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The Dark Sun: Gulg campaign is being run by Jeff. Its story focuses on characters who are affiliated with House Inika, a Dynastic Merchant House. These characters live in the City-State of Gulg, and live under the rule of The Oba of Gulg, Lalali-Puy.

Please note that the information contained in this wiki is a mix of official Dark Sun canon, altered Dark Sun information from other websites, and original ideas. This material (and the campaign) should not be confused with other Dark Sun stories, or even campaigns that other people (or I) have run in the past. In other words, this campaign stands alone and is distinct from all others.

Player characters in the campaign include the following:

Nganga Aukan the Warden of Gulg, Forest Walker, Child of Water
The Ioka called Windsinger, Friend of Urik
Lady Kassin Inika the Guzzie, Friend of Gulg, the Inika Heir.
Kya the Handmaiden, The Maiden of Inika, The Swordmaiden
Lord Dread Inika, Caravan Master, aka Master Dread

Lastly, here is a message to PC’s in this campaign:

Expect no quarter. For those that have joked or even worried a little that the DM is trying to kill you, this should answer any concerns; I would be disappointed if we did not suffer at least absolutely terrible PC death. I will take away your favorite item. I will rob you of your victory at the climax.

Athas is a broken, and destitute world. Long ago Evil threatened the world, and squished Good into a fine paste. You will save villages and burn them to the ground. You will find honor and loyalty in dark places. You might just save your city, your House, and perhaps later on, the world… but don’t expect your characters to save themselves.

You will meet enemies so despicable and petty, so abhorrent and putrid that you’ll want nothing more than to see them dead. At times, you might have to save their lives. Athas is dying, and its death throes are terrible.

The Crimson Sun rises over shattered wastes, in all its Glory.

And all its Horror.

But perhaps, in the fragile light of a cool dawn, you will find something worth fighting for…

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