Night Runner Elf Tribe

Major Activity: Covert, Illegal and mercenary activities


New Moon: Espionage, spying and Information. Cheif Hukaa New Moon (also the tribal chief.

Lone Moon: Thievery, mercantile, slave trading. Clan Cheif Leebor Lone Moon

Dark Moon: Assassins. Keelor Dark Moon

Full Moon: Mercenaries, bodyguards, and guards. Tukaa Full Moon

Quarter Moon: Raiders for hire. Misteek Quarter Moon

Half Moon: Rituals and arcane magic. Akeek Half Moon.
Presence in City-States: Secret power behind the Drum Circle in Gulg. They often work for the Nganga, and so the Drum Circle is left to its own devices. Keelor and now Hukaa spends most of their time in Gulg. Leebor is stationed out of Balic. Tukaa spends time bewteen Balic and Gulg. Akeek frequents Nibaney, Gulg and Balic.
Alliance: Sky Singers. House Inika. Nganga.
Enemies: Shadows (elf tribe)
Major Goals: End the trade war between the Night Runners and the Shadows before it erupts to outright war. Establish themselves as a reliable alternative to the Shadows. Establish Full Moon clan in Urik and Tyr.
The Night Runners view the Traders Code’s as a good way to get customers, but they put no real value in it.

Night Runner Elf Tribe

Dark Sun: Gulg jeffbrowntown