Mopti Wall

The Mopti Wall is a vine laced, thorny brush-wall, growing deeply in to the ground. The wall itself rises in height unevenly. Various parts of the wall support standing boards for soldiers, although not consistently. The wall is generally rounded around the city.

The Mopti wall is often seen riving and seething. Many say that “it breathes.” It is certainly alive, although it rarely requires pruning or trimming. The wall is a mix of arcane magic and primal magic.

The wall will reach out and attack anyone within 5 ft of it. The thorns rake and pierce, and vines whip and grab. The wall will attack anyone, save for the Oba, Paragon Nganga, the Warden of Gulg,Epic Judaga, and the Tree Spear People. That said, the wall is known to be capricious, and even has attacked its protectors. People standing on the support standing boards are safe.

Towers stand behind the wall. These towers, like the Mopti wall, are enchanted to be highly resistant to fire. The wall is susceptible to defiling, but it can reach up to 4 squares out to attack a defiler, and will attack if defiled.

The wall sometimes secrets poisons and acids, although without any consistency. The roots extend some 20 to 30 ft down, and will grab and strangle whatever nears it.

The wall responds to Nganga rituals, even from none ritual casters.

No army has ever breached the Mopti wall, although individuals sneak in all the time. Additionally, it stops creatures who can phase through materials.

Mopti Wall

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