House Inika

House Inika

House Inika currently has very few Blooded members, but they have a number of agents and hirelings. The Family is very efficient and effective, spending less money than other Houses, and making more for their investment.

The House is known for having the most loyal members, whether they are blooded family, adopted family, Agents or hirelings.

Inika is also known for having highly trained members and associates.

Major goods: wood (highly monitored by the Nganga), Exotic feathers, salt, beads, furs, kola nuts, spices (sole producer of pepper) including salt. Importing cloth. Sponsoring Monster Hunters, especially Judaga’s. Access to the Seer Dagada and Drum Circle for outsiders.
Illegal goods: rituals and components, but only sold outside of the Mopti Wall. Weapons to Nomads and Slave Tribes. Broker services from Elf Tribes.
House Matron: Kassin Inika.
Information Broker: Ranis Inika
Master of Caravans: Dread Inika
House Security Captain: Tomak Reslin
Inventory Administrator: Burette “Fuzzy Bear” Inika
Drum Circle Liaison: Kya Inika
Nganga Watcher:

Fort Harbeth (southern tip of Mekilott Mountains). Fort Master: Mantaan Inika(acting) . Garrison Captain: Hurgen Vurst. Administrator: Kelira Inika

Fort Adros (halfway between Walis and Altaruk) Fort Master: Altia Inika. Garrison Captain: Avernus Briztz. Administrator: Garen Harus

Fort Skonz: (at Junction between Silver Spring, Tyr and Altaruk). Fort Master: Lali Inika. Garrison Captain: Thik-Thik. Adminstrator: Rhark Havilstruck.

Shazlim: (between Silver Spring and Raam) Trade Village. 500 residents.

Bogtangle: 10 miles northwest of Gulg at the foot of the Stormclaw Mountains. 700 residents.

Black Rock: 50 miles from Gulg on the Peoples road. Ceded to the House by order of the Oba 3 year ago. 1000 residents.

Warehouses: North Ledopolous, South Ledopolous, Alturak

Presence in City-States: Gulg (Headquarters, Emporium, Warehouse), Balic (Emporium), Tyr (Spice kiosk, rented warehouse space), Raam (Trading Posts). Nibenay (Warehouse) No official presence in Draj, although Agents trade there without bearing House colors.

Alliance: House Wavir, Nganga of Gulg, Salt View Village and House Fyra

Enemies: Riben-Blooded Scribes. House Jesko (Balic), House Shom (Nibenay).

Caravan Masters: 75 (50 full-time, 15 part-time, 10 hirelings)
Number of Mekilott caravans: 1 (2 Mekilotts, 2 howdah).
Traditional Caravan: 6-12 Elven Scouts. 6-10 Crodlu-mounted light calvary (archers). 5-10 Kank pack animals with riders. 2-6 Inix with 6-12 Riders. 1 Caravan master with guards.

Major Goals
Establish a warehouse in Draj. Get a 2nd Mekilott caravan.
Contentious Goals: Establish arms sales routes from Tyr/ Balic to Gulg (this will upset House Wavir, who controls these routes). Overthrow House Jesko slave routes.

Culture: The House views themselves as a People, although the Scribes don’t recognize them as one. They are more willing to Adopt than other trading houses. While Gulg is Human-centric, Inika is willing to do business with non-humans, and have them in the house. Most members highly respect Gulg Culture. Members of the House often want to push Gulg out of primitive weapons and armors, but Gulg won’t budge.
The House trades with slave tribes frequently, and so avoids slave trading in some areas, although the House owns some 2000 slaves. That said, Inika slaves, like Gulg slaves, are so well treated they resemble employees.

The Parting
Public Knowledge
House Inika was originally known as House Riben, until the then-current Patron of the House offended a number of other Houses. Specifically, he hired independent slavers to round up a group of Tyr’s Templars, and try to sell them as slaves in the Balican Markets. Moreover, he used banners of House Jesko, House Shom and House M’ke. Inika Riben, the Patron’s first cousin, immediately left the house and many followed. A small dispute resulted in some bloodshed, and House Inika was born when they took Fort Harbeth. Inika went to the Nganga at the Sunlight Home. The next day Teun-Ke Riben was gone. House Riben members found themselves being assassinated. They petitioned House Inika for shelter and would have (and many say, should have) received it, but out of fear of retaliation, Inika declined. (Some call this event The Sorrowing. Most don’t speak of it in polite company.) Eventually, the Queen’s Scribes accepted those who would join from the Riben family. Most of House Riben rejoined the city, and House Inika prospered. The Riben-blooded issue is sensitive as they are viewed as part of the the same People
Actual Events
A group of Nganga atually hired some Gulg agents to help kidnap the Templars. While the Agents took the job without House approval, the House Patron, Teun-Ke, took responsibility to avoid a war between Gulg and Tyr.

House Inika

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