Tag: Elf


  • Akuu-o High Sun

    A male Elf in the Drum Circle. Killed by possible Fate Weaving. He was not actually a High Sun elf, but was instead a Night Runner. He was the Guzzie's contact in the Drum Circle.

  • Aleeka Salt Stealer

    A female elf who recently kidnapped a Sky Singer male Elf, Cummo. She is an expert in covering up tracks, and misdirection in general. She is obviously deeply in love Cummo. They were separated from the Salt Stealers when they abruptly left Gulg.

  • Ken Kentu-Vek

    he is a half-elf who looks snake like, he is given so much room and looks to normal that it is terrifying. He is know to re-write people's stories. Everyone in the Drum Circle, and perhaps the city, seems to fear him.