Dark Sun: Gulg

log for 3.2.13

log 3.2.13

4 Rock Archons come and attack, we knock one to 0 and start to transfer enchantment to take off the metal he is armored from. He awakens and we ask who summoned him, he says Sierra the Cruel.

We ask how many were summoned, it says 10.

45 min. into the casting of the transfer we hear a woman’s voice, she identifies herself as a broken builder and tells us that she just wants the world to be rebuilt by the primordials after it gets sick enough.

She asks us to let the earth dugada destroy itself instead of us taking it down so that she can prove to one of her primordials that it should help rebuild the world. She follows the primordial called the Builder, and that is the one she is trying to impress.

the Ioka turns her down.and we get raided.

just before getting brutalized Aukan speaks up and asks to talk to her. When he comes back she back down. Aukan agrees to let the earth dugada self destruct.

We go to look for Moganshu and find the Great Red Elk Spirit. he tells us that Nerad is is distracting, killed him various times. the Red Elk tells us he can be killed permanently. Nerad wields a power the Elk hasn’t seen before. We think it might be divine. but he can’t help us find Moganshu or Nerad.

We give Moganshu’s daughter the feather, her eyes fill with tears, she says that when she was a child she hunted a spirit bird, she didn’t even know how her father got this. it was suppose to be a sign of a Judaga dream vision. We get her setup with a bow and all the teachers we can.

Ioka gets ahold of Nerad on a sending stone. Nerad tells him we aren’t ready to fight the spirit, he is attempting to buy us time, we are the only ones that can protect the city.

Aukan goes back to finish talking to the spirit imprint of the Lalaipai. she says they are waiting for the Oba spirit and the spirit might choose a druid, but no druids have been seen for a while. Lalaipai says she isn’t a a druid.

The offering to the Oba is a person, not a spirit. he sees another spirit female dressed like the Oba dresses now. She asks if he is here to witness he says he is here. She says she is here to stop this sacrifice. He asks her name and she says Ananik. he sees her hold out her ring and defiles to stop the sacrifice she kills everyone but Lalaipai, the sacrifice, and Aukan. Ananik frees the sacrifice, turns to Lalaipai and asks how she can stand it, and then tells her to run, her dugada is dying today. He is then taken from the vision.

He looks in the huts and finds energy nodes, an iridium fount, and some implements.

There are sketches on the walls depicting the events that Aukan just saw, including his involvement.

Aukan asks the Red Elk to tell him about the Oba, she use to be a great spirit, she was a hunter. she was similar to the briar girl, red clay, etc. The Red Elk says he told the Oba not to go to the sacrifice, but she had to.



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