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  • Log 8.7.12

    still at the Zuin... why was lord neripedies killed here? because people don't like him. which people? the broken builders can we fix the Oba? ? was the broken builder telling the truth? sometimes Who is Kya and Dread's mom? Ask Aric *giggle* …

  • log for 3.2.13

    4 Rock Archons come and attack, we knock one to 0 and start to transfer enchantment to take off the metal he is armored from. He awakens and we ask who summoned him, he says Sierra the Cruel. We ask how many were summoned, it says 10. 45 min. into …

  • Rafe

    Former Slave of Lord Neripedes, was there when he died and some faction is trying to pin that death on Rafe. fought 10 rounds in the gladiator ring. House Inika took him in and has offered him his freedom.

  • Ken Kentu-Vek

    he is a half-elf who looks snake like, he is given so much room and looks to normal that it is terrifying. He is know to re-write people's stories. Everyone in the Drum Circle, and perhaps the city, seems to fear him.