Crescent Forest

The Crescent Forest is named for its shape. It sits next to the Stormclaw Mountains. The Forest was once quite larger, wrapping around the mountains, and extending farther east. Nibenese logging has reduced the forest considerably over the last 2 centuries.

Gulg is the only city in the forest. Nibenay sits outside the treeline, at the northern side, and east of the forest, on verdant plains. Gulg sits a few miles east of the mountains near the southern side.

There are two types of trees in the forest. The Agafari trees are incredibly hard, similar to metal. These trees are considered sacred to Gulgians. As such, there are more Agafari trees in the south, as Nibenese woodsman have claimed the norther trees.

Nibenay maintains heavily armed logging camps in the north. Gulgian Dagadas exist throughout the forest, although technically they are not owned by the city. The central forest is known to contain incredibly dangerous creatures, spirits and curses. The forest is surrounded by either scrub plains or verdant fields.

Crescent Forest

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