Queen's Scribes

The bureaucrats, administrators, city-guards and scribes of the city.

The Queen’s Scribes are their own People, and like other Peoples, they are spread out across Dagadas.

Scribes deal with the running the actual city. They monitor water usage, distribute food, oversee the slaves, perform policing duties, mediate disputes between Dagadas and Peoples, administrate the census, and act as laywers and judges. While scribes seemingly hold all political power, they they can be judged and sentenced by the Nganga (save the high ranking scribes). Moreover, they hold little authority over individuals when compared to Elders of a People or Dagada.

The Four High Scribes hold the most power. The High Scribe has authority over all other scribes. The Green Overseer controls the Green Slaves, and so oversees general functioning of the city. The Gray Overseer controls the Gray Slaves, and so handles policing duties. The Red Overseer controls the Red Slaves, and so handles food and water. In regards to Slave Peoples, the Overseer holds more authority than the Elders of the those People, and so Gulg tradition has been altered in this regard only.

Queen's Scribes

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