Tag: Inika Ally


  • Ageazer

    The Elder of Outsider People and the Queens Trading House Dagada, where the Inika Mansion is located. He is a well known ally of House Inika, although rarely interacts with the House. He values individuality in a traditional culture, making him an …

  • Rafe

    Former Slave of Lord Neripedes, was there when he died and some faction is trying to pin that death on Rafe. fought 10 rounds in the gladiator ring. House Inika took him in and has offered him his freedom.

  • Korsk

    Did not accept the nibonese entertainers as part of his "people" and was working to kill them. we worked through the issue with Zanean to get him to accept the entertainers and stop him from betraying the Nibonese slaves to the Nibonese Templars. We adopt …