly sold, your group is arriving at Ledo, Arik is alive and well, and you averted a major fight with the minotaurs. Not too shabby.

Log for 7.21.12

He was a templar for Kaladmae and a sorcerer pact. Aric, when he grabbed the knife was teleported back to the eternal winter the eternal winter wasn’t remembering things that he had told Aric previously, much like what had happened to the Oba.

Aric has a dream…

We realize that Anenek, was the name for the drow scourge, I think it is her name of her angry personality. Kya remembers that the Scourge, after killing the drow, was suppose to go after the Eladrin, but stopped suddenly.

A small group from House Neripidies meets us, his name is Suetonias. he has come to make sure that the caravan arrives safely, he brings boots for the caravan master.

We run into a group of minotaur. They want to buy weapons to fight some gith. They have giant hair rope to trade. We facilitate the trade.

We keep going and run into another group of Minotaur, they are the exact same but without our weapons we sold them asking to trade again. we still have our rope.

they follow the same steps, when we are hesitant about the rope, they offer skins.

Dread talks to a minotaur about deja vu, but he doesn’t really respond.

The sun has moved in the sky, and it is close to high sun, Aukan offers for the minotaur to stay during high sun, Krool comes up and tells us this is a bad idea. We decide not to stay with them, but we have some elven scouts stay back to watch the minotaurs.

Cumo and Aleeka come and tells me a story about mind benders causing something very similar to this and Saltstealers overcame it by running, because it caused a bond that protected them. I decide that the scouts might take care of bond and break the cycle.

We break for High sun, the scouts have not returned yet. At the end of highsun we hear horns saying that minotaurs are coming again.

We send Aukan, Aric and Dread to talk to them instead of the scouts. As Aric nears them he addresses the chieftain by name it puts him on edge. Aukan introduces him as our seer, and they ask Aric if he knows of the upcoming war. He says he sees the war with the Gith. They ask if it is a good time to attack. He tells them no, and that the omens are not right, per a psionic message from Aukan. They as what sign they should look for. He tells them to send out scouts looking for a lone Gith in the desert (the Gith mindbender we think is plaguing them) when his blood is split, they will know this is the sign. They find the mind bender and kill him, and Aric also tells them where to find their weapons that they have been dropping after meeting us every time as further sign of good omens of the war. we made a

later on that day we are attacked by Bullets. We kill 2 of them and drive off the other 4

Aukan notices that Krool, the dwarf, notices what everyone did in battle like he had a widescreen view of the battle

The caravan master noticed that was the largest group of bullet he has ever seen, that would be enough to bring the druid down to take care of the ecosystem problems that would cause. We think that it might be the dwarf drawing in a lot of bad mojo, as is what he is known for.

Dread goes to talk to Krool. He brings up the tons of Bullet, and says that he thinks it might be psionic.

We keep going and push harder because the carvan master seems to have a bad feeling about stopping. We start to see dust trails in the distance and the hooded creatures look like elves, until they pull their hoods back all at the same time and we see drow, but we don’t know what drow are.

Kya looks at them and realizes that these beings are immortal, this connects these to the name Drow.

the Drow take down the caravan master, but don’t kill him

The Dwarf starts to say how awesome war is, and even uses the word Drow when talking about what we were fighting.

We start coming up on Lido.

Aric talks to the dwarf about how battle seems to follow him where ever he goes. he says that he was about to say the same for us.

He says that he saw pictures of Drow in a big white tower. But all the drow were dead, they were possessed by devils. He brings up gods that give people glory.

Review for 7.7.12

So to review:
> -Our Heroes have been able to direct the Balic Mekillott Caravan out of the Ivory Triangle, and down south towards the Ledo Region. There have been little to no attempted raids, although this good luck cannot last.
> -The obsidian statue turned out to be some type of creature. It apparently has the ability to “bounce off the Hollow” allowing it to teleport short distances. It killed a few people, and then disappeared into the wastes with the Urik Templar.
> -Judaga Arik was apparently slain by the Oba in Court, after he revealed he maintained his link to the Bond, and witnessed the visions. The Oba’s psychic power was powerful and subtle enough to scour Ariks life-force from him, without anyone becoming aware of it.He was made into a undead creature, very subservient to the Oba. Thankfully, the Ironwrought Mercenaries seem to have some connection to the Elemental Planes. A rogue among them carried a dagger which was able to transform the undead Arik into an elemental creature, giving him a second chance at life (okay maybe its a third chance, but whose counting.)
> -There have been a series of odd events associated with the Oba: the slaying of Arik, a member of the Paper Nest. Her appearance at the Inika Mansion, and need to be escorted to the Sunlight Home. Her lie about the slaying of the 3rd Nightmare Beast. And (here’s a freebie) the metal weapons she forged were already on her bed, even though she appeared at House Inika. All. Very. Strange.
> As usual, good luck.
> Jeff

Summary of 6.9.12

So on the recap!

-The Huntmistress of Gulg, Shala was apparently kidnapped by someone pretending to be Nganga Auken. She was being held captive in the Earth Dagada Ancestral Lodge basement. The Earth Dagada is a very powerful Dagada and People. Easily half of Gulg follows the Earth Dagada religion. Taking any steps against them is very risky, although sadly, this religious group is somehow involved with the Fetish Conspiracy. They might even be connected to the Broken Builders, which would suck.

-The Great Council of Inika has met, and some concerns were brought up: The caravan is highly dependent on a bridge being constructed over a part of the Silt Sea, in the Ledo area. A lot of money is tied up in the caravan, which is irregular and risky for Inika and for Andiama. The Agents of the House do honestly care about the Inika Bloodline, and are concerned about too much adoption, and not enough legitimate heirs to run things. Andiama herself has noted that your group seems occupied, although she has indicated that she trusts your judgement. House Wavir usually handles weapon sales around Balic. A bunch of weapons need to be sold, without bugging House Wavir.

-A number of interesting people will be attending the caravan. Feel free to check them out at your leisure, or ignore them. Some are there simply for flavor, others to distract and others, to help. Including in this list is Crom, Judaga Biria, The Dwarf Ardent and his Angry Crodlu, The Dray Caravan Master, Ava of Salt View, Judaga Arik’s Oddly Wise Squires (who I’ve named Blade and Blood), A Brown Elf called Mud, Judaga Haavi-Ke and his Tembo Raze, The 10 Inika Agent Warriors, A few Grey Slave Guards, The actual slaves being sold by the house. The Thrall-Herder (a person who will psionically control the Mekilott) and some others too!

-Unfortunately, High Scribe Teun-Ke believes that Auken is involved in creating the Fetishes. He indicated the Nganga investigator told him that templar magic is need to create the fetishes. He has also found the Fetishes are being produced in House Inika. He reported having other sources as well. Either way, he doesn’t seem to trust the group anymore, beyond Dread.

-Lastly, Lali Inika has indicated that Ranis contacted her and told her of the problem. She intends to stay in Gulg for a little while and help watch. She appears very knowledgeable and insightful, which is both promising and somewhat scary. Your group has held some reservations that their is more to her than meets the eye. She has also indicated that finding proof against Shallin is paramount. She said you could either try and convince Shallin your on her side, or keep working with Ranis to find clues.

Good night, and, good luck



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