City-State of Gulg

13,000 in Gulg, and an unknown amount in dagadas outside the wall. (2000 Judagas, 1000 Grey Slaves, 1000 Green Slaves, 1500 Red Slaves, 100 Nganga, 1300 Scribes, 6099 citizens, 1 Oba)

The City-State of Gulg is ruled by the Oba of Gulg, Lalali-Puy. It is a traditional culture, in that unity with your culture is valued above individual worth. It has layers of subculture, and each individual is a mix of these subcultures.

Gulg is located in the Crescent Forest, in a valley called the Ivory Triangle, within the Tyr Region. It is located in a valley between the Stormclaw Mountains and the Mekilott Mountains, although substantially closer to the Stormclaws.

Gulg is the only city-state that doesn’t seem interested in claiming territory outside of the city. They even don’t seem to care much for those who live just outside the Mopti Wall, although Nganga still watch these places, as do city guards.

People of Interest in Gulg:

Seer Affiliations
The Old Seer: The Psion Ritualist who our heroes find the Id Fiend. He is an Elder in the Seer Dagada. Unclear if he is bold, wise, helpful or just doesn’t care.

Agat: The Ardent who runs the Healing House (the place where crazies go) in the Seer Dagada. Has an profound understanding of emotion, motivation and madness. Strong empathy and sympathy.

Aba-Tuey: The crazy Ardent who was driven mad by the Id Fiend. He is a cousin to Gala-Puy. Has recently grown in tune with severe psychic disruptions, both in small areas, people and large systems. He is fairly worried about something coming to Gulg. “It is coming” he says over and over.

Gala-Puy: A 10 year who was found at a Farm Dagada southwest of Gulg. She is has profound mental abilities, considering her age. She was adopted by Orsen and Biria Inika, and lives at the Farm Dagada where her family lived. She has now experience two significant tragedies, her family attempting to kill her, and the recent death of her adopted father, Orsen.

(forgot her name) the Seer: A knowledgeable Psion of the Seer Dagada, she has a deep understanding of supernatural magic. She appears to be around 30, although she claims to have lived in Gulg for at least 40 years. Her exact status in the Dagada is unknown, and she has the power to block the Bond.

Elf Contacts
Akuu-o High Sun: A male Elf in the Drum Circle, who was killed mysteriously. It is unknown what, or who, killed him. He was the Guzzies contact for the Night Runner elves.

Aleeka Salt Stealer: A female elf who recently kidnapped a Sky Singer male Elf, Cummo. She is an expert in covering up tracks, and misdirection in general. She is obviously deeply in love Cummo.

Cummo: A former Sky Singer elf, kidnapped by Aleeka. They have decided to be married. Cummo might join the Salt Stealers as a result. He plays the part of a captured, submissive elf-mate quite well. He appears quite bonded to Aleeka.

Gulgian “Powers that Be”
Moganshu: War Cheif of Gulg. The highest ranking Judaga in the City. As such he is considered to be part of every Judaga People, although he was a True Headhunter before. He is primarily in charge of Gulg’s martial defense, including slave warriors, conscripts, and Judagas. He seems more concerned with the safety of Gulg as a whole, as compared to the safety of any individual person.

Geiga-Ke: High Templar, Cheif Nganga. A shadow warlock, strengthened by Templar power. Has an intense hatred of Elves. Has skeletons on his walls with one bone missing, although never a skull. Often has warrior (Grey Slave People) working in his home.

Hoopijdo the Scribe: Elder Scribe of Gulg. Knows the laws of Gulg inside and out. Personally oversees the Red Slave People, the slaves who gather berries, fruits and plants outside the city. Although he never leaves the city. He often took advantage of slaves, particularly Green People Slaves. As to whether the Green People Overseer knew of this is in question. He was slain by our heroes.

Mistress Shala the Scribe: Elder Scribe. She oversees the distribution of the meat collected by the Judagas, as well as other food gathered for the city. She is the only scribe allowed free access to the Screaming Skulls Dagada. Judaga’s love her, and she is often said to be “The most eligible woman in Gulg” She recently developed feelings for a young Judaga, Shawar, although has been melancholy after finding out that Shawar might have raped Kaylee Tyr.

Nganga Carrona: A female Sorcerer-King Pact Warloc and, Elemental Priest. She worships the Element Earth as much as the Oba. She is found of killing, and especially treasures killing Judaga’s, who she considers hypocrites.

Niresh The Elder: Formerly the Grey People Overseer Scribe, and newly appointed High Scribe. A combat veteran, no-nonsense military man. Has a strong alliance with Moganshu.

Awwawek the Scribe: Overseer of the Green People. Known to be a bit lazy.

Inika Allies in Gulg
Ageazer: An Elder of Outsider People. He lives in a Shrine Dagafari just east of the Queens Trading House Dagada. An ally of House Inika.

Lumi: A mul gladiator and former concubine of Ander. Obsessed with the glory of Ander. After Ander’s death, she has become obsessed with protecting his other widows.

Kaylee: A Tyrian who married Ander. She came to Gulg, but never joined a People. Ander’s first wife, Elva, called her Kaylee Tyr. She grew up in Tyr. She was recently taken by Hoopijdo, but rescued by House Inika. She is now working on the Farm Dadaga recently aquired by House Inika.

Andus: Ander’s father, now in mourning. A retired Judaga, who walks with a severe limp. He is very in tune with Judaga Culture, but still a honorable man.

House Wavir

Pathos Wavir: A now disgraced member of the house. He was somehow involved with the Id Fiend. For the sake of the Wavir-Inika relationship, the exact details of his recent dealings have been kept secret.

Cretes Wavir: A young Wavir family member, who is, in fact, an idiot. He’s also deeply troubled by his exposure to the Id Fiend, and has developed paranoid schizophrenia. This disorder makes him very easy to manipulate by psychic powers.

City-State of Gulg

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