Tag: Seer


  • Orsen Inika

    Orsen Inika was the son of Ranis Inika, an adopted member of House Inika. He was a dedicated member of the House, and a member of the Seers of Gulg, granting him the title "Seer." Orsen was in fact a Kalastar, a human mutated by Psionic power. Orsen …

  • Agat

    The Ardent who runs the Healing House (the place where crazies go) in the Seer Dagada. Has an profound understanding of emotion, motivation and madness. Good with empathy and sympathy.

  • Aba-Tuey

    The crazy Ardent who was driven mad by the Id Fiend. He is a cousin to Gala-Puy. Has recently grown in tune with severe psychic disruptions, both in small areas, people and large systems. He is fairly worried about something coming to Gulg. “It is …