Gulgian Politics

Government of Gulg

The Oba
The Oba of Gulg, Lalali-Puy is the monarch of Gulg, and its religious head. She owns all the land in Gulg, its territory, slaves and structures.

The Paper Nest
While the Paper Nest is a secretive organization, it is essentially the main legislative and executive body in Gulg. The Oba alone promotes its members, although holding high office in Gulg does not mandate an appointment to this body. The Paper Nest’s main duty is to advise the Oba, who officially makes laws and orders, although in practice the Oba rarely changes the law without the Paper Nest’s consent and/or advice.

A Judicial branch of Gulg, the Nganga act as police, judge, jury and executioner. It is said, that a “Nganga cannot commit murder.” They deal in supernatural matters, and in matters that don’t necessarily threaten the law, but threaten the culture and/or religion of Gulg.

The Queen’s Scribes
The Scribes are a separate Executive and Judicial force in Gulg. They are the only people allowed to trade with non-citizens (save for House Inika), and they act as guards, advocates, lobbyists, negotiators and investigators. They tend to handle crimes such as robbery and theft. They also oversee the slaves of Gulg, and they are currently building a school to train a police force for Gulg.

Elders inside of Gulg’s wall oversee a Gulgian People, and their power delves into the business of their Dagada’s as well. Elders interact with Scribes and Nganga, and even have the right to summon these forces when necessary. Much of the Paper Nest membership is made up of Elders.

Gulg’s headhunters, game hunters and elite fighting force are respected throughout the Tablelands. Judaga bring in meat and other animal products (based on hunting) to the city, which earns them prestige and special privilege. The Oba grants them the right to own their property in the city, although not all Judaga own property. Becoming a Judaga is based on merit.

Each of these above groups constantly struggle for power, whereas the Paper Nest tends to watch over each group and advise the Oba on their actions. Moreover other groups provide necessary city functions as well, and their leaders tend to excessive political power as well.

Gulgian Politics

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