Judaga means Headhunter, and these warrior-nobles are known for collecting heads, especially on the Red Moon Hunt.

While this is what they are known for outside of Gulg, their major function in the city is to act as hunters, gathering meat for the city, and spotting gathering areas. Judaga’s are given wealth by the city directly, and the meat they gather earns them even more. They also act as nobles, although they do not own land. Instead, the simply have the right (and generally might) to order others around. Scribes fear them, and even Nganga treat them differently than others.

There are 3 Judaga Peoples:

True Judagas: Headhunter nobles who specialize in fighting with blades. Most Gulgians don’t know how to use light or heavy blades, and they tend to admire those that do. Gulgians love watching True Judagas fight in the gladiator arena at the Field of Spears; watching a Judaga claim a head their drives spectators mad with bloodlust. Additionally, they tend to have more access to metal blades
War Judagas: Headhunter nobles who use weapons other than blades or bows. This category of hunter allows for the use of any weapon or technique, although they must care some form of blade to take heads. They tend to be pragmatic, and care less about glory than other Judaga.
Stalker Judagas: Headhunter nobles who use ranged weapons; tend to be the best hunters. They are not the most powerful of the Judaga Peoples, but they are often the most feared, as they use stealth and range to their advantage. They tend to be the best hunters, although they not necessarily on the Red Moon Hunt.


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