The Oba's Court

The Oba’s Court is located in the branches of the Sunlight Home. It is a wooden and clay structure, magically protected against remote viewing. It also seems to ward off spirits.

The Oba holds court everyday, although sometimes for as little as a few minutes (unless she is away, which is rare).

Court can still be held without the Oba present, although it becomes more a social/political gathering, than actual Court, as no petitions are heard, or judgements made. Every citizen of Gulg has the right to petition the Oba in Court. The Oba is also willing to hear any concern, even seemingly trivial ones. Still the social class of a person often determines who quickly they can get into Court, but no request for the Oba’s judgement extends past a year. The people of Gulg love the Oba for this fact.

Even slaves can petition the Oba, but there is no guarantee on time, unless the Slave is a Grey Slave. The Elder of Green, Red or Grey, does have a guaranteed right to petition, although a slaves word in court is not respected above other citizens.

The Oba gives many directions in Court, especially regarding the resources of the forest. The Paper Nest often attends court, although does not reveal their status.

The Oba is known to cast rituals in Court, and her throne certainly sits on a ritual circle of some kind.

The Oba's Court

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