The Dragon of Tyr

Most Athasians have heard stories of the Dragon of Tyr, and some fool is always nearby to tell another.

The Dragon’s Bowl

Some legends describe the Dragon as having ripped himself from the earth itself. They say that the world grew angry at the rampant abuse of arcane magics. In response to Athas gave birth to the Dragon, who pulled himself from of what is now a place called the Dragon’s Bowl. His “birth” shattered the ground for miles around, causing it to fall in upon itself. The Dragon flies about the Tyr Region, destroying anyone it sees in vengeance.

Falling Star

One story says that the dragon arrived in a shooting star, which struck the mountains centuries ago. He is a terrible creature from another place. An unknowable and alien mind, whose only desire is to destroy.

Tool of War

Some believe that the Dragon is a creature created during another time. A time where beings of great power forged living weapons to fight their wars. The Dragon eventually rebelled against his creators and is now free to wreak havoc on anyone he sees.


Some believe the Dragon’s origins are irrelevant. He is simply Death. Neither living, nor dead. Not undead or immortal. He simply is, and to know him, is to know the end of all things.

The Dragon of Tyr

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