In Gulg, templars are called Nganga. They are investigators, judges, jury and executioners. They are generally not concerned with the cities laws, but instead protect the city against supernatural threats, and threats to the Oba and threats to Gulg’s traditions and culture.

Nganga are feared, and the Nganga use that fear in their dealings.

Nganga were once normal members of a People and Dagada. After being selected by the Oba, a Warlock Pact is made between the new initiate and the Oba. If no pact is made, they are infused wtih arcane magic (although both pact and infusion can be granted). Either way a painful ritual is performed.

Gulgians consider this ritual akin to death. In fact, the Nganga’s former Dagada has a funeral. Moreover the Nganga joins the Nganga People. Any contact, or even mention of the Nganga’s past life is very taboo.

Nganga either wear masks or thick face-paint.


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