The Sunlight Home

The Sunlight Home is the largest tree on Athas. It is a great Agafari tree containing Shrines for the Nganga, an Ancestral Lodge for the Queen’s Scribes, and the home of the Oba herself, making it a Dagafari.

The Sunlight home was grown using a powerful ritual created by the Oba. It is so large, it can be seen from almost any point in the city. It is magically reinforced to handle its own tremendous weight. It is also magically fed, and its root system contained, so the roots do not overtake the entire city.

At the root level, the greatest artists make tribute to the Oba. Paintings, carvings, statues, fetishes, beads and woven goods adorn this area. The Tree Spear People guard this area. Guarding the Sunlight Home is considered a great honor for them.

Further up the tree lies the Nganga Hanging Huts. These huts hang from each other, and the boughs of the tree. They are adorned with bones, and huts are blocked from a majority of light by the upper branches, making it shadowy and dark. Only the Nganga live here, although high ranking Nganga often keep slaves.

On top of the branches lights the Oba’s Palace, which is actually a small palace compared to others on Athas. It contains the Court, the Oba’s Chamber, the Scribing Rooms.

Also on the branches is the Sunlit Garden, where dirt is brought up and a garden of Tree of Life’s grow. There is also the Crimson Shrine, where Nganga are enchanted and the Paper Nest meets.

Lastly, lies the Arch in a higher branch. It is a wooden archway, inscribed in ancient, unknown symbols.

The Sunlight Home

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