Nganga Aukan


390 templars

Nganga Aukan, born Hezziah Stoneskin, erupted into his new life five years ago. It was a birth of light, shadow, noise, and disruption. His parents who had brought him to the court of the Oba, with the hope of having him named a Judaga for his excellent skill in the forest, were suprised, saddened, and of course honored, to have their son slain on the spot. Hezziah died that afternoon in the Forest Goddess’ court, and was mourned.

Shortly thereafter Aukan was crafted in the Nganga Circle. Empowered and created by the Mother of Trees Herself, Aukan and his advent has been nothing if not a source of great commotion and, quite often, disturbance. After his birth when he was presented to the Nganga, he was presented with three masks. The Mask of the Bear, The Mask of the Stag, and the Mask of Fear. It was extremely uncommon that an Nganga be given more than one mask upon his creation, and even more unheard of that his one mask, let alone three, be magical. This caused great ripples through the ranks of his would-be brothers and sisters.

He spent relatively short time in his training, gaining skill quickly. The knowledge of nature that he already had attained throughout

Nganga Aukan

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